Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 1757

Chapter 1757 Unstoppable

In the front of the battlefield, the soldiers of the federal army who were trapped in the attack range of the iron troll were all grasped by desperation because of the mental attack.

Tootoo strong!

What kind of monster is this? Why is it attacking in such a weird way?


The enemy did not have a real body. Or rather, it had an erratic and extensible body. When it was faced with the ordinary soldiers who were relatively weak, all it needed to do was to impose a strong push on the iron caltrops, and the collision would be enough to shatter the soldiers bodies. When faced with the commanders in the Refinement Stage or the Building Foundation Stage, three to five Abyss Jellyfish, the super space torpedoes, would come at them together and be detonated at the same time after they were attracted to the commanders with the magnetic field. The Cultivators on the battlefield, who were small in number in the first place, suffered great casualties!

Under the cover of the iron troll, the army of ghosts on the opposite side successfully completed regrouping. They formed piton-shaped units in groups of three to five. The exhaust flames on their backs that were getting brighter and brighter suggested that they were about to launch a fatal counterattack!

The federal armys battle line that was slightly disordered at the beginning began to slow down, halt and disperse.

Some soldiers were hesitating, some of them were slowing down, some were launching all the ammunitions and spiritual energy on their crystal suits out of fear only to miss all the targets, and some started to charge at the iron troll with passionate roars!

For the federal army! Luo Qisheng roared. His throat rolled for a long time, but he could not say another syllable. He simply drew the chainsword that had accompanied him for decades, which he could not bear to throw away even though it had been maintained and strengthened for too many times, and aimed the tip at the iron troll. All the spiritual energy of the Core Formation Stage Cultivator blew out of his abdomen while he followed Li Yao and Long Yangjuns charge!

With everything coming to this point, I shall die without regrets!

When the iron troll glared at him with its weird eyes that were made of deep blue flames of spiritual energy, the old colonel suddenly had such a weird thought.

It was a great way to conclude his hundred years of service in the army. Not bad at all. But it was a pity that

Right when Luo Qisheng thought that he was about to suffer the iron trolls most powerful mental attack, the most unbelievable scene happened!

The thousand data streams that were projected onto his retina were all jumping crazily, as if two very powerful sources of interference had appeared in front and disrupted all the probe magical equipment on his crystal suit.

The next second, a few data streams soared and soon surpassed the limits!

Certain unbelievably strong objects were summoned to this world!

This is

The seasoned Colonel slowly opened his mouth, finding it hard to believe his eyes. In his trance, he was even wondering if he was having an illusion on the verge of death!

Thisthisthis is

The soldiers of the federal army, who were all mired in the desperate battle, saw the most unforgettable scene in their entire life in shock!

The cold universe was like a dark swamp.

But from the middle of the invisible swamp, two magnificent, daunting iron giants were slowly ascending out of the darkness, stretching out their limbs and spiritual energy to their hearts content!

One of them was like a black skeleton, surrounded by deep red thorny veins. Its head was divided into four parts by a huge cross. At the center of the cross, the glittering sole eye was emitting a brilliance that was even more dazzling than a supernova.

The other one was in black and white. It was mysterious and unpredictable, looking like both an angel who had descended from heaven for salvation and a great devil who was about to destroy everything ruthlessly!

In terms of size

The two giants that were no more than fifty years tall were utterly incomparable to the iron troll that was more than four hundred meters tall after it was completely expanded.

From the perspective of the boundless universe, such a height was nothing but a grain of sand.

However, the flames of spiritual energy that were blossoming from the runes on the surface of the giants, the joints of the plate of the armor, and the eyes of the two giants were burning furiously and expanding into two vivid images in the void that were a hundred times larger than their real bodies!


The black skeleton bound by crimson thorns, which seemed to have just crawled out of the bottom level of hell, roared at the iron troll, triggering red ripples that smashed the blue ripples released by the iron troll into pieces. Even the deep blue aura around the iron troll was affected, and its enormous body size was shrinking and became less compact than before!

When the two powerful mental attacks collided brutally and the final victor was obvious, all the soldiers of the federal army around immediately realized that

They were Colossi, the ultimate single weapons to roam and dominate the universe!


Theyre our Colossi! They are on our side!

The arrival of a Colossus on a space battlefield was often the most powerful excitant for the soldiers on its side. There was no need to mention what kind of effect two Colossi could bring at such a critical moment!

The feeling of controlling a Colossus was completely different from the feeling to control a crystal suit.

Even the most advanced crystal suit would have a tiny lag during control, as if when one was trying to scratch their feet through boots.

However, the Colossus adopted an entirely different method of control. It was especially so for Li Yao, who had the assistance of Little Black, the protective and ancillary artificial intelligence specially designed for the Colossus in the Star Ocean Imperium. When he was soaked inside the body of Little Black, he felt that he was completely melted into the Colossus. He was the Tartarean Skeleton, and the Tartarean Skeleton was him!

You are trying to stop the Colossi with such a thing?

Sensing that his telepathic thoughts were spreading to the Tartarean Skeletons limbs, Li Yao was so excited that he could barely control himself. His left eye was as red as blood, and his right eye was as dark as ink. As weird brilliance beamed out of his two eyes, the flames of light behind the Tartarean Skeleton focused into dozens of narrow and long wings, pushing it to charge at the iron troll.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

He was ten percent faster than the iron troll. Passing through the abdomen of the iron troll seven times, he detonated the super space torpedoes that made up the iron troll with the dozens of wings of black fire that were almost invincible sharp blades.

Not only was the iron troll unable to follow the Tartarean Skeletons pace when it was waving the four limbs, even the blast of the super space torpedoes after they were detonated were left far behind by Li Yao, too. Also, because they exploded right inside the body of the iron troll, they even increased the instability of the magnetic field of the iron troll. After a few stabs, the number of the super space torpedoes had been greatly reduced, and the deep blue electric arcs were much dimmer than before, unable to keep the giant in the shape of a human any longer.


The iron troll deserved to be a Hyper Spirit that could simulate the feelings and emotions of humans perfectly with the immense computational ability. It was actually raising its head and screaming miserably, giving Li Yao a weird feeling that a brutal soul was truly sealed in the middle of the super space torpedoes!

However, the next second, the Tartarean Skeleton uttered sharp alarms. Three tentacles made of hundreds of space torpedoes blew at him from behind without a sound. The chains among the space torpedoes were connected to each other, constituting a cage of destruction!

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

A series of enormous light balls immediately consumed the Tartarean Skeleton. As it turned out, the iron troll had altered the magnetic field model in time and turned into an enormous ball from the human shape. Tentacles and flagella were protruding out of the ball anytime, which were rather similar to the Abyss Jellyfish, the basic units that made up the monster.

Be careful. Theres no time and place for you to maintain the Colossus here!

The Yin Yang, Long Yangjuns Colossus, dashed forward, leaving countless blurred shadows behind. All the blurred shadows dispersed around the iron troll and raised black-and-white light blades that were purely focused with spiritual energy. Almost a thousand light blades pierced into the body of the iron trolls ball-shaped body!

The light blades were not attacking the space torpedoes but affecting the magnetic field and the communication network of the iron troll. As a result, the space torpedoes were removed from its body one after another, when the veins and nerves of the monster were cut apart!

The space torpedoes that had been removed from its body were naturally detonated by the soldiers of the federal army!

More and more space torpedoes were thrown away, and the iron troll was smaller and smaller in size. The forms that it could take became more and more simple. It was much easier to grasp its attack model now!

The iron troll was riddled with holes under Long Yangjuns attack. The deep blue flames of spiritual energy were flickering in fear. It extended countless tentacles furiously trying to snatch the Yin Yang, sometimes even spurting space torpedoes to Long Yangjun hoping to blow her up. However, Long Yangjuns Yin Yang was the fastest and most agile Colossus of what the twelve experts from the Ancient Sages Sector carried. It was even faster than Li Yaos Tartarean Skeleton. How could the iron troll do as it wished?

Found it! Long Yangjuns eyes were as cold as ice, as she stared at the hundreds of space torpedoes at the core of the ball-shaped body of the iron troll. The computational units and the control chips must be installed right there!

At this moment, the destructive light balls around the Tartarean Skeleton had all perished. Although the surface of the Colossus was slightly dimmed, even more violent flames of spiritual energy were surging out under Li Yaos fury. Li Yao gritted his teeth hard to straighten his left arm and open his fingers. All the crimson thorny veins around its body were condensed on the left army and soon constructed into what appeared to be the barrel of a cannon in front of his left arm.

A highly dangerous red light ball was generated from the thorny barrel.

The iron troll sensed the fatal spiritual waves from Li Yaos side, too. The only solution filtered by the enormous database was to run away immediately. But the black-and-white light blades from Li Yao were improving both their speed and density to a higher level in the moment, harassing the deep blue halo that supported its body, making it unable for the monster to move. How could it run away?

Explode now! Li Yao roared. The destructive force hidden deep inside the Tartarean Skeleton erupted like a hurricane and gathered in the thorns on the left palm, turning into an enormous light ball more than a hundred meters in diameter, which then submerged into the core of the body of the iron troll!

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