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  • Gacha Sovereign

  • Genres : Weak to Strong -  level up
  • Status : Ongoing
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Gacha Sovereign summary:

Alexander Sirius, a loser, his parents hated him and his genius sister beat him. In school he never have a good grades, teachers and schoolmates scorn him even his girlfriend cheat him with his best friend.He was transported to another world, he still a loser. When everyone abandon him.[HOST HAVE GACHA SYSTEM] "Okay, what can you do?" [GACHA] "Only gacha? there are no missions? reward like godly pills or overpower techniques?" [ONLY GACHA HOST] "You are pretty useless system aren't you?" [THERE IS NO USELESS SYSTEM, ONLY USELESS HOST]That is the mark of a Journey of a 'loser' and a 'useless' system.

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Gacha Sovereign Chapters

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