Fury Towards The Burning Heaven Chapter 655

656 Thunder Fire

Jiang Yi was guessing correctly. When he ran with all his people, the men that watched him were indeed panicky. By the time that these scouts sent back the messages, they already left the east city gate.

Jiang Yi's intention was to catch them unaware.

After he rushed out of the east city gate, he looked around and found a big road in front of him. It was a desolate field along the two sides of the road. He didn't see anyone digging thunder stones around here. He swept to the left and shouted in a deep voice, "Feng'er, take everyone and follow me closely."

Jiang Yi left Jiang Xiaonu to Feng Luan. He flew to a deserted mountain on the left with Qian Wanguan and Zhan Wushuang. Though Qian Wanguan had reached the Vajra Realm, he had yet to learn how to fly; and this was not a good time for him to learn flying.


Feng Luan and Qing Yu each took one person and flew to the mountain like divine rainbows. They soon disappeared in the distant mountains.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

In the sky on the east some distance away, the thunderbolts were ceaseless. Bolts of lightning pierced the sky like savage white snakes and constantly slammed down at the islands. This constituted a unique scene on Sky Thunder Island.


After five minutes, four Heaven Monarchs rushed out of the east gate. They looked flustered and exasperated as they sprinted out as fast as they could. They spread out divine senses instantly, but Jiang Yi was nowhere to be found.


One of the four Heaven Monarchs was Fei Guothe subordinate of Ba Dao. He shouted calmly and flew along the road, with divine senses spreading out to explore the surroundings.


It was not long after these four men left that over a dozen men rushed out, including three Heaven Monarchs. Others were all peak-staged Vajra Realm martial experts. One Heaven Monarch revealed a vicious look. He examined the nearby situation before saying, "Let's go. Take down those beauties, and Chief Long will reward us generously."

These men didn't go straight to the desolate mountain as well. They went along the main road and looked at the mountains in fear, as though the mountains were incredibly dangerous.

In fact!

Those desolate mountains were indeed very dangerous, and Jiang Yi and his group felt the danger now. However, there were no demonic beasts in the mountains. After they flew for several kilometers, the air suddenly became so hot that Yun Fei and the rest almost couldn't bear with it.

Jiang Yi had the Fire Spirit Pearl and didn't feel the heat at all. He asked curiously upon seeing Zhan Wushuang and Qian Wanguan drenched with sweat, "What's wrong with you guys?"

Qian Wanguan and Zhan Wushuang were struggling with the heat. As Jiang Yi asked them now, Qian Wanguan answered with a bitter smile. "Boss, aren't you hot? Oh I forgot that you are not afraid of fire."

Jiang Yi glanced around and realized that the faces of Yun Fei and the rest turned red, and their hair was wet from the sweat. He quickly looked around with divine senses. After making sure that no one was near them, the Thearch Palace flashed in his hand. He took in Yun Fei, Qian Wanguan, Zhan Wushuang, Jiang Xiaonu, and Qing Yu. He sent a voice transmission to ask them to get ready for a battle. They would be transported out anytime if he needed their help.

"Feng'er, are you okay? Why is it so hot here?"

Jiang Yi asked Feng Luan concernedly. She smiled faintly and said, "Young Master has underestimated me. I'll turn on the divine shield if the heat is too much. I'll be fine even the temperature increases by five times."

"Watch my back. I'll release the Divine Perception to explore the situation around."

Jiang Yi thought for a while and decided to fly straight down. Feng Luan followed him and turned on the divine shield at the same time. She spread out divine senses to stay alert.

Jiang Yi's Divine Perception turned into a breeze and explored in all directions. Soon, he found the root cause of the high temperature. In a mountain in front of him, there were balls of blue fire floating. The fire moved very fast and wandered in the field like a ghost. Sometimes, flashes of electricity sparkled on the fire. It looked very scary.

"What kind of fire is this?"

He was tempted, as the fire was his favorite item. However, these flames were a bit strange. Why was it able to stroll around the mountains? It even glittered with lightning bolts. Was it also a kind of ghost flame?

"It's the Fire of Thunder!"

A white flash and a roaring sound in a distance awakened Jiang Yi. The flame was shimmered with electricity and should be the Thunder Fire created by the thunder. However, Jiang Yi didn't know why the Thunder Fire drifted about in the mountains.

"Huh, can I know if this is Thunder Fire? How is its temperature compared to that of the Nine Heavens' Dragon Flames? The Thunder Fire glistened with electricity; would I get a shock if I go near to collect it?"

Jiang Yi hesitated for a while. He was about to continue to examine it, but a slight air breaking sound came from behind. He swept with Divine Perception before he instantly opened his eyes and said, "Someone is coming. Feng'er, let's go!"

Four Heaven Monarchs came, and Jiang Yi knew one of them. He was Ba Dao's manFei Guo. They followed Jiang Yi and Feng Luan very closely at a high speed. It was clear that they were after their lives. Though Jiang Yi detected that all these four people were low-grade Heaven Monarchs, he still hoped to avoid fighting as much as possible.

He asked Feng Luan to carry him and rush to the left. Those men were running along the straight road. Jiang Yi was about ten kilometers away from the road, but the enemy would definitely find them. Since the enemy wouldn't step in the mountains, he would run towards the center region of the mountain range. He would definitely escape their detection.


Jiang Yi and Feng Luan pieced through the sky. Soon, they traveled more than ten kilometers. However, Feng Luan suddenly stopped and said, "Young Master, the temperature is too high in front. It's too much of a strain on my essence force."


Jiang Yi's divine senses swept to the front. He found a ball of blue flames drifting towards them. He turned his eyes and said, "You go inside the Thearch Palace, too. I'm not afraid of fire and will be extremely safe here."

"Young Master, be careful. The fire carries electricity, so don't go close haphazardly."

Feng Luan also detected that blue flame and warned Jiang Yi about it before being taken into the Thearch Palace. Jiang Yi paused and extended divine senses to the Thunder Fire, to make sure whether the Thunder Fire really had lightning inside.

Chi! Chi!

When Jiang Yi's divine senses were 300 meters away from the Thunder Fire, a bolt of lightning suddenly flashed from the Thunder Fire, which shot towards Jiang Yi's divine senses like a flood dragon. His wisp of divine senses instantly vanished.


As a wisp of divine senses was destroyed, Jiang Yi's soul-spirit was harmed as well. He writhed about in the sky, with arms around his head. He crashed down like a bullet and fell into a canyon. He even smashed a giant stone into pieces!

"Ah, Ah!"

Soul spirit injury was the most distressing thing. Jiang Yi's eyes were wide open. He held his head and squirmed around on the ground. The intense pain caused his whole body to tremble. This feeling was too terrible and was worse than cutting his flesh with a knife.

It took Jiang Yi five minutes to feel slightly better. He gasped for air on the ground. He still had a lingering fear when thinking about the agony in his soul spirit. Cold sweat kept dripping from his forehead.

"I really can't touch this Thunder Fire. My wisp of divine senses was destroyed before it even got close. If it is a person, won't he be struck and reduced to ashes by the electricity?"

Jiang Yi originally planned to test whether Fire Spirit Pearl was able to absorb the Thunder Fire. Right now, he would never have the audacity to try it. The sensation he experienced just now was too terrifying; he thought he was going to die.


Just at this moment, an air-piercing sound suddenly came from the road. Four people shot towards him like divine rainbows. They turned on the divine shields and were surrounded by glaring golden brilliance. They looked extraordinary, as though gods descended from the sky.

One man sent a faint voice transmission from a distance: "Kid, how dare you to run to the Thunder Ridges! You are really bold. You're lucky that you have not been killed by the Thunder Fire. Of course this is not important. Hand over those four beauties, and we'll spare your life. Otherwise, die!"
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