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  • Fury Towards The Burning Heaven

  • Author(s): Yao Ye
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated :
  • Views : 766.74 K
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    Fury Towards The Burning Heaven5 votes : 5 / 5

Fury Towards The Burning Heaven summary:

From a young age, Jiang Yi suffers humiliation and bullying due to his sealed dantian. One day, he wakes up to find his seal broken, allowing him to gain incredible powers. With his cultivation of the Nine Heavens Divine Flames, he embarks on a heaven-defying journey. All territories are mine, all cultivation techniques are mine, same for all treasures. If humanity treats me unfairly, a million corpses shall lay! If the heavens treats me unfairly, the heavens shall burn!

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Fury Towards The Burning Heaven Chapters

Time uploaded
358 Used Goods10 hrs ago
354 Witch God3 days ago
348 Maze6 days ago
338 Exi2 weeks ago
337 Sea Demon2 weeks ago
336 Send Me Up2 weeks ago
330 Stone Puppe2 weeks ago
329 Spotted2 weeks ago
326 Kill Yun Lu2 weeks ago
322 Regen3 weeks ago
320 Divine Vein3 weeks ago
319 Queen3 weeks ago
302 Die4 weeks ago
297 Refugeea month ago
296 Dao Patterna month ago
288 Fairy Peaka month ago
283 Answera month ago
276 Young Lorda month ago
275 Executea month ago
271 Great Gifa month ago
260 Found I2 months ago
259 Instant Kill2 months ago
256 Calamity2 months ago
243 Dragon Eagle2 months ago
234 Enemy Assaul2 months ago
217 Hundred Slaps2 months ago
211 Shui Youlan2 months ago
210 Yun He Dead2 months ago
206 Flaming Human2 months ago
203 Massacre2 months ago
201 Surrounded3 months ago
200 Assistance3 months ago
198 Ghost Woods3 months ago
196 Little Monk3 months ago
194 Ill Do I3 months ago
191 Soul Seal3 months ago
185 Killing Inten3 months ago
173 Savage Man3 months ago
170 Earth Fire3 months ago
162 Elixir King3 months ago
154 Black Qilin3 months ago
153 Shui Qianrou3 months ago
152 Silly Woman3 months ago
147 Charmed3 months ago
142 Demon Emperor3 months ago
139 Gods Restrain3 months ago
138 Death Figh3 months ago
134 Arrogance3 months ago
127 Massacre3 months ago
124 Chaotic Melee3 months ago
115 Jiang Bieli3 months ago
113 Kill Me3 months ago
106 Moron3 months ago
101 Zhangsun Wuji3 months ago
96 Investigate3 months ago
94 Massacre Inten3 months ago
93 Ice Beas3 months ago
89 What A Pity3 months ago
85 A Huge Be3 months ago
79 Investmen3 months ago
77 Danger3 months ago
76 Your Highness3 months ago
71 Little Thief3 months ago
68 Scumbag3 months ago
67 Madman3 months ago
66 Demonic Arts3 months ago
63 A Visitor3 months ago
62 Jiang Yiliu3 months ago
61 Departure3 months ago
56 Broken Seal3 months ago
55 Devil3 months ago
54 Young Lord3 months ago
51 Up The Hill3 months ago
49 Carry On3 months ago
48 Its All Over3 months ago
47 White Ho3 months ago
40 New Ability3 months ago
39 A Be3 months ago
38 Fleeing3 months ago
37 Leaving3 months ago
36 Discouraged3 months ago
32 Flipping Ou3 months ago
30 Leng Qianqian3 months ago
21 The Deal3 months ago
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