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Wang Shan a 24 year old college student, practically a genius and a top scorer in her University but a very kind one not like the other students who are selfish. She is a medical student. She had a loving boyfriend Li Qiang who cared for her and took care of her but all her comforts were thrown away from he the day she met with an accident._________________________________It is about to dusk ha! what a nice scenery wait..... who am I? where am I? why am I wearing these type of clothing? is this an ancient era that I'm in? somebody tell me please? Suddenly Wang Shan felt dizzy and her head was feeling like tearing apart she fell on the grassland.WHO AM I?Is she a vicious female side character or who? let's see in our journey.______________________________"I DO NOT OWN THIS COVER"Hi friends this is the author of the novel. There may be grammatical mistakes so please bear with me, with gratitude......("")

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