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Forced Marriage Vip Front Seat: My Superstar Ex Wife Is Very Popular Book 3 Chapter 243

Within one hour, Zheng Haodong's Weibo was taken over.

"Somehow, I smell love."

"Brother Haodong is a real man, willing to publicize his relationship with Xia Ning at this time. He's not afraid of being thrown dirt at. I admire him."

"Seems like they fell for each other through the show. Who the f*ck dares to say my Brother Haodong is gay now? I'll spit at him."

"I've heard earlier that Xia Ning and Zheng Haodong have a good relationship. So obvious. My Prince Charming is gone. Sad."

"Nationality is really not a bit deal. Our country is like this, and why don't we allow others to change to another environment?"

When Xia Ning saw the news online, she was ready to go back to S City.

In the hotel room, Wen Jing was helping her pack and Lu Qing was walking back and forth in the room making calls.

Only Xia Ning was standing in front of the window by herself. She looked at the bright sunlight outside and was not talking. She had a phone in her hand with a bright screen. It was in a call to Zheng Haodong, but no one picked up.

When Lu Qing was done making calls, she walked to Xia Ning and said helplessly, "It was from Zheng Haodong this time and it might not be easy to take down. Plus, someone posted a lot of photos of you and Zheng Haodong on the set, as well as you two going out on a 'date'."

Xia Ning turned around and did not answer Lu Qing. She looked at Wen Jing and said, "Is everything packed?"

Wen Jing closed the zip on the suitcase and nodded to Xia Ning. "All done, Sister Xia Ning."

Xia Ning nodded. "Okay, let's go back to S City now."

Lu Qing saw Xia Ning walking out and blocked her immediately. "Xia Ning, are you just letting this go?"

Xia Ning saw Lu Qing's anxious face and frowned. "I did not say anything like that."

"So why are you going back now?" Lu Qing frowned and asked.

"Don't forget, Shi Hao's MV is starting soon. Also, what good can you do by staying here? It's not like I can solve everything here." Xia Ning looked at Lu Qing with a somewhat cold face. "Lu Qing, I'm hoping as a manager, you could be calmer. We do have a good relationship, but if I want to go further in the show business, I think I might need a manager who can think about the big picture."

Lu Qing was caught by surprise. She looked a bit awkward and ugly on her face, and said slowly, "Sorry, I…"

"I know I have too much dirt that they catch you by surprise. But I don't think it's going to change any time soon," Xia Ning looked at Lu Qing and said calmly. "I've been paying no attention to them not because I don't care, but rather I have a million ways to eliminate them from the root. This time, there's no difference. Do you understand?"

Seeing the aggressive woman in front of her, Lu Qing felt like she had never known her before.

Because Xia Ning looked way too calm normally. Too calm to be real. And now she was upset and angry as if she finally became alive.

"I don't think Zheng Haodong wanted to express his feelings for you. There have been a lot of rumors going on about him being bought by a fuerdai. Most likely he wanted to use you to break the rumors. Since you have dirt on yourself, this could help him build the image of a good man," Lu Qing said suddenly.

Xia Ning darted a look at her and walked outside directly without speaking.

In the branch office of Shengshi Group in England, Qiao Yu was looking at a photo on his phone with an extremely gloomy face. He had that photo as well, in which Xia Ning was smiling at Zheng Haodong with a warm and happy look.

He exited Weibo immediately and made a call. "When I'm back, I don't want to see any news related to Zheng Haodong."

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