Gate Guardian Song Of The Frozen Soul Book 2 Chapter 203

Volume 2 Chapter 203 The Only Date That Gets Me Annoyed


After that scene from that eat-all-fried-food-you-can restaurant, I fled to my condo. I sulked at the corner of the living room, covering my face and hugging my knees. I'm embarrassed that I did that to my very own father in front of so many people.

But I keep justifying to myself that he deserves that punch.

"That idiot… He remembers that mother is a witch, but he didn't even carve on his memories her name. He didn't even bother to save mother from the burning stake. I was fatherless for more than ten years, never knowing that he's just nearby, avoiding me. And he calls himself my father…"

Tears continued to flow from my eyes due to overwhelming emotions. I don't even know what to feel. Am I sad? Angry? Annoyed? Happy? I don't know!

Suddenly, I heard faint beeping sounds that came from a handheld gaming console. I just noticed that Key is in the same living room. She's sitting on the sofa while busily playing her game the whole time. I didn't even notice her when I entered the room because I'm focused on my own emotional dilemma.

Our adorable homunculus paused her game and glanced at me.

"Tiara… What's wrong? Did you do something embarrassing again?" Key asked in a monotone. "You always sulk like that whenever you made an awkward scene."

"Y-Yes, Key-chan. I made an awkward scene." I bowed. "I finally met him... I finally met my father. But he's acting like he's not one. And he's really making me mad."

"You should be grateful, right?" Key-chan adorably tilted her head. But she projected a frown. "You should be thankful that you have finally seen your biological father. With your twin brother back to normal, you can finally reunite your family."

"K-Key-chan…" I held my aching chest.

"Homunculus persons like me don't have biological parents. All I know that I was created by Doctor Goldcliffe, a Cursed Guardian that died years ago during the Phoenix Incident. I never had the chance to meet my creator, so I don't have much of an idea to my origin. But you… You now have your father. You said that one of your wishes is to reunite your family, right? And it has been granted. That is the final step you can take to have your dream come to reality."

Key-chan is so smart even without the aid of her Goddess Core. All I thought is that she's just a logical robot that makes an idiot to every people around her. Now she can raise morale with words that you can never argue.

But still… I can't overlook my father for just forgetting my mother's name.

Ding Dong!

Ding Dong!

The doorbell rings.

When I opened the front door, I saw the man I love for millions of timelines. My prince charming's smile made him a lot more welcome to my home.

Moreover, he seems to be carrying those unfinished chicken wings and popsicles on take-out. He even bought three frappes for all of us.

"Here. This might cool your head a bit." Rikkun smiled.

His smile is enough for me to cool down.

We had a happy dinner together with Key-chan. It's happy because nobody brought the "Father Issue Topic" on the dining table. We just had a friendly and nice chat with the three of us.

I quickly forgot about my father's absurdity last afternoon. I slept with peace in mind.


The next day is Saturday. Rikkun scheduled a romantic date for this day, but nobody told me that the most annoying person in the world planned to ruin our date.

The doorbell rang. When I opened the door, Rikkun surprised me with a bouquet of roses. It's not just your regular flowers, it's bacon! That's right, it's bacon roses! This is the most romantic flower ever!

"D-Did you make this? Thank you, Rikkun!" I said as I immediately chomped down the bouquet.

"Actually…" Rikkun forced a smile. "Somebody taught me how to do it."

"Who?" I tilted my head.

"It's a secret!" Rikkun adorably kissed his index finger with a blush. "I won't tell you even if you punch me."

"...Auuu…" I groaned. "Rikkun is such a bully."

"Haha! Fine, I'll tell you later." Rikkun laughed. "I'll even teach you how to craft one."

I didn't say "Thank You" to him. I just made a kiss to my handsome and sweet boyfriend's cheek. Then I locked arms with him and we proceeded to walk side by side at the corridor of my condo unit.

We originally planned this date to visit the Zoo near the town proper of Dradecim to watch some monkeys, pandas, lions, and elephants, but it seems that there are some changes on the plan.

"Hey, Tiara. Mind if we get a detour first?" Rikkun asked.

"Sure~" I made an innocent smile. "Where would you want to go?"

"It's not where. I want you to meet someone." Rikkun said.


We went to the Evenstouch Restaurant in Heightsburg. It's not the same party-club pub as the last time I came here. It's actually decent like the normal five-star restaurant you can see in those sassy television dramas. They serve grandiose Italian Cuisine while giving the customers a serving of their sweet violin music.

When the butler saw us, he immediately caught our attention."Are you Miss Hikari? Come, I have reserved a VIP room for you."

Rikkun and I, alone in a VIP room? I'm quite excited! I can't believe I'll be getting a private romantic scene again with my boyfriend! Will we play master and dog again, or grope my b.r.e.a.s.t like there's no tomorrow? I can't wait!

When we entered the room, the dream private VIP room that was on my mind faded. I'm no longer excited.

I am disappointed.

I'm not complaining about the actual VIP room. In fact, it exceeded my expectations. The room is filled with romantic red curtains, candle-light chandeliers, and rose petals on the white floor. There is a red round table at the center, and the seat is for two people only. The food serving is also satisfying; there's already delicious steak and expensive soup ready to eat in the table.

What made me disappointed is the person standing at the side of the table. It was Frederick. He's well dressed in a black suit and white sleeves inside. He's even holding a bacon-rose. It seems like these two boys set this meeting up.

"Since you failed to introduce yourselves to each other yesterday, we are here to try again," Rikkun said.

At that moment, my father approached me with a smile on his face. Rikkun forced us to shake hands together as he dubbed the introductions.

"Darling, this is Frederick Solstice, your father. Mister Solstice, this is Tiara Hikari, your daughter."

"Nice to meet you." Frederick made a smile to me and bowed.

I kept my mouth shut and executed silence. I bowed to hide my facial expression.

I can't believe that my very boyfriend has betrayed me. I know that his intentions are good, and he's even trying hard to break his character just for us father and daughter to settle.

But no. I can't forgive my father.

Not yet.

"Tiara?" Rikkun asked. He must have felt my aura of anger again as he began stuttering just by talking to me. "I-I-I'm sorry if I set you up. A-A-Are you perhaps… angry?"

"I'm annoyed." I gave a quick answer.

"Hi, annoyed. I'm Dad." Frederick, clueless as he could be, shook my hand with a clean smile on his face.

… But I kept my silence. My eyes are hiding behind my bangs.

"M-Mister Solstice. I told you to become humorous, but not to that extent." Rikkun forced a smile as he softly whispered to Frederick. "But that's a good punchline!"

"I told you, I'm a good comedian!" Frederick replied.

Then the two most relevant persons in my life laughed in sync as if they really get along.

Steam rises up to my brains. It melted my limiters, and now, I unleashed a swift right hook straight to my father's cheek!

"Pwahak!!!" Frederick cried as he got his upper body buried on the floor. A normal person could have died from that punch, but I know he's a Gate Guardian. I know it will take a little more to kill him, so I didn't hold back.

"YOU'RE ANNOYING MEEEE!!!" I roared like a lion. "Stop pestering me, Frederick! I won't accept you as my father anymore!"

"Ooooof!" Frederick has successfully pulled himself out from the underground. He shook his head and held his aching red right cheek. "You're really beautiful and strong, just like Yukiko."

That triggered me more. He has no right to say my mother's name! He has forgotten it, so he has no right to say that name! I made three steps forward, charging my right fist with flames.

"T-T-T-T-Tiara…" Rikkun blocked me when he noticed that I'm planning to deliver the killing blow to my father.

"Grrrrrr!" I made a killing stare at my boyfriend.

In return, Rikkun shrieked a girly "Eeeeek!" sound. His toes are now shaking.

"Frederick Solstice!" I angrily pointed my index finger at my father, who is now dead in my perception. "I want to fight you! Let's have a duel!"

"...A duel?" Frederick had his eyes wide.

"Yes, a duel!" I growled. "There's no stakes involved! I just want to beat your ass up!"

"T-T-Tiara! Calm down!" Rikkun attempted to stop me again.

"I AM CALM, YOU ARROGANT BASTARD!!!" I shouted to my shaking boyfriend. Then I shifted my gaze back to Frederick. I cracked my fist which let out a small shockwave and a slight earthquake. "NOW LET'S FIGHT!!!"

Once I have set my mind on something, I will never give up. That's my resolve and determination.

"F-Fine." Frederick bowed. "I'll take you on. Let's have a father-and-daughter duel."

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