Fury Towards The Burning Heaven Chapter 742

743 Lone Wolf And The Others.. Escaped

On the second afternoon, Lu Ping summoned Jiang Yi and told him clearly that it was impossible to host a wedding banquet at White Dragon City; and it was impossible for Jiang Xiaonu to be the First Wife. Lu Lin had expressed his willingness to host a banquet in Sky Thunder City, and he would personally invite reputable Young Masters and Young Ladies from White Dragon City to witness this event, which was already giving Jiang Yi a lot of face.

Jiang Yi still looked very disappointed and said that Jiang Xiaonu had yet to agree and required more time. Lu Ping indicated that it was fine, but this matter had to be settled in two weeks. She even stated that once this matter was completed, she would be able to continue staying as the Sky Thunder City Lordess for another five more years. When that time came, she would be able to continue selling thunder stones with Jiang Yi and continued to rake in the profits.

Jiang Yi revealed an ecstatic expression and had been going back and forth from his courtyard and the city lord residence for the next few days. Finally, on the fifth day, they had fixed the marriage and were going to host the wedding one month later in Sky Thunder City.

Lu Lin was exalted as he immediately took his guards and left. Lu Yu didn't leave and would leisurely stay around in the city and would even occasionally observe the wonders in the thunder mountains and try to comprehend some dao patterns.

After Lu Yu left, the city regained its original serenity.

Jiang Yi brought Jiang Xiaonu to continue cultivating at the thunder mountains and excavate thunder stones. Feng Luan and Qian Wanguan resumed their normal activities and maintained the city's matters. Everything looked very normal. Lu Ping had also let out a breath of relief, and she didn't dare to offend Lu Lin and wanted to please him instead. Lu Lin had promised her that once this matter was done, she would still be the next Sky Thunder City Lordess.

Jiang Yi would seize the moment and excavate thunder stones during the day while he would enter the Union of Heaven and Man state to comprehend the final type of dao pattern.

His luck was rather good as he had finally achieved the entry stage for the final low-grade dao pattern in just sixteen days. The most difficult part in comprehending dao pattern was reaching the entry stage. It was rather smooth sailing for the latter part, and one would be able to comprehend the dao pattern with ease.

During this period of time, Qian Wanguan didn't carry out any transactions. Lu Ping had given the orders and said that the wedding was approaching, and there must not be any mishaps. Lu Ping's meaning was obvious: before the wedding… no one was to leave Sky Thunder City.

On the 19th day…!

Jiang Yi, who was seated on the thunder ridge, opened his eyes suddenly. He had successfully comprehended all nine types of low-grade dao pattern, and he simply lacked the final fusion part. His eyes were radiating with lightning which swept across the thunder mountains while revealed a trace of regret.

If he had more time, he would definitely be able to use the dao presence from the thunder mountains to fuse this high-grade dao pattern with ease. Without cultivating in the nearby vicinity of the thunder mountains, it would be much more troublesome to fuse this high-grade dao pattern.

The wedding was near at hand, and Jiang Yi had no choice but to give up on the fusion. He closed his eyes again to try comprehending that trace of dao presence carefully and engrave this dao presence deep into his mind. Despite the fact that he would gradually forget this feeling, he should still have a clear recollection in a short period of time and would definitely be of assistance during the fusion.

"Let's go!"

It was deep into the night. Jiang Yi flew up into the sky and withdrew the Thearch Palace into the ancient divine essence ring while he flew into the depths of the thunder ridge with lightning speed. Along the way, he was flying at his fastest speed and excavating thunder stones as soon as he saw it. After digging for an entire night, he flew towards the nearby vicinity of the thunder mountains at daybreak.

He used the Fire Spirit Pearl to constantly collect the Thunder Fire outside the thunder mountains and guide them into his body to refine it using the power of the Nine Heaven Stars. When his Fire Spirit Pearl was filled with the refined Thunder Fire, the sun had already illuminated the lands brightly. He collected all the thunder stones on the ground and took a deep look at the thunder mountains before flying towards Sky Thunder City.

"Chief Jiang!"

Along the way, he encountered the martial artists that were on the way to collect the thunder stones. Jiang Yi smiled and greeted them while flying straight for Sky Thunder City.

It was cold and cheerless in the city, and there weren't plenty of people around. Jiang Yi returned to his courtyard and saw that Feng Luan and Qian Wanguan were waiting for him in the hall. He asked in a heavy voice, "Is everything arranged?"


Qian Wanguan nodded. Jiang Yi then put the two into the Thearch Palace and went out. He then led some men to the city lord residence before he walked up to the second floor by himself.

Lu Ping had passionately received him and indicated that Lu Lin had already sent a message saying that he was on his way and would probably arrive by tonight or tomorrow. She also said that the wedding assembly had been set up, and even the nearby city lords would come over to spectate.

Jiang Yi expressed his gratitude repeatedly and discussed with Lu Ping for an entire afternoon before leaving at sunset.


Just as Jiang Yi left the city lord residence and arrived at his own courtyard, there was an intense spatial fluctuation that came suddenly from the thunder ridge. There was a thunderous dragon fluttering violently in the eastern sky while the weather had changed. A dreadful aura presence spread towards this place, and all the people in the city could feel it.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Lu Ping and the other peak-stage Heaven Monarch in the city lord residence immediately flew up to the sky, and so did the ten commanders of the city. Lu Ping roared with rage, "Which bastard dared to attack the thunder mountains? If the Thunder Gathering Array is destroyed, everyone in the city will have to die!"


Lu Ping and the other peak-stage Heaven Monarch turned into two streams of white light and burst towards the thunder mountains. The ten commanders' expression changed drastically and led their men to rush over there as well. Lu Ping was right. If the Thunder Gathering Array was destroyed, not only would all the slaves in the city have to die, but Lu Ping and the others would also have to die.

"Niu Deng, quickly bring some men and go check!"

Jiang Yi burst towards the sky and roared with rage. When Yang Dong and others soared to the sky, a black letter was shot out from Jiang Yi along with a transmitted message: "Check carefully before opening the sealed envelope!"

Yang Dong felt a little strange. Why didn't Jiang Yi go over himself when such a huge incident had happened? Why did Jiang Yi give him a sealed envelope? However, Jiang Yi had already given his orders, and Yang Dong didn't dare to defy and quickly flew to the thunder mountains with his men.


More than five minutes later, Jiang Yi suddenly flew towards the western city guard, and when he saw someone trying to obstruct him, he angrily rebuked with a stern expression, "Young Master Lin is here. I will go welcome him first. You lot immediately go report to City Lordess and ask her to check carefully before coming out of the city to welcome Young Master Lin."

"Oh, okay!"

There were no commanders at the city gates, and these low-rank guards were already intimidated by the incident at the thunder mountains. How would they dare to refute? They watched as Jiang Yi left in a daze while their minds were still hesitating, thinking why would Jiang Yi know that Young Master Lin was coming?


Jiang Yi was flying at full speed, and it took him just 15 minutes to fly out of Sky Thunder Island. Right at this moment, a sky-shaking roar echoed from the Sky Thunder City's direction. "Lone Wolf, you dare to flee? Even if you escape to the ends of the world, you will definitely be dead…"


Jiang Yi laughed loudly and poured his essence force into his voice and shouted, "City Lordess! Since you are heartless, then I can only be faithless. I advise that you better don't come chasing after me. Otherwise, you shall have to bear the consequences."

Chi! Chi!

Finishing his statement, Jiang Yi's hands lit up with white light as he ripped the spatial zone and executed the Heaven Evasion. He had already scouted the nearby vicinity, and there weren't any experts nearby. Lu Ping and the others were still far away, and they had no way to judge how Jiang Yi escaped.


The spatial zone shook a little, and the crack quickly fused back. As the wilderness restored its original state, Jiang Yi had vanished without a trace.

Swish! Swish!

Moments later, two black lights drew across the sky of Sky Thunder Island. Lu Ping and the other peak-stage Heaven Monarch had flown over with angered expressions. The two of them extended out their divine senses to their limits but were unable to find traces of Jiang Yi?

Swish! Swish! Swish!

The ten commanders led a group of guards and followed up quickly. There wasn't anything major that happened at the thunder mountains as it was merely two low-stage Vajra Realm experts attacking the thunder mountains which caused a backlash from Thunder Gathering Array. The two had already been killed by the thunderbolts, and Lu Ping only realized it when she hurried over. This was actually Jiang Yi's plan to lure her away from him.

Swish! Swish!

Right at this moment, there was a sky-piercing sound that came from the distant skies as dozens of luxurious carriages flew over rapidly. The one at the front was an impressive-looking Young Master, and if it wasn't Lu Lin, who else could it be?

The flying carriage quickly approached as Lu Lin knitted his brows and asked, "Aunt Lu, what happened? I felt an intensive spatial fluctuation from far away…"

When Lu Ping took a glance and saw countless flying carriages, only to realize that they were all the young masters and ladies from the major clans in White Dragon Archipelago. She had an expression that looked even worse than when her father had passed away. She clenched her teeth and spoke in a wailing voice, "Young Master Lin, this old one is useless. Lone Wolf and the others… escaped!"
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