Gate Guardian Song Of The Frozen Soul Book 1 Chapter 75

Volume 1 Chapter 75 A Furry Date


The next day, after the classes ended, I was kidnapped by girls in pink dresses. They even covered my face with a sack and then dragged me to a four-wheeled vehicle. The next time I know it is that I'm in a girly dressing room, and I am already in a black American suit with red necktie.

The Idol Club is the culprit. These girls know nothing but trouble...

"Taaadaaaa~" One of the Idol Club girls said. "How do our arrogant prince like his new look?"

I stood up and looked at every angle of my pretty body in front of a large mirror. "I always look good."

"Righty then!" Suddenly, four Idols locked arms with me. "The date shall now commence!" They shouted in sync and led me to the school exit.

There, a maiden with a pure white dress is waiting for me. She was an ideal Japanese beauty, with snow-white skin and alluring rosy cheeks. She has this cute white ribbon attached at the back of her head. Her aura is so breathtaking.

...I've never seen Tiara dressed for a date before...



Both of us stared at each other like dramatic lovers who just met up after years of not seeing each other. Our faces are filled with pinkish-red tint.

Suddenly, somebody removed the atmosphere between us; a gentle tap on my left shoulder, followed by a slightly annoying voice.

"Go forth and multiply~" Miss Awane said to me.

"M-M-M-Miss Awane!" Tiara shrieked. "S-S-Stop it!"


We had our exclusive dinner in a five-star restaurant. There are a lot of people dressed gorgeously here as if they were aristocrats. My suit and Tiara's dress blended in fully in this kind of atmosphere.

Right now, we are having a luxurious steak. Our table is brightened by expensive candles, and right beside me is a violinist who keeps on producing romantic music. This could be the most perfect dinner, if and only if the steak I'm having is not as hard as the shell of Tarrasque.

Tiara must have noticed that I'm having trouble slicing my meal, so she sliced one of hers and put a forkful of beef in front of my face.

"Here, Rikkun. Say aaaaaah~"

I couldn't be choosy. I'm quite hungry so I grabbed the meat with my mouth. The barbecue-and-gravy mixed flavor of the steak is really good, and the tenderness of the beef is a lot better than what I got on my plate.

She pulled my dish to her side. I thought she's going to eat my meal (considering how dead-hungry she has always been) but I was mistaken. She began slicing it like butter and then offered more bite-sized meat in front of me. I guess her strength as a Gate Guardian comes in handy in eating hard steak, huh?

"I-I'll feed you, Rikkun… Just stay still… Here, say aaaah~"

I was wary of my class rep, so I looked around first. There's no way students like us would hang out in this expensive place. I gulped and swallowed all my pride along with the meat.

I just remembered that this is a date, and I'm ought to enjoy this. Besides, Tiara is so thoughtful... and kind... and beautiful.

"Aaaaah…" I opened up my mouth wide, and when the meat touched my tongue, I proceed to chew it gently.

Suddenly, Tiara smiled brightly, exposing her reddish cheeks. "You're like a puppy!" Then she chuckled like a princess.

She got me blushing there!

Is it just me or Tiara is a lot more aggressive right now!?


After that luxurious meal, we spent an hour in a karaoke. I'm not a fan of singing, but Tiara insisted. This silly girl just wanted to hear me sing.

I don't want you readers to know how I sing either, so let's skip this scene. Let's jump to the aftermath.

"W-Wow, Rikkun! Y-You're so…. terrible… Ahaahaha!" Tiara scratched her head and made a sorry smile as she witnessed my karaoke score. "I… I thought you're singing the national anthem..."

"I told you before, that is my worst." I said as I browsed the scoreboard on the screen.

Tiara's score goes around 98, 99, or even 100. She certainly gives the best score in town. While I…. I've sung five songs already and if you add all points, my total score is just 15.

I know I sing terrible, but it's my voice right now is way worse because of the distraction. Tiara has a super talent on displaying her assets. She has been crossing her legs, exposing her shiny white thighs. Those things are my kryptonite! If she's trying to seduce me, she already won. I'm just trying hard to resist.

Next song will be Tiara's turn, but she just ignored the music and didn't start. Instead, she jumped on another topic as she pushed her face towards mine. She's looking away, probably embarrassed on the words she's going to say.

"U-Ummm... Thanks for taking up the offer Rikkun… I-I know it's very bad of me to cheat on that quiz, but I… I'm not comfortable in having a date with other guys. B-Besides, I always feel secure and relaxed when I'm with you…."

"D-Don't mention it…" I said with blushing cheeks. I deeply sighed and calmed myself down. And then I patted her head like a good girl. "I can always do you a favor. Just call me, and I'll be there."

"R-Rikkun…" Her puppy eyes are on the verge of crying. "Thank you…"

She pumped herself up and wiped her tears. In a blink of an eye, all her courage went up. "I'll definitely repay your kindness to me! S-So as a prize, I'll be your slave!"

"W-What!?" I was dumbfounded.

"I-I'll do everything you want! Just like when we played Master and Slave back then! I'll sing and dance on one foot while stripping in front of you!"

"I won't do that embarrassing play again!" I shrieked.

Suddenly, Tiara settled down and kneeled in front of me. "S-So what should I do to repay you, Rikkun? T-That's the only thing I can think of..."

I quite pity this girl. She's trying too hard to be closer to me. Come to think of it, she's quite forceful these past few days. I know that she has some kind of lewd romantic feelings for me, but this is quite excessive. Is she worried about the ?

Whatever. I'll just satisfy her fetish on being a slave. Besides, I do have some dirty desires on her too.

"F-Fine…" I sighed. "I'll be your master, and you will be my slave just for this hour."

"R-Really!?" Tiara's face brightened. Behind that innocent face is a monstrous masochist!

"Y-Yes." I covered half of my face with my hand in an attempt to hide my expression. "By the power of your Master's command, I ask you, Tiara Hikari, to be my lap pillow!"

"Woof!" She barked obediently as she sat beside me. Then she grabbed my head until my left ear bumped on her bouncy soft thighs.

As I thought, the lap of a beautiful Japanese maiden is the best cushion in the world. I want to have these thighs as my pillow on my own funeral.

Furthermore, I have this glamorous view of her burgers from under. This is why I love thigh pillows. They give you the perfect angle for everything.

Tiara then grabbed the mic and continued to sing while caressing my head. After a few moments, a white fluffy fox tail appeared and wrapped my body like a blanket. She materialized one of her silver fox tails just to make me comfortable. With this pillow and warm furry tail-blanket, together with her lullaby songs, I could sleep eternally in peace.

My consciousness was about to drift away but then I was awakened by a cute cry.

"Eeeeeek!" It was Tiara. "D-Don't hug it too tight, Rikkun… I'm quite sensitive there…."

That's when I realized that I have locked my legs and arms on her fluffy white fox tail. I never knew that she's ticklish on this part.

A devilish idea went to my brain.

"Oh really? What can you do about it?" Then I caressed her sensitive tail with my malicious fingers. I massaged it non-stop, and I do hit the bullseye on her sensitive spots.

"Aaaaaah! N-Not there, Rikkun! P-P-Please stop! I'm begging you! Aaa-Aaaah! D-Don't! Stop! Kyaaaah!"

Tiara was so helpless that all she can do is cry! This shrine maiden's m.o.a.ns are a lot noisier than the karaoke itself!

Suddenly, the door of the room opened. "What's the problem!?" The receptionist girl was alarmed by the horny shouts of that perverted maiden!

I the nick of time, Tiara was able to dematerialize her white tail and then proceeded to slam my face on the wall. Then she made an excuse that made us misunderstood.

"Rikkun didn't put it in!" Tiara cried.

"W-What 'put it in'?" The receptionist was certainly blushing. "Listen, I know you guys are being lovey-dovey but please, get a hotel room!"

"I-I'm sorry about that!" Tiara bowed politely.

There's still a Part 2 of this date, and I'm beat already.

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