Fury Towards The Burning Heaven Chapter 657

658 Blue Jade

"Have a try!"

Jiang Yi watched for a while before clenching his teeth and finally deciding to try. When his divine senses detected the Thunder Fire just now, the wisp of divine senses was destroyed after it was fewer than 300 meters away. Thus, he should be fine if he was more careful this time.

He released the divine senses and carefully spread them forward. After the Thunder Fire floated to a few mountains far away, his divine senses immediately rushed to a mountain that was closest to him.

"Is this the thunder stone?"

Jiang Yi's soul spirit suddenly trembled as he saw a sparkling small jade inside a boulder in the small mountain. The jade was as big as rice grain and was blue. It was like a blue jade stone that was born from the center of the stone. It was crystal clear and possessed unknown energy and aura. It felt very mysterious.

"The Thunder Fire is coming!"

When the ball of Thunder Fire wandered over in a distance, Jiang Yi quickly withdrew the divine senses. After he made sure it was safe again, his divine senses began probing inside the nearby mountains again. Though he found countless black stones which were identical to the one that surrounded the jade just now, he saw no blue jade embedded in these black stones. After the Thunder Fire ambled away, he quickly searched the other five mountains.

As expected!

There was a blue jade stone in every one of the five mountains, and none in other nearby mountains. He didn't need to study the blue jade closely to know that it was a treasure. As for whether it was the thunder stone, Jiang Yi didn't know.

"Begin digging!"

Jiang Yi made a determined effort to dig out the jade whether it was really thunder stone. Anyway, he could gouge it out in a blink of an eye, and the thunder stone couldn't hurt him.

He observed for a bit longer. Jiang Yi waited for the Thunder Fire to go away again and flashed to the fifth mountain by instant-shifting. The Fire Dragon Sword suddenly appeared in his hand, and he stabbed it forward. At the same time, he flew out and soon reached the blue jade. He pulled his hand and was going to grab the jade.


The instance that he touched the jade, Jiang Yi's whole body started to tremble non-stop as though he was struck by the lightning bolt. Electricity came out of the blue jade, but luckily, it was very weak and within Jiang Yi's threshold. Therefore, he was able to instant-shift away after a very brief pause.

"Thunder stone, this must be the thunder stone!"

Jiang Yi returned to the same small mountain. He held the jade in his hand and looked very happy. This jade released the power of thunderbolts just now, and Thunder Fire wandered around in the surroundings. It was highly likely to be the thunder stone.

He looked at it repeatedly for a while and realized that the blue jade no longer released any electricity after letting out the power of thunderbolts just now. He didn't risk refining it with his essence force and took it back into his Ancient Divine Essence Ring immediately. He didn't dare to expose the Fire Spirit Pearl now; it would only cause more trouble if some martial experts were after it.

"Huh? The Thunder Fire won't come here after the blue jade is dug out?"

Jiang Yi took a glance and found that the Thunder Fire only wandered around the rest of four mountains. The light flickered across his eyes, he instant-shifted to the mountains again after the Thunder Fire was gone.


After a while, he was back with another tiny blue jade in his hand. His mouth was still twitchingit looked like he was shocked again.

"Em! The Thunder Fire is still quite far away. I still can get another blue jade."

Jiang Yi pondered for a while and decided to take the risk to instant-shift again. This time, he obtained another blue jade, and the Thunder Fire was only able to float between two remaining mountains.

He didn't dare to take the risk this time. The Thunder Fire was too close. If the power of thunderbolts inside the Thunder Fire shot over, he couldn't even imagine the consequences. The electricity inside the Thunder Fire was way more powerful than that inside the blue jade. It was appalling just to look at it.

"That's right! The Thunder Fire surged from the mountain over there just now. Is there a blue jade, too?"

Jiang Yi was reminded of the Thunder Fire that rose from a mountain when he was chased by several men just now. He was enticed. Since it was very safe here, he sat cross-legged and released Divine Perception to check whether those men were still behind him.

"Nope, let's go!"

He searched for several kilometers and was certain that no one was on his back. He instantly shot out and headed back via the original road, to the mountain with the flames.

That giant mountain was not far away. Jiang Yi got close to it in a blink of an eye. He glanced over, and instantly, his eyes grew brighter. As there were seven or eight balls of Thunder Fire, hovering around a dozen small mountains,

"What's happening? Are there blue jade stones in all these thirty over mountains?"

Jiang Yi's body shook. If it was true and the jade was indeed the thunder stone, then he would have dozens of thunder stones and didn't have to worry about the thunder stones for days.

His divine senses carefully extended. Soon, his eyes brightened once more. There were blue jade stones in all these mountains. The biggest mountain even had over 30 blue jade stones!

"Begin digging!"

Jiang Yi clenched his teeth and shouted in a deep voice. He instant-shifted continuously and dug out the blue jade stones one by one while the Thunder Fire roamed to other places.

He was meticulous about the way he dug the blue jade. He didn't just carry out the task randomly. Instead, Jiang Yi began with those in a few small mountains on the left so that the Thunder Fire wouldn't float to the left side.

"Alright! Now, I can take those in the middle."

He had obtained about seven blue jade stones and changed his target to the huge mountain in the center, which had over 30 jade stones inside. If he got all of them, it would be able to easily last for days.


When seven balls of Thunder Fire wandered away, Jiang Yi instantly-shifted into the giant mountain. He slammed down the Fire Dragon Sword to create a few paths. His big hands reached out swiftly to the blue jade stones as fast as lightning. Though his body trembled because of the electricity, it didn't stop him from taking the stones into the Ancient Divine Essence Ring.

"Let's go!"

He only grabbed over a dozen blue jade stones before he stopped. He estimated that there would probably be Thunder Fire wandering over at any time. Safety always came first; he could collect them the next time.

As expected!

The moment that he instant-shifted back, a ball of Thunder Fire whizzed by and took a round along the giant mountain before ambling to the distant mountains.

He waited for all seven balls of Thunder Fire to pass before taking the rest of the blue jade stones, using the same method. In only five minutes, he dug out almost all the blue jade stones. He didn't dare to take the remaining ones as those seven balls of Thunder Fire kept wandering in the surroundings.

"Let's go!"

Jiang Yi was exasperated to get nearly 50 blue jade stones. If they were indeed the thunder stones, he would never have to worry about being killed from failure to hand in thunder stones. He flew forward like lightning. He wanted to find someone who was mining the thunder stones, to testify whether his blue jade stones were thunder stones.

"Where are those over 10,000 people? Is this Sky Thunder Island this big?"

Jiang Yi felt secretly surprised. On his way forward, he constantly let out divine senses to look into the situations nearby. After flying for five kilometerswhen his divine senses were probing into a faraway mountain, he was struck by lightning again!

There was a ball of Thunder Fire in that mountain. When Jiang Yi's divine senses passed, the electrical arch suddenly surged out, crashing his divine senses. His soul spirit had yet to fully recover, and so he fell down with arms around his head. Again, he nearly lost consciousness because of unbearable pain.

"This hellish place is so dangerous!"

It took Jiang Yi five minutes to be able to sit up. Cold sweat continued to drip down from his forehead. Muscles on his face and body shivered gently.

The trauma to his soul spirit was not completely healed yet and was exacerbated now. Injuries of the soul spirit could not be treated simply by elixirs; he had to wait for it to heal slowly.
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