Fury Towards The Burning Heaven Chapter 744

745 Illusion Moon Stone

Chi! Chi!

Jiang Yi quickly informed them as he wasn't a fool. The Thearch Palace flashed in his hand while Feng Luan appeared immediately and released her darkness dao pattern, enveloping the entire surroundings. At the same time, 36 soul swords appeared from his glabella and shot out like 36 blades of death.

Who knew if any heaven-defying experts were hiding in the nearby vicinity? Jiang Yi didn't dare to release his Thunder Fire which might immediately expose his identity. Moreover… he wasn't in the Sky Thunder Island anymore. It was best to use as little Thunder Fire as possible. Unless absolutely crucial, he wouldn't dare to use the Thunder Fire.

Pong! Pong! Pong! Pong!

This group of mountain bandits belonged to the smallest size of mountain bandit groups, which had only a single Heaven Monarch martial artist. How were they going to withstand against Jiang Y's soul swords? As the 36 red lights flew over—apart from that low-stage Heaven Monarch, the rest of them died after their soul spirits crumbled as they fell powerlessly.

That low-stage Heaven Monarch wanted to attack, but he felt a flash of red light in front of his eyes as six soul swords buried into his glabella. Then again, they simply hovered in his soul spirit sea and didn't attack.

This Heaven Monarch knelt down immediately and howled, "My lord, I surrender! Please don't kill me!"

Jiang Yi didn't want any soul slaves, and he didn't have a need for Heaven Monarchs of this class. Jiang Yi didn't kill him because he wanted to ask something. He asked in a heavy voice, "What is this place? Is there any large islands in the nearby vicinity?"

The Heaven Monarch replied quickly, "My lord. This place is the Blue Dragon Archipelago, and in a million miles to the south is the Blue Light Island."

"Blue Light Island?"

Jiang Yi nodded silently. Qian Wanguan had a map of the Gods Bestow Tribe, and he was quite knowledgeable towards the nearby surroundings. The Blue Light Island was considered a larger island in the Blue Dragon Archipelago. Theoretically, there should be a merchant association like the Red Sun Merchant Association on the island where he could ride the Heaven Fate Ship to head towards the Gods Bestow Island.

He paused for a moment and inquired again. "Is there any large merchant association in the Blue Light Island? Is there any Heaven Fate Ship which I can use to travel safely across the Blue Dragon Archipelago?"

"Yes, yes!" The Heaven Monarch nodded and replied, "In the northernmost seaside of the Blue Light Island, there is a giant mountain peak; and there is a black market called the Zither Fort. My lord can ride the Heaven Fate Ships there, which is the stronghold of Zither Moon Merchant Association."

"En, alright, you can die now!"

Jiang Yi spoke with a cold voice and controlled the six soul swords to smash into the Heaven Monarch's soul spirit. This Heaven Monarch was very weak and didn't have any countermeasures for soul spirit attacks. His soul spirit crumbled in just over a few dozen attacks. His body then fell powerlessly and splashed waves in the seawater at the bottom.


As the black cloud gradually faded, Feng Luan and Jiang Yi floated in mid-air. Jiang Yi then flew down to collect all the ancient divine essence rings and tossed them to Feng Luan before the duo flew towards the south.

It was reckoned that the Blue Light Island was very close, and the duo didn't encounter any more mountain bandits along the way. After flying for one hour, there was a giant island that appeared at the front. It was slightly smaller than the White Tiger Island, and the two of them could see a giant mountain peak in the distance.


The Thearch Palace flashed as Jiang Yi teleported Qian Wanguan and the Golden Flood Dragon out. He looked at Qian Wanguan and asked, "Wanguan, do you know of the Zither Moon Merchant Association?"

"Of course I know them!"

Qian Wanguan nodded and said, "That merchant association is much larger than the Red Sun Merchant Association. The Zither Moon Association is considered famous in the Gods Bestow Tribe. Boss, why are you asking this for?"

Jiang Yi pointed to the mountain peak at the front and said, "That mountain peak ahead might be the stronghold of the Zither Moon Merchant Association. We will go over and scout the place later on."


Qian Wanguan's eyes lit up. If it was truly the Zither Moon Merchant Association, it would truly be much safer for everything to journey to the Gods Bestow Island.

Swish! Swish!

Four figures burst through the sky while Jiang Yi used his divine senses to sweep the giant mountain peak ahead. However, he couldn't notice anything; and it was obvious that the mountain peak had a powerful illusion zone.

Jiang Yi closed his eyes and entered the Union of Heaven and Man state. As expected, he discovered a slight restriction ripple ahead. He opened his eyes and shouted, "Let's go!"

The trio followed Jiang Yi and flew to the top of the mountain peak. This mountain peak was over three kilometers tall, and one of the sides was by the sea. As the torrential waves crashed onto the cliffs, it would let out the sound of raging waves.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Once Jiang Yi and his group approached the mountain peak, a few dozen Heaven Monarchs flew out after a white flash of light. One of the middle-stage Heaven Monarchs shouted, "Halt. This is the Zither Fort, unrelated people aren't allowed inside."

Jiang Yi and the others paused in the air while Qian Wanguan smiled and flew over to converse with the middle-stage Heaven Monarch. Just a short moment later, Qian Wanguan waved to Jiang Yi and others while saying, "Boss, we can enter now."

"Let's go!"

As everyone flew forward, there was a white flash which was followed by a drastic change in scenery. The mountain peak was filled with neat and orderly small castles that were surrounded by beautiful scenery like a rooftop garden.

"Boss, this side!"

Qian Wanguan led the way and brought everyone into a small castle. Once he entered, he spoke excitedly, "Boss, the Zither Moon Merchant Association has Heaven Fate Ships that can bring us directly to the Gods Bestow Island. However, the price is a little more expensive, and it will arrive one day later."

"No, we are not going to the Gods Bestow Island!"

Jiang Yi shook his head and said, "We will go to the Black Dragon Archipelago first then detour to the Gods Bestow Island. I reckon that Lu Lin and the others would be obstructing us outside the Gods Bestow Island. If he was leading the people there, the Zither Moon Merchant Association will not give us any face. He is a Young Master of the 13 Clans."

"Boss' thinking makes sense!"

Qian Wanguan pondered for a moment and agreed. "Then we will ride the Heaven Fate Ship to leisurely travel around the Gods Bestow Tribe, and find a small city to reside in for about a year. Lu Lin's men couldn't possibly be waiting outside the Gods Bestow Island forever, right? Furthermore, if we are to constantly switch Heaven Fate Ships, Lu Lin and his men will never be able to find us. En… Boss and the others rest up first. I will go and find information before deciding our travel route."


Jiang Yi nodded. He then let Jiang Xiaonu and Qing Yu out to avoid worrying them. The rest of the people rested in the main hall while Qian Wanguan returned after half a day. Once Qian Wanguan returned, he grinned and laughed. "Boss, I got a few brilliant stuff."

"What is that?"

Jiang Yi's brows raised up while Qian Wanguan's body flashed with white light as he turned drastically into a delicate and pretty beauty. When Jiang Yi and others saw it, they got goosebumps.

"No… this is just a diversion!"

Jiang Yi extended out his divine senses and noticed something hazy on Qian Wanguan's body. He should have relied on some treasure to change his outer appearance.


Qian Wanguan's body flashed with white light again as he turned into a middle-aged man. He grinned and said, "Boss, I got a few Illusion Moon Stone which can put up a small illusion zone around the body. As long as the opposition isn't a martial artist with a powerful soul spirit or a high-stage Heaven Monarch, no one will be able to see through our real appearance."

"This is indeed great stuff!"

Jiang Yi nodded with silent approval. This world truly possessed brilliant wonders. He received one of the black-colored stones from Qian Wanguan and refined it easily by revolving his essence force around it. With a thought in his mind, his body flashed with white light. There weren't any changes to his body, but Feng Luan and the others saw Jiang Yi turn into an old and gray-haired elderly.

"This thing is a little expensive, and I only bought three of them. Big Sister Feng should refine one, too. In the future, when the three of us venture out, Xiaonu, Big Sister Qing, and the Golden Flood Dragon should stay inside the Thearch Palace."

Jiang Yi handed one of the stones to Feng Luan, and Qian Wanguan started to explain. "Boss, I have already decided on the travel route. We will ride the Heaven Fate Ship tomorrow and switch to another ship at the Blue Soil Island which heads towards the Black Dragon Archipelago. It will bring us straight to the Black Dragon City where we will depart using the teleportation array. Once we reach the Black Sun City which is at the south of the Black Dragon Archipelago, we will ride another Heaven Fate Ship which will bring us to the Purple Dragon Archipelago. Finally, we will reside in the Purple Jade City in the Purple Dragon Archipelago for half a year…"

"Alright, alright. You just have to make the arrangements with Feng'er!"

Jiang Yi got dizzy from all the listening. Qian Wanguan and Feng Luan were much more knowledgeable about the Gods Bestow Tribe than him. There would definitely be no problems if they were the ones making the arrangement.

"We still don't have enough celestial stones. It seems like we have to find ways to hunt some mountain bandits when we reach the Purple Dragon Archipelago!"

Jiang Yi's mind was thinking of another matter. They already didn't have enough celestial stones, and before they left, he even gave Yang Dong and the others 100 million celestial stones while the cost of this journey was also very expensive. When they settled down in a small city, he had to find ways to get celestial stones; otherwise, they would never meet the requirements to stay in Gods Bestow City.

"Gods Bestow City!"

When thinking about Gods Bestow City, Jiang Yi's heart was apprehensive and excited. He wondered what else would happen after he went to the Gods Bestow City.
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