Fury Towards The Burning Heaven Chapter 465

466 Shameless And Despicable

Summer Rain City didn't have plenty of Soul Travel Realm experts. They originally had around a thousand, but after Jiang Yi excavated the Divine Vein, Su Ruoxue used a large number of celestial stones to secretly nurture a large batch of Soul Travel Realm experts. The quantity was around two thousand, but a pity that this batch of Soul Travel Realm experts wasn't strong as they were all around the fifth stage of Soul Travel Realm.

Since Su Ruoxue was intending to risk her life, she naturally wouldn't reserve any strength. She was going to do everything she could to leave behind devastating damage to these bastards that invaded the Great Xia Kingdom. She wanted to tell the world that the citizens of the Great Xia Kingdom weren't some pushover, and if they wanted the Great Xia Kingdom to be vanquished, they would have to pay a large price with blood.


Outside the city were clusters of Soul Travel Realm experts like a horde of locust. Old General Lu burst out with a yell and led the charge out of the city. Since their enemies didn't use any essence force attacks, theywho had the disadvantage in numberswouldn't release their essence force attacks first. There was no barrier within the city while their queen was above the city walls, and behind the walls were the citizens of the Summer Rain City. Once they mutually launched their essence force attacks, there would be huge casualties to the commoners, and the Summer Rain City would be razed to the ground.

Swish! Swish!

Groups of Soul Travel Realm experts flew off from the city walls. Close to three thousand Soul Travel Realm experts turned out in full strength while Su Ruoxue left behind two Soul Travel Realm experts for protection. At the same time, hundreds of thousands of soldiers jumped off from the city walls. Even though the army was filled with Cast Tripod and Purple Mansion Realm martial artistsand they were just going to throw their lives away, what was the point of them staying within the city? Why not die of a glorious death in combat?

Clang-Clang! Bang-Bang! He-He!

The two sides quickly went into close-quarters combat. Various dao pattern attacks and martial skills were executed. Everywhere was covered with the reflections of the radiating weapons, the clashes of weapons never stopped echoing. Brutal hand-to-hand combat had started, and the outskirts of Summer Rain City had turned into a bloodied mess.

Roar! Roar!

After the Yazi Beast killed a few dozen fleeing Soul Travel Realm experts, it rushed into the city with rage. However, the martial artists from both sides had already started their chaotic battle, and if it was to attack, it might just accidentally hurt the Great Xia Kingdom's army.

Swish! Swish!

The Yazi Beast helplessly flew towards the sky and headed straight for the Northern Liang Kingdom's Sha Di. Xiao Longwang and Sha Di mocked in mid-air as they were already waiting for the Yazi Beast. Right now, both their afterimages flashed and started their fight with the Yazi Beast.

Pong! Pong! Pong!

The Yazi Beast's body was like a stream of light that was flickering in mid-air. Xiao Longwang and Sha Di's speed were also fast as lightning. General martial artists couldn't even see those three figures clearly and could just see three shadows flashing in mid-air. From time to time, they would hear the crisp sounds of two weapons clashing with the Yazi Beast's claws.

It was obvious!

Xiao Longwang and Sha Di had yet to put out their full strength; the Ling Clan's old ancestor and the others had yet to reveal themselves yet. Jiang Yi had yet to reveal himself either; therefore, the two of them naturally wouldn't risk their lives foolishly. With Xiao Longwang and Sha Di's strength, it would be too easy for them to injure the Yazi Beast. Killing it wouldn't be a challenge either. Before Jiang Yi revealed himself, they had to reserve their true strength.

The alliance army below had completely suppressed the Great Xia Kingdom's army. In less than one hour, they would be able to force into Summer Rain City. As long as the two of them delayed the Yazi Beast and wait for the alliance army to enter Summer Rain City, would Jiang Yi be able to continue hiding?

The battle on the ground was very desperate. The Great Xia Kingdom's army was several times more than the alliance army in number, but the alliance army had just too many Soul Travel Realm experts. Moreover, there were more than a thousand peak-stage Soul Travel Realm experts. When a group of ferocious tigers rushed into a horde of sheepno matter the number of sheep, would they be able to resist against the advance of the ferocious tigers?

Tsk! Tsk!

Among the peak-stage Soul Travel Realm experts, there was one especially brave and fierce general from the Northern Liang Kingdom. He was clad in black battle armor and stood eight feet tall. He was wielding a giant ax which was shining with black light and emitting horrific aura presence. It was obviously a saint artifact.

He was like a giant beast which led a group of peak-stage Soul Travel Realm experts from the Northern Liang Kingdom in a charge. There was nearly no one that was a match for him, and those martial artists that were cleaved by his giant axbe it fifth-stage or peak-stage Soul Travel Realm. Everyone was immediately killed, and his formidable combat strength was in extreme levels.

The old general from the Saint Spirit Kingdom, General Long from the Azure Dragon Empire, Dao Clan's general from the Northern Mang Kingdom, Taishi Clan's general from the Divine Martial Kingdomall were all leading a group of peak-stage Soul Travel Realm experts. They were killing their way under the city walls and annihilating the Great Xia Kingdom's army like rice straws. They were killing in appalling speed, and in just 30 minutes, they had already taken out almost 10,000 members of the Great Xia Kingdom, among them were hundreds of Soul Travel Realm experts.

Of course!

The alliance army had also suffered casualties. The soldiers and experts that stayed in Summer Rain City were all prepared to perish along with the city. They had already forsaken their lives, and so they fought without any fear. Since they were going for mutual destruction with the enemieseven if they couldn't kill the enemy, they would aim to leave a wound.

"Princess Yun Fei, Young Master Wushuang asks you to go back to discuss an important manner!"

On the city wall, a Zhan Clan's guard suddenly rushed to the top of the city wall and informed Yun Fei with cupped hands. Yun Fei was very familiar with the servants from Zhan Clan. Although she had some doubts, she didn't ask much. She simply informed Su Ruoxue and quickly ran off the city walls.

Zhan Wushuang and Qian Wanguan didn't come to the city walls, but Su Ruoxue didn't mind. Neither did she suspect that they were afraid of death. Otherwise, they would already have left when they were asked to evacuate.

Yun Fei quickly rushed into Drifting Snow Palace but couldn't see either Zhan Wushuang or Qian Wanguan. She only saw a frail-looking beautiful lass standing at the entrance of Drifting Snow Palace.

"Little Sister Xiaonu, where is Wushuang?" Yun Fei asked with suspicion. The battle outside the city was getting intense, and the enemies might break into the city at any moment. Yun Fei was actually preparing to enter the battle and use her sorcery arts to kill some Soul Travel Realm experts. It was fine if Zhan Wushuang wasn't going to enter the battle, but he actually asked for her and went missing?


Jiang Xiaonu didn't say anything and drifted over like an afterimage before she gently patted on the back of Yun Fei's head, knocking her out. She extended her arm to catch Yun Fei while her other hand took out a green vase. With a flash of green light, Yun Fei had vanished.

The green vase was naturally the Green Clear Vase!

Jiang Yi had the Universal Palace, and so this Green Clear Vase wasn't of any use to him anymore. Before he went to the Soul-Seizing Valley, he had passed this Green Clear Vase to Jiang Xiaonu. Just before he departed, he informed Jiang Xiaonu to protect everyone. Xiaonu had a very simple mind, and in her opinionif she was going to protect them, it was best to put them by her side. Thus, when she determined that the battle didn't have any chance of winning, she deceived Qian Wanguanand Zhan Wushuang who was preparing to join the battle. Right now, she had lured Yun Fei back and put all of them into the Green Clear Vase after knocking them out.

After keeping the Green Clear Vase, Jiang Xiaonu drifted out of the royal palace like a breeze and quickly arrived at the bottom of the northern city walls. She then took the stone stairs up the city wall.

She was wearing a beautiful white dress. She might look delicate, but she was curvaceous, and her exquisite facial features were very calmas though she was walking in her own backyard. She had icy cold eyes, and even though she didn't let out any murderous aura, the soldiers on the city wall had this shuddering feeling.


When Su Ruoxue saw Jiang Xiaonu walking over, she wanted to say something. When she saw Jiang Xiaonu's eyes, Su Ruoxue kept her silence. Jiang Xiaonu didn't say anything and simply stood behind Su Ruoxue while quietly overseeing the battle outside the city.

The battle outside the city was intense, and more than half the Great Xia Kingdom's army had been slaughtered. Almost all the Soul Travel Realm experts were wiped out while the alliance army lost around 3000 soldiers as well. However, the remaining 4000 Soul Travel Realm experts were like 4000 ferocious beasts which seemed like they were unbeatable.


There was a sky-piercing sound that suddenly came from the south. A black light drew across the sky like a comet and arrived above the northern part of the city in a few blinks of the eye.

It was an old woman that arrived. She was wearing simple gray robes and had snow-white hair while wielding a white scepter. She smiled and glanced at Su Ruoxue before looking towards the battle between the Yazi Beast, Xiao Longwang, and Sha Di. She let out a faint laugh and said, "Xiao Longwang, Sha Di, the two of you are renowned martial artists of the continent, but you are working together to attack the Yazi Beast? Do you not feel shameless and despicable? Aren't you afraid you might become the laughingstock of the world?"

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