Gate Of God Chapter 1026

Chapter 1026 The Recorded Truth Of The Ancient Secret

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“How did this shameless brat manage to recognize all these symbols? Exactly how did he manage to do that?” Yun Qingwu knew that Fang Zhengzhi managed to make a lucky guess again.

Xuanyuan Five!

The name of the Golden Dragon was really Xuanyuan Five!

Yun Qingwu was intelligent. She had guessed that the Golden Dragon’s identity was definitely extraordinary.

She asked the question previously because of the records in “An Ancient Handwritten Letter”.

That was because, in the ancient times, the Five-clawed Golden Dragon became Emperor Huang Xuanyuan’s good friend and hence became its family.

If the golden dragon in front of them had the surname Xuanyuan, it could be proven to be the Five-clawed Golden Dragon who was with Emperor Huang Xuanyuan in the past.

However, she did not expect that…

Fang Zhengzhi would have such a deep understanding of the past. He was able to deduce the identity of the golden dragon just by the word “Xuanyuan”.

Then, he managed to take action.

“Shameless!” Yun Qingwu could only curse in her heart as no matter whether she was willing to accept it or not, she was unable to get rid of the restrictions put on the Golden Dragon.

IN fact, only Fang Zhengzhi was able to understand the symbols on the wordless Stone Tablet and successfully get rid of the restrictions put on the Golden Dragon.

Surprisingly, Fang Zhengzhi did not answer the Golden Dragon’s question.

That was because he got intrigued by the content of the Wordless Stone Tablet.

The content was…

The biography of Emperor Huang Xuanyuan!

“This is really the tomb of Emperor Huang Xuanyuan!” Even though Fang Zhengzhi had correctly guessed it earlier on, he was still very shocked after verifying the truth.

After all, he was Emperor Huang Xuanyuan!

The first person in the world to be crowned an emperor.

Fang Zhengzhi felt even more shocked as he read on as the contents were completely different from historical records and the legendary stories.

However, he was sure about one thing.

Both Emperor Yan and Emperor Huang did not pass away in the Cosmic Disaster. Both of them survived it and established the society of humankind.

The two characters in the legends had immense powers. One could imagine how quickly the human population flourished under their rule.

The Stone Tablet recorded what happened to Emperor Huang after the Cosmic Disaster.

“The society of humankind was established and he became the well-respected Emperor…”

“Yan… His emotions seemed to be a little odd. For some reason, the relationship between Gu and Yan became more detached as time passed by. Could it be that Yan was still blaming Gu for his actions?”


Fang Zhengzhi continued reading. The words on the Stone Tablet were simple and short. However, he still needed a long time to translate them.

Moreover, it became more difficult towards the back as though the person who wrote it was too exhausted to continue.

However, as Fang Zhengzhi was well-trained in historical literature, he had no problems understanding the content.

He could roughly understand it.

It should be narrating about how after dozens of years of reign, Emperor Huang became more distant to Emperor Yan and even had some quarrels with him, thereby causing Emperor Yan to escape to the forest.

After that, he realized that their strain in the relationship resulted in a war.

At this point in time…

Emperor Huang felt that it may lead to a second Great War but as the society of Humankind was just established, it was definitely unable to withstand the torture of war.

Therefore, Emperor Huang looked for Emperor Yan and initiated a negotiation with a list of terms.

After that negotiation, their strained relationship became normal again.

That was followed by ten days of drinking…

After ten days, they remembered the “clues” left behind by Mother Earth and began to look for the path that led to the galaxy according to the will of Mother Earth.

The records stopped here.

Perhaps Emperor Huang did not want to record down how the two of them collaborated and how they managed to find the path that led to the galaxy.

However, judging from the outcomes…

The galaxy had really been opened once.

“I see.” Although there were no records, Fang Zhengzhi could roughly figure out that Emperor Huang Xuanyuan had managed to enter the galaxy.

However, he did not return.

As for…

Why did Emperor Huang Xuanyuan not return and what happened after that, there were no records on the Stone Tablet. There was only a brief mention about the Five-Clawed Golden Dragon Xuanyuan Five towards the end.

“It was indeed sealed up. However, the condition to free it required… the power of Emperor Yan?! What on earth?!” Fang Zhengzhi felt that it was ridiculous.

Based on his assumption, something must had happened to the collaboration between Emperor Huang Xuanyuan and Emperor Yan.

It was most probably because Emperor Yan had given Emperor Huang Xuanyuan a…

Wait a minute!


If Emperor Huang Xuanyuan died in the galaxy, then Emperor Yan would have succeeded. If he had succeeded, then the descendants of Emperor Yan should have become respected by the world.

In that case, why was Nangong Mu still completing his mission?

Something was wrong.

Emperor Huang Xuanyuan did not blame Emperor Yan at all in the records. In fact, he trusted Emperor Yan.

That meant that there was nothing wrong with their plan and collaboration.

The thing that went wrong was the second part of the plan.

Emperor Yan did not follow Emperor Huang after he entered the galaxy world? And yet the descendants of Emperor Yan was able to open the galaxy world as their mission…


Something was wrong.

Enter the galaxy, open the galaxy, mission…

“Could it be that the truth of the plan was… to let Emperor Huang enter the galaxy and put Emperor Yan responsible for welcoming Emperor Huang back!” Fang Zhengzhi was stunned.

It was as though he had uncovered a terrifying secret.

That’s right.

Emperor Yan and Emperor Huang had established their friendship in the battlefield. Even if they had some conflicting opinions, they would never end up becoming enemies.

“I see, I see!” Fang Zhengzhi finally figured it out.

The so-called mission of the descendants of Emperor Yan was not to be respected by the world but rather to open the galaxy and welcome Emperor Huang Xuanyuan back.

However, something went wrong with the passing down of this mission.

After Emperor Huang Xuanyuan entered the galaxy, Emperor Yan did not eye for the position of becoming the respected individual. Instead, he put in the effort to reopen the galaxy to welcome Emperor Huang back.

Even after his death…

He passed this mission on to his descendants.

Everything made sense now.

Emperor Yan planted a Tree of God and passed down the Blood Offering Illustration. Besides that, he left behind a “Heaven-Receiving Door” that connected to the galaxy world.

At the Heaven Dao Pavilion, Nangong Hao had once used the bloodline of Tian Xing, the ex-sect leader of the Nine Pinnacles Mountain to forcefully open the Heaven-Receiving Door and a path to the galaxy.

The Heaven-Receiving Door was meant to receive Emperor Huang Xuanyuan.

After Nangong Hao exited from the Heaven-Receiving Door, the tomb of Emperor Huang Xuanyuan and the Black Stone Palace arrived in the current world.

However, after thousands of years, Emperor Huang Xuanyuan had already died in the galaxy and the Black Stone Palace was wrecked.

“No wonder the breath of Emperor Yan is required to free the restraints put on the Golden Dragon… If I am not wrong, Emperor Huang Xuanyuan wanted to pass the title of the Emperor to Emperor Yan before he died.” Fang Zhengzhi figured it out.

However, he felt helpless after he figured it out.

The situation now was completely different from the era of Emperor Huang Xuanyuan. Nangong Mu had misunderstood his “mission” as becoming the respected individual of the world.

Because of that mission, he made use of the powers of the troops of the Monster Race and Demon Race.

Most importantly…

The Gates of God of the Two Realms of Monsters and Demons had opened.

What should he do?

Where could he find the breath of Emperor Yan to free the restraint put on the Golden Dragon?

“Little brat, so what now? Can you free the restraint put on me?” The Golden Dragon asked when Fang Zhengzhi finished reading the content of the Stone Tablet.

Yun Qingwu also looked at Fang Zhengzhi in expectance.

That was because she thought that since Fang Zhengzhi was able to understand the words on the Stone Tablet, he should be able to free the Golden Dragon.

With the help of the Golden Dragon, defeating Nangong Mu would no longer be an issue.

“Yes, of course.” Fang Zhengzhi became extremely confident after hearing the Golden Dragon’s question.

“Really? Then… what are you waiting for?!” The Golden Dragon was happy and looked extremely eager.

Although that was the tomb of Emperor Huang Xuanyuan and the Golden Dragon had the mission to protect the tomb, it did not conflict with him becoming freed.

After all, anyone who was restricted in a place for thousands of years would want to leave to explore the other parts of the world, be it to take a stroll to look at the plants or buy something small.

“No, what if you don’t keep your words?” Fang Zhengzhi felt that it was necessary for him to “drag on”.

“I won’t keep my words? Who do you think I am? I am Xuanyuan Five, the only Five-clawed Golden Dragon in the world!”

“Do you think I will believe you?”

“Why not?”

“I sincerely said I was called Xuanyuan long ago and you also did not believe me?” said Fang Zhengzhi.

“…” Xuanyuan Five opened his mouth and was unable to make any comments.

“How about this, I can believe you if you are able to prove that you are really Xuanyuan Five,” said Fang Zhengzhi.

“What proof do you want to see?” After some hesitation, the Golden Dragon said again.

“Simple, since you belong to Emperor Huang Xuanyuan’s family… Then you should have experienced the ancient battlefield?” Fang Zhengzhi asked.

“Of course, I had followed my master from the North to the South and made countless achievements in the ancient battlefield,” said the Golden Dragon proudly.

“Hmm, then do you know about the ‘Source of God’?”


“Source of God, don’t tell me you don’t know that?”

“Nonsense, of course, I do!” roared the Golden Dragon.

“Where is it?” asked Fang Zhengzhi directly.

“It is at… Hold on, brat, are you looking for the ‘Source of God’?” the Golden Dragon felt that something was wrong.

“Can’t I?”

“Of course not!”


“Because it is…” the Golden Dragon stopped halfway through his sentence as his eyes glistened.

“Why aren’t you continuing your sentence?” asked Fang Zhengzhi.

“Brat, I don’t think you should look for the ‘Source of God’ as it is located at the most dangerous place in the world. You definitely should not go!” explained the Golden Dragon after a slight hesitation.

“But it is filled with opportunities too, no?” asked Fang Zhengzhi.

“Yes, you are right. The place of the ‘Source of God’ is the origin of the Reiki. I obtained my Dao from the Source of God and got my fifth claw, thereby becoming the only Five-clawed Golden Dragon in the world, but now… you can’t go there anymore.”

“Why not?”

“I said no, means no.”

“You don’t even know where the ‘Source of God’ is and you still dare to say that you are Xuanyuan Five and the Five-clawed Golden Dragon, do you think I will believe you?” Fang Zhengzhi said with a look of despise.

“Don’t force me, brat!”

“Alright, I don’t really want to go there anyway, but I am facing a slight problem now. If you want me to free you, you have to help me solve this problem first.” Fang Zhengzhi decided to give up on the idea of the ‘Source of God’ for now even though he was still very curious about it.

“You mean the ‘soldiers’ who are chasing after you?” the Golden Dragon’s eyes lit up.

“No.” Fang Zhengzhi shook his head.

“Then what are you referring to?”

“I accidentally swallowed a fruit in the past. It is the fruit borne on the Tree of God planted by Emperor Yan. It is currently in my Small Dimension. Do you have any way to take this fruit out of my Small Dimension without hurting me?” asked Fang Zhengzhi.

Emperor Yan had died.

Therefore, the only thing that had the power of Emperor Yan was none other than the Tree of God planted by Emperor Yan and the fruits of the Tree of God.

As for the Tree of God…

He lost hope in that.

The Tree of God had already been swallowed by Nangong Mu.

Fang Zhengzhi had considered making use Nangong Mu’s powers to free the restraint in front of him but soon negated this idea.

The reason was simple, he needed more than a little bit of energy to free the restraint put on the Golden Dragon.

Just like how Yun Qingwu made use of Nangong Hao to open the Gates of God of the Two Realms of Monsters and Demons, Nangong Hao needed to open them by himself.

To put it in a more straightforward manner, if he wanted to make use of Nangong Mu to free the restraints, he had to tell Nangong Mu the way to do it and ask him to free the restraints personally.

With Nangong Mu’s current skill level…

He would definitely not be controlled by Fang Zhengzhi.

Therefore, the only way was to use the fruit of the Realm of God in his Small Dimension.

“The fruit that was borne on the Tree of God?” The Golden Dragon was surprised by Fang Zhengzhi’s question but his expression soon changed. “You are referring to the ‘key’ that leads to the Gate of God of the Three Realms?! That is… wait a minute, there is really a ‘key’ in your body?”

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