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Genius Seventh Prince summary:

Greyson was born as the talented seventh prince of the small Ley Kingdom in the desolate Snow Country but he ended up an orphan at a local church in neighboring kingdom. Follow this genius and his rise to the top in a world where magic reigns supreme.Information for me:Connect with me on Discord: https://discord.gg/eDfa64DIf you feel so inclined to you can also Tip/Buy Me A Co...

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Genius Seventh Prince Chapters

Time uploaded
165 Rocky Star4 days ago
163 Farewell3 weeks ago
158 Weaka month ago
153 Last Stagea month ago
151 Lucky?a month ago
150 Riddle Worka month ago
149 Teaming Upa month ago
146 Unexpecteda month ago
145 Dead Woodsa month ago
136 New Weapona month ago
134 Disparitya month ago
128 New Powera month ago
127 Shocka month ago
126 Traitora month ago
121 Catching Upa month ago
120 Reuniona month ago
119 Impatiena month ago
113 New Abilitya month ago
100 In Troublea month ago
99 Daddya month ago
94 Who Is He?a month ago
91 Separationa month ago
89 My Goddess?a month ago
82 New Musica month ago
81 Lets Fighta month ago
78 Family..a month ago
74 Brother?a month ago
68 Rematcha month ago
66 New Top Tena month ago
58 New Frienda month ago
57 Just This?a month ago
56 Targeteda month ago
54 The Auctiona month ago
49 Get Losta month ago
48 Home Againa month ago
47 Genesisa month ago
44 Awakeneda month ago
43 Teach Mea month ago
42 I Abhor Youa month ago
36 Kidnappeda month ago
35 Missiona month ago
34 Magic Flutea month ago
31 Half Elf?a month ago
30 Not Human?a month ago
24 Weird Girla month ago
22 Bitter Caa month ago
21 Read?a month ago
19 Roommatea month ago
14 Flyinga month ago
12 The Exama month ago
11 Crazy Girla month ago
10 The Capitala month ago
4 A Strange Caa month ago
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