Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 1553

Chapter 1553 Heavenly Light And Earthly Brute

“Enough. Stop wasting our time!” Long Yangjun snapped coldly. “Get to the point. Who are you exactly? Why do you hate the Star Glory Federation so much? Are you from the federation?”

Fei Qi bulged his eyes, with obvious fury and disdain on his face. He shrieked, “How can I be from the federation? Of course, I’m not! I am from the Uranian Ring civilization, a sworn enemy of the federation! The federation has stolen our home, destroyed our civilization, and cut off our lineage. They are also trying to capture and kill whatever’s left of the people of the Uranian Ring civilization. Of course, the people of the Uranian Ring civilization hate the Star Glory Federation’s guts!”

“The Uranian Ring civilization?”

Including Li Yao, all the Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators and the Divinity Transformation Stage Cultivators were slightly dazed.

When ‘Fei Qi’ from the Uranian Ring civilization mentioned that the Star Glory Federation had stolen their home, destroyed their civilization, and cut off their lineage, the few Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators and Divinity Transformation Stage Cultivators all raised their alert and adopted solemn expressions.

Long Yangjun was still as calm as before. “The Uranian Ring civilization? Tell us what happened to you. Is this place where your civilization is located?”

“Not exactly.” Shaking his head, Fei Qi replied, “This place is called the ‘Dragon Snake Space Zone’. As all you seniors here can see, this is an extremely chaotic place with not so many resources. It can barely be called a ‘Sector’. How can the brilliant and glorious Uranian Ring civilization be originated in this place?

“We—we lost the war against the tyranny of the federation and were exiled to this place from our lovely home ‘Uranian Ring Sector’.”

“Oh?” Long Yangjun and Li Yao’s eyes were all glittering in glamorous colors. “Your ‘Uranian Ring civilization’ had a war with the Star Glory Federation and lost, and even your home ‘Uranian Ring Sector’ has been… occupied by the Star Glory Federation?”

“It was not a ‘war’ at all; it was a shameless ambush, a rebellion of the filthy and humble ones!”

Fei Qin burst into fury when the Star Glory Federation was brought up. With a twisted face, he gnashed his teeth and explained, “The Uranian Ring Sector was originally a peaceful, orderly Sector with a highly-advanced civilization!

“As early as in the era of the Star Ocean Imperium, the Uranian Ring Planet, the main planet in our Sector, was already developed on a large scale by the Star Ocean Imperium because of the abundant crystals and rare metals buried below the ground. Outside of the gravity sphere of the main planet, beyond the atmosphere, an ultra-large orbit ring that surrounded the entire planet was established as an enormous, all-covering dock!

“That’s how the Uranian Ring Sector got its name!

“In such a case, many starships that were large in size and relatively fragile in structure could be crafted directly in outer space, where they were not susceptible to the interference of gravity!

“After the Star Ocean Imperium collapsed abruptly after the Armageddon Rebellion, the Uranian Ring Sector was caught in a thousand years of chaos and darkness, too. In the war of the Armageddon Rebellion, the rebellion army led by the Blood God, or the Mad Armageddon, and the troops loyal to the Supreme Emperor had a fierce battle on the Uranian Ring Planet!

“It was the goriest, most insane, world-blighting war ever. To seize control of the Uranian Ring Sector, both parties resorted to all the approaches and techniques available. Not only was the surface of the Uranian Ring Planet completely blown into a wasteland, they also released a venomous fog that didn’t disperse after hundreds of years, poison in the water that ran uninhibited under the earth, and genetic bombs that could explode after lurking for thousands of years and trigger the mutations of human beings and animals. All in all, the surface of the Uranian Ring Planet was utterly deformed, and the environment couldn’t have been rougher. For a thousand years, the ancestors of the Uranian Ring people struggled to survive on the wasteland, which was brimming with venomous fog, poisoned water, high radiation, high pollution, and various mutated species!

“After a thousand years of arduous struggles, the Uranian Ring people finally freed themselves from the swamp of darkness and began to rebuild their civilization from scratch!”

Long Yangjun had been listening attentively the whole time. It was not until this moment that she asked, “Did you repair the wasteland on the surface of the planet into a natural paradise again?”

“Not exactly.” Fei Qi shook his head. “Our mother planet suffered too much damage in the collapse of the Star Ocean Imperium. The wounds couldn’t be healed, and the vitality couldn’t be recovered. Not in a few thousand years. However, wasn’t there an enormous planet ring beyond the atmosphere right above our heads? It used to be a super dock of an unbelievable scale. After slight modification, it would serve very well as a permanent circular space station!

“Later on, the Uranian Ring people went two different ways and gradually evolved into two branches.

“Part of them—those who were smart, brave, diligent, determined, hardworking, and farsighted—focused their eyes on the Uranian Ring that surrounded the mother planet. They hoped to transform the super large dock of the Star Ocean Imperium in the past into our new home!

“Of course, it was quite difficult in the beginning.

“However harsh the environment on the surface of the planet was, some resources were still usable after all, and a lot of remains, relics, debris, and shelters could be excavated.

“In the meantime, the circular dock around our main planet was also riddled with holes and on the brink of destruction after the war. It had essentially turned into a cold and quiet circular grave. To repair and modify the dock from zero was even more difficult than walking to the sky!

“Therefore, many lazy, thoughtless, idiotic, muddled people laughed at them, claiming that they should just stop wasting their time and stay obediently on the ground because it was impossible to live in the sky!

“Naturally, the former were the most resolute and unwavering people, and they would not give up so easily once they had selected a goal!

“Therefore, the magnificent Sky Walking Plan was initiated!

“Those Uranian Ring people spent three thousand years slowly mending and modifying the circular orbit in the sky while they endured countless unexpected difficulties, including the mockery of their sluggish ‘compatriots’ and blatant attacks. Generation after generation, they strived hard, fearless of sacrifices. While they worked together for a common purpose, they gradually formed a new people—the Heavenly Light!

“Three thousand years later, the preliminary maintenance and modification of the circular dock was completed by the Heavenly Light. It was renamed ‘Uranian Ring’. As the new foundation of our civilization, all the members of the Heavenly Light migrated into the Uranian Ring, where they lived a peaceful and happy life!

“Those living on the ground, who made absolutely no contribution in the three thousand years but had been taunting or even sabotaging on purpose, believing that the ‘Sky Walking Plan’ would never work out, were completely dumbfounded when they saw the glorious Uranian Ring emitting brilliance and functioning again!

“Of course, they wanted to live in the Uranian Ring, which was clean and safe from the scourge of the venomous fog, poisoned water, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and mutated beasts, but how could that be allowed?

“There was only limited room in the Uranian Ring. Naturally, such vile, ignorant, lazy guys who knew nothing of construction, only destruction, could not be let in!

“As time went by, the people on the ground gradually formed a new people, named ‘Earthly Brute’.

“The Heavenly Light and the Earthly Brute represented the ‘integrity’ and the ‘corruption’ of the Uranian Ring civilization respectively.

“The Heavenly Light is a people made of the best elites of the Uranian Ring natives. After the selection of the ‘Sky Walking Plan’ during those three thousand years, they were the essence of the Uranian Ring people. They were the most diligent, brave, intelligent, devoted, and self-sacrificing members of the civilization!

“In the thousands of years that followed, they, or ‘we’, have been living in the Uranian Ring studying literature, arts, medication, techniques, magical equipment, training skills, and all the state-of-the-art fields of the civilization. We have made the Uranian Ring civilization evolve into an elegant, noble, and advanced civilization.

“As for the Earthly Brute, those lazy, shortsighted, and self-demeaning guys have still been lurking on the filthy surface of the planet, living like ignorant beasts.

“At first, they could still manage to survive with the assets in the debris and relics left by the Star Ocean Imperium.

“But after all the debris and relics were cleaned up, they were immediately mired in chaos where they brutalized and even fed on each other. They were even about to go extinct!

“In the end, it was my ancestors, the members of the Heavenly Light thousands of years ago, who couldn’t bear to see their past ‘compatriots’ die in desperation and offered them some jobs out of goodwill. They were asked to help us excavate the crystals and minerals hidden deep inside the Uranian Ring Planet.

“The Heavenly Light developed tremendous advanced mining magical equipment. They also taught the Earthly Brute the skills to hunt and domesticate the mutated beasts for food. Although a large batch of the members of the Earthly Brute were still killed, they managed to survive because they were as fertile as mice.

“All in all, until decades ago, this is about the situation of the Uranian Ring civilization.

“The ‘Heavenly Light’, representing the essence of the civilization and made of the most distinguished Cultivators, lived on the Uranian Ring and took part in the noble and elegant jobs such as literature, arts, development of cutting-edge magical equipment, research on training techniques, and what mattered for a civilization.

“The Earthly Brute, which had an extremely large population, lived on and below the ground, responsible for providing the resources and spiritual energy that were necessary for the functioning and expansion of the Uranian Ring.

“What a reasonable, steady, orderly, and justified state it was!

“After thousands of years of teamwork and improvement, the Heavenly Light and the Earthly Brute had already realized their destiny. They were fulfilling their respective roles dutifully and working hard for the development of our civilization!

“Even the previously lazy and disobedient members of the Earthly Brute, after the thorough and patient edification and education of the Heavenly Light, had learned to work dutifully and devotedly, making whatever contributions they could to our civilization!”

While saying that, Fei Qi suddenly covered his face and trembled hard. Sobs slipped through the gaps of his fingers, as if he could not proceed any longer.

“What happened later?” Long Yangjun pressed his shoulder softly. “Did the federation come?”

“Y—Yes,” Fei Qi replied, his voice shivering. There was no telling whether it was because of hatred or fear. “She was here. The devil was here!”

“The devil?” Long Yangjun narrowed her eyes. “Who’s the devil?”

“Who else could it be?” Fei Qi moaned in great pain. “The most horrible, brutal, bloodthirsty, evil, and insane she-devil of the Star Glory Federation, Ding Lingdang!”

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