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  • Get Rid Of The Male God And Marry The Rich

  • Genres : Romance -  Comedy -  Mature -  handsome male lead -  Beautiful Female Lead -  Marriage of Convenience -  Smut -  Josei -  Protagonist Falls in Love First -  Heartwarming -  Cute Protagonist -  Cute Story -  Couple Growth
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Get Rid Of The Male God And Marry The Rich summary:

Meng Yu has loved Xiao Qi for ten years. He is her male god and her light. She chased him and humbled into the dust. But the ten-year relationship is no better than his Bai Yueguangs gentle smile. Even if she was divorced, even if she already had a daughter, when she came back, His heart followed.Too full of love, too deep to hurt, Meng Yu suddenly realized that she didnt want any bullsh*t anymore.LaterMeng Yu was forced to replace her step sister to marry the old and ugly man who was said to be powerful. On the day of the wedding, stood a tall and handsome man in front of her and said to her, From now on we will be husband and wife. Please advise me for the rest of my life.Meng Yu: ??? Huh? what old and ugly?Others said he was cold and cruel, and asked her to be careful, but after marrying her, Meng Yu felt that he was considerate and spoiled her to the bone- Description from Novelupdates

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Get Rid Of The Male God And Marry The Rich Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 18: 184 weeks ago
Chapter 17: 174 weeks ago
Chapter 16: 164 weeks ago
Chapter 14: 144 weeks ago
Chapter 13: 134 weeks ago
Chapter 12: 124 weeks ago
Chapter 10: 104 weeks ago
Chapter 9: 94 weeks ago
Chapter 8: 84 weeks ago
Chapter 7: 74 weeks ago
Chapter 6: 64 weeks ago
Chapter 5: 54 weeks ago
Chapter 4: 44 weeks ago
Chapter 3: 34 weeks ago
Chapter 2: 24 weeks ago
Chapter 1: 14 weeks ago
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