Transmigration: The Cannon Fodder Beauty And Masked Beast Book 1 Chapter 9

"Soohyun-ah, you can not say it like that. Minhyun is a very dangerous man, and if you go after him like that, there's a high chance that he will completely destroy you. If there is any misunderstanding that happened with Eunwoo, you better try to solve it," Jimin stated from other side of the phone. Jimin was truly the best when it came to playing the role of a caring sister.

"On the second thought, you're right, unnie. I'll give this a chance. Can you arrange a date of me with him?" Soohyun said, trying to sound shy.

It was too boring to let the game end soon. Trying out challenges was not something Soohyun disliked, and she was thrilled to get this started.

"Okay, then! You chose the perfect thing!" Jimin exclaimed. A smirk formed on Soohyun's face.


Hanging up the call, a scornful look formed on Jimin's face. Her ash blond hair fell on her shoulders, and those bangs of her complemented her face shape, giving her a delicate outlook. Her light pink lips portrayed a sneer.

"That Jiwoo is a utter fool," She commented.

Sitting in front of her was a female with light blond hair. Her body relaxedly leaned on to the couch whilst a expression mirroring Jimin appeared on her face.

"She is completely destroyed with the next step," Hwang Hyunae voiced out— her tone sounding as if she was mocking.


Finally Soohyun caught up all the sleep she missed, and now, her body felt refreshed. Checking the time, she realized it was twelve p.m. of the next day.

'Oh! That's a huge amount of sleep I had.'

Completely energised, Soohyun got out of her bed and took the phone from the nightstand. Using her fingerprint, she unlocked the screen and opened her Twitter firstly.

Since Moon Jiwoo found out about the matter yesterday and adding on her status, the video from yesterday definitely had to circulate the social media sites.

On among the posts she was tagged at, she clicked one of the video and proceeded to watch it. She wanted to see how good her act was and scan Minhyun's expression to detect something.

As her eyes watched the video, her gaze sharpened when it fell on Minhyun. His ebony hair was swept back neatly, and a silver mask covered half of his face. The dark eyes of him held aloofness in them.

Throughout the beginning of the story it was hinted that a dispute with the male lead, he had earned a wound close to his eyes and had hidden his face away from that point on. Since Soohyun did not finish the entire story, she was not sure of the true reason.

His pink lips was pursued into a thin lips, and domineering presence could be felt even in the video. Soohyun found it difficult to guess what Minhyun was thinking about at that time. Even after watching the same thing on repeat, she still found herself clueless.

A idea came into her mind then.

Quickly freshening herself up, she stared at the camera and did a smiling expression. Her finger clicked on the screen, capturing the photo.

After that, she proceeded on to posting the picture on the Twitter with a caption. The caption, "Turning over a new leaf with a new goal! Hwaiting!"

Since her sister took her as a fool, her sister wouldn't think much about the post, and she had her own sets of intention for posting this. By posting this, she was showing that she no longer held interest towards Eunwoo and instead was chasing after Minhyun.

If her sister set trap for her in the future, she could use this as a proof that she no longer had feelings for Eunwoo and was not pursuing him anymore.

That post of her created a huge commotion online.

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