Gate Guardian Song Of The Frozen Soul Book 2 Chapter 200

Volume 2 Chapter 200 The Lucky Typhoon


This is the promised day.

No, it's not what you think. This is not the day where we exchange our wedding vows to each other. Rikkun and I are still a senior high school couple, and it's too inappropriate to think like that! (Although I really really really want to marry him since I've been waiting for this day for a million years).

Rikkun and I had a promise. We said to ourselves that we will see the fireworks at the Dradecim Festival again after all the problems have been solved. Technically, all of the problems have been solved except in matters of the twelve God Cores. We still have about four months left, and that's plenty of time to find the last one.

That is why we ought to enjoy the event in full extent.

But no.

Sometimes, when the universe and destiny conspired against you, no matter how hard you try, you wouldn't get what you want. But that doesn't mean that you should give up. There is always some better alternatives that fate will surprisingly give you.


Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.

It's almost seven o'clock in the silent evening. The only noise I can hear is the clock ticking as if it's tranquility before a storm.

I'm alone in my condo unit. Key-chan said that she will be staying overnight in Helena's house because they'll be playing ranked Mobage game until dawn.

I'm currently waiting for Rikkun because it's the promised day. We will be seeing fireworks tonight to reminisce our childhood memory from the first timeline, so I made lots of effort just to look good. Actually, I have spent the whole afternoon testing twelve dresses in the mirror, worried about my appearance.

I have made my mind to wear a cute long white dress and a country straw hat. I know Rikkun loves my purity and innocence, so I'm sure he'll blush the whole night if he saw me like this.

Ding Dong! The doorbell rings.

As soon as I opened the door, a handsome man presented himself. He's wearing a comfortable buttoned polo-shirt and green shorts, with semi-formal leather shoes. He also has his blue jacket hanging on his arms.

"G-Good evening, darling." Rikkun blushed as his emerald eyes targeted mine.

"G-Good evening too, Rikkun…" I returned the same stuttering greeting.

"Shall we go now?" My boyfriend asked.

"Yes~" I nodded with an innocent smile.


The streetlamps are shining bright, lighting our way to this uncrowded street. Unlike most evenings, the city is quite busy at night because everybody is celebrating the festival.

We're walking hand-in-hand together like all official couple would be. Actually, there's a lot of couples around doing the same thing. Dradecim Festival is known for a great date event for lovers after all.

"Hey, what should we do first before the fireworks display?" Rikkun asked. "I don't want to karaoke again like last time."

"Why?" I pretended to be clueless, tilting my head.

"My voice sucks!" Rikkun curled his eyebrows as he continued to complain. "And you'll criticize my singing again!"

I made a forced smile. Yeah, I really make fun of Rikkun whenever he sings. All my side comments about his voice are heart-piercing in a painful way.

Actually, his voice is not bad... It's really bad.

"So, what should we do now?" Rikkun asked again.

"Let's eat until the fireworks~" I made a smile.

"Tiara…" Rikkun scratched his head. "There's roughly four hours before the fireworks display. Are we-"

"Then we'll eat for four hours!" I jollily exclaimed.

Rikkun couldn't do anything but to force a smile.


It's been an hour now.

I have lots of empty plates on our table, and there are still three plates of barbecue, sweet corn, and roasted squid bathed with special maple syrup. I already finished the extra jumbo bucket ramen and four boxes of milky graham balls, and yet my stomach is still half full. But I think I'll get stuffed if I continue to eat for an hour.

Meanwhile, Rikkun is already finished. He's just watching me eat like a pig as if he's amused. Wait, do I really eat like a pig?

I halted my chomping as I asked my smirking boyfriend. "H-Hey, Rikkun… Do I eat like a pig?"

"No." Rikkun maintained his smile. "You eat like a bear that just woke up from hibernation."

I held my chest and sighed. I'm relieved that I don't look like a pig while eating. I haven't seen a bear eating after hibernation, but considering that it's a bear, I think he considers me cute as a stuffed toy.

I continued devouring our meals. Suddenly, we saw some people from the stalls packing their things in a hurry.

"Hey young couple." The stall owner where we're eating caught our attention. "You may want to finish all those meals sooner. The typhoon is coming."

"W-What?" Rikkun exclaimed.

I immediately swallowed all the unchewed food on my mouth. "A typhoon!? That's horrible! How about the fireworks display?" I said.

"The fireworks display is canceled." The stall owner said with a frown.


That's so unfortunate! The fireworks display for this festival is special and only comes once in a year! It's really unlucky for all of us that a typhoon is coming!

"H-Hey, Rikkun. Freyr is the god of fair weather, right? Right? Please use your powers to stop the typhoon!!!" I grabbed my boyfriend's hand as I begged.

"W-Well, you see…" Rikkun scratched his head with a troubled look. "Asumi told me that they have to purify the God Core of Freyr because it was exposed to Helena's curse. So as of now, I don't have it."

I called Miss Ayano's phone so that she can give us the God Core immediately, but I completely forgot that the shrine has bad receptions. There is also no way we can reach Heightsburg in time. Besides, the firecrackers have been evacuated already.

"...Auuu…" There's nothing left for me to do but to cry.


It would be bad if we got ambushed by the typhoon on the way so we left the festival immediately.

The wind is now blowing so hard that it makes a stream of a loud heavenly whistle. The dark silhouettes of the trees are swaying. Some leaves started to fly. But there's no rain yet. With this strong gusts of wind, there's no telling on what may happen if the fireworks display went on at this event.

Thankfully, we reached my condo safe and sound.

"Thank God that I finally got home before the typhoon." I made a deep sigh. Then, I removed the blue jacket that my boyfriend lent to me.

"Yeah," Rikkun said as he hung the jacket on his right shoulder. "But unfortunately, we will miss the fireworks display this year."

I shook my head and gave him a smile. "No, it's okay. There's still New Year fireworks. We'll just wait a few more months."

"Right." Rikkun patted my head. "I promise, we'll see the fireworks display for New Years."

Rikkun looked at the wall clock and realized that it's quarter to eleven. He gazed to the window, only to realize that the downpour is starting.

"Looks like I really have to go home quick, Tiara." He said as he wore his jacket.

"R-Rikkun!" I held my chest as I uttered a worried tone. "Are you sure? It's dangerous outside! You may be strong, but you can still get colds!"

"No, I'm fine." Rikkun smiled. "Can I borrow your umbrella?"

I lent him my old-fashioned Japanese umbrella made from bamboo wood. Now he's all set to go home.

But when he opened the door, we were astounded. This is not just your regular typhoon... It's like a whirlwind! Some roof tiles are now flying. Twigs, branches, plastic bags, newspapers and even bald cats are now being lifted by the powerful air pressure!


As soon as Rikkun opened the umbrella, it flew away like a UFO, never to be seen again. The neverending downpour showered upon my poor boyfriend, and now he's drenched with rainwater.

"I-It looks like I have to stay overnight here, Tiara." Rikkun forced a smile.

Staying overnight, alone with my boyfriend, in this warm and cozy condo unit…

Something is bound to happen.

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