Fury Towards The Burning Heaven Chapter 656

657 Whats In The Mountain?

"Fight or flight?"

This was another problem. There were four low-tier Heaven Monarchs. If Jiang Yi let out the Golden Flood Dragon, Feng Luan, and Jiang Xiaonu. There would also be four people, including himself. Everyone's combined combat ability was comparable to that of a low-tier Heaven Monarch. Who would win the fight was still early to know!

The problem was that Jiang Yi didn't dare to take the risk!

Feng Luan and Jiang Xiaonu were too important to him. If anyone of them died, he would spend the rest of his life in endless guilt. Therefore, he decided to run first and fight if it was absolutely necessary.

He didn't risk releasing Heaven Evasion. He was a slave. If he left the Sky Thunder Island without permission, he might be chased after by the Lu Clan. Then, he wouldn't be eligible to stay on Sin Island. In addition, there must be a lot of Thunder Fires nearby. If the distance of the Heaven Evasion was short, he might be hit by the Thunder Fire.

Therefore, he had to try his best to fly to the front. His speed was okay and was no different from that of instant-shifting in succession, which would waste some time to initiate every instant shift.


He was heading straight to the ball of Thunder Fire. The temperature of the Thunder Fire was extremely high and should be much higher than that of the ghost flames. Even Feng Luan was unable to withstand the heat from very far away, he didn't believe that the four Heaven Monarchs behind could take it.


After traveling for a few kilometers, a ball of blue flames suddenly appeared in a giant mountain that was dozens of kilometers away from him. The flames were very wild and lit up the sky nearby. A Giant Thunder Fire was split into several balls of smaller flames which floated around as soon as it appeared. Four people behind him were stupefied and stopped mid-air.


Jiang Yi was startled as well. Why was the mountain here able to spurt flames? If a ball of Thunder Fire was suddenly ejected from the mountain range below him, wouldn't he be shocked by the electricity on the Thunder Fire?

He quickly flew towards the sky for some distance before continuing moving forward. Four people behind him were dumbfounded but followed up, gritting their teeth.

Though they had divine shields protecting their bodies, their essence force was consumed very rapidly by the intense heat. If something went wrong, their divine shield might break; and they would be surrounded and burned to death by the incredibly hot flames.

"He doesn't have the divine shield, but why can he withstand such high temperature?"

As the ball of Thunder Fire in the front got closer and closer, the four men grew suspicious. One person's divine senses swept over Jiang Yi, and he cried out, "No, he definitely has some treasures that ward off fire. You see he is not even sweating. It is obvious that he doesn't fear the heat at all!"

"Attack! Stop him!"

Fei Guo Heaven Monarch burst into shouting. A shuttle appeared in his hand. He infused his essence force into it and suddenly threw it forward. With a shrill air-piercing sound, the shuttle turned into a faint image and shot at Jiang Yi's back. It was as fast as laser and reached him in a blink of an eye.


Before the shuttle caught him, Jiang Yi felt a spurt of air coming towards him, which injured him. The Fire Cloud Armor that hid inside his body instantly appeared to protect him. A shimmer of white light shone around him before he disappeared.

"Instant shift?"

The four men were startled, and then immediately, their eyes got brighter as they saw the Fire Cloud Armor. The red light was blinding, and the aura of the Fire Cloud Armor was incredibly strong. They cried out simultaneously, "Pseudo-divine artifact!"


They were turned on by this defensive pseudo-divine artifact. They became four red-eyed monsters that chased after Jiang Yi madly. They constantly released all kinds of magical skills, dao pattern attacks, and their respective treasures.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Jiang Yi closed his eyes and entered the state of the Union of Heaven and Man which allowed to preempt their attacks and to avoid in advance. Of course, he was still too slow to run away from the aftershock of the attacks. Luckily, he had the Fire Cloud Armor, which rendered the after-effect completely ineffective to him.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The powerful attacks by the four blew up the mountains around them. One person even shot out hundreds of sword images, piercing a mountain in the front with hundreds of giant holes, which turned the mountain into a hornet's nest. However, the mountain didn't collapse, which was extremely scary and strange.

Moreover, the small shuttles penetrated the sky and rushed towards Jiang Yi. They were so fast, that Jiang Yi would never be able to run away if not for the Union of Heaven and Man. Wherever the small shuttle passed, the space would be left with space cracks like ugly scars. It was unimaginable what would happen to a person if he was hit by the shuttle.

Jiang Yi closed his eyes and flew rapidly in the sky. He suddenly traveled up and down, suddenly left and right. He sometimes plunged to the ground before making a sudden turn and flying straight to the sky.

His flying path appeared very strange, but he was able to avoid the crowd's attacks over and over again. He looked calm, as though he was taking a walk in his little courtyard. The four men quivered with rage but still couldn't do anything to him.


The temperature was getting higher and higher. If they didn't want to be burned alive because of broken divine shields, they had to constantly impart essence force into the shields. At the same time, they needed to attack. Naturally, they couldn't move very fast. Otherwise, they might lose their lives here before getting the chance to kill Jiang Yi.

Five hundred meters, 1,000 meters 1,500 meters!

They finally dared not to chase. There was a ball of Thunder Fire wandering around the mountains in the front. They would definitely be unable to handle the heat if they got any closer. When they saw Jiang Yi whose face showed no sign of being scorched by the heat, they stared at the Fire Cloud Armor more eagerly. In their opinions, Jiang Yi's immunity to high temperature definitely had something to do with this pseudo-divine artifact.


Jiang Yi didn't care about them and turned into a stream of light. He continued to fly forward and soon disappeared from their view.

"Brother Fei, what to do now?"

These four men were caught in an awkward position. One man turned to the Heaven Monarch Fei Guo who was releasing the shuttles. He waved and said, "Take another route. Let's wait for him in the front. I will get this pseudo-divine artifact. As long as I get this, I'll become the no.11 lord of the Sky Thunder City. Then, we will take over the Thunder Mountains and enjoy good lives!"


Other three men got excited. They were very close to Fei Guo. His strength was just slightly weaker than that of Ba Dao. As long as he could obtain the pseudo-divine artifact, his combined combat strength would definitely be comparable to that of a mid-tier Heaven Monarch. When he became the 11th great lord in the Sky Thunder City, they would enjoy higher status as well.

They instantly went back and bypassed the Thunder Fire when the temperature was not so hot.


Jiang Yi was indeed very slow and became even slower as he approached that Thunder Fire. He didn't risk releasing his divine senses now. He just observed it from a distance and felt very amazing to see the Thunder Fire wandered around the mountains.

"Why doesn't the Thunder Fire disappear? Why does it rover around the mountains? Are they alive? Otherwise, how can it wander automatically? Are they a result of the special terrain here? It seems that there is a natural thunder field nearby."

Jiang Yi's eyes were twinkling. He figured that he was so far away, and the Thunder Fire couldn't possibly shoot out electricity to him. He stopped flying; instead, he stood near the Thunder Fire and observed it closely.

Soon, he discovered a pattern. That ball of Thunder Fire kept wandering around five small mountains. It went here and there but was never far away from those mountains.

"What's in those mountains?"

Jiang Yi was tempted and slightly regretted that he didn't ask Hu San the way to dig thunder stones. He had an inexplicable instinct that the Thunder Fire was related to the thunder stones. Perhapsthere were thunder stones inside those mountains!

"How about exploring with divine senses?"

Jiang Yi's eyes were sparkling, and he couldn't make up his mind. Though he could look into a mountain when the Thunder Fire strolled to another mountain and was some distance away, the feeling of having one wisp of divine senses destroyed by the electricity of the Thunder Fire was so terrible. Till this moment, he still had a lingering fear.
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