Ghost Emperor Wild Wife Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1524


Silence descended on the whole garden.

Jun Linger clasped her mouth with shock, her face reddening from excitement. Pleasure rushed through her heart and it was as though her anger was vented without restraint.

It was not until the bang resounded through the air that the servants around them reacted and dashed toward the screeching Cao Yueqin. However, no one knew whether it was on purpose or on accident, the leading maidservant was walking fine but suddenly her left foot stepped on her right foot, and she tripped and fell into Cao Yueqin.


The maidservant knocked into Cao Yueqins head, causing Cao Yueqin to be dazed from the pain. When she uneasily regained her senses, she furiously shouted, You d*mn girl, do you know how to walk?

The little maidservant appeared as though she was extremely frightened and her face was deathly pale. She fearfully answered, Miss Cao, it was an accident. This servant was only too worried about Miss, so I accidentally tripped. I beg Miss to forgive me.

Cao Yueqins face was brimming with anger. She was about to say something, but an Ah! was heard from the side. She unconsciously wanted to dodge, but the servant on top of her had not moved yet.

This servant did not land on Cao Yueqin. After all, men and women should exercise prudence with other sex, and Cao Yueqin was of the Jun Family bloodline, so he only impacted Cao Yueqins arm.

Tears streamed down Cao Yueqins face from the pain, her eyes were red, and she could not speak.

The other maidservants and servants followed their example and all accidentally injured Cao Yueqin before instantly kneeling on the ground and mercilessly banging their heads against the ground, admitting to their error. Evidently, even the servants of the Jun Family could not tolerate Cao Yueqins arrogance anymore. Comparing her with the lively and witty Jun Linger, they naturally chose to side with Jun Linger.

In the worst case they would be punished. The Jun Family was fairly reasonable and would not normally torture or kill house servants unless the servant committed a crime that betrayed the family. From this alone it could be seen that Jun Linger was very well-liked inside the Jun Family, otherwise the servants would not do something so risky like venting her anger out for her.

Jun Linger was moved. How could she not understand that these people were doing this on her behalf?

What are you all doing? Abruptly, a cold shout was heard. The servants all hurriedly stood up and then simultaneously kneeled on the ground.

Jun Xuan approached in brocade robes with a strict and icy expression, imposing in demeanor. The person standing beside him was Eldest Elder. Currently, the Eldest Elder was frowning as his cold eyes swept over the crowd of kneeling servants.

Who can tell me what happened? Jun Xuan surveyed the surroundings before coldly asking.

In truth, he had a fair understanding of the Jun Family servants, and they would not commit a transgression against their superiors unless the other person did something unbearable.

Wah! Finally free, Cao Yueqin burst into a wail. She wanted to stand up from the ground, but she could feel her whole body aching like she was about to fall apart. The Jun Family is bullying me!

She was tightly clutching her arm, and her face was bruised all over. It was evident how uninhibited the servants were with their accidents.

Jun Xuan glanced at Jun Linger and Yun Luofeng, who were standing off to the side, with a frown. He was about to ask his daughter when Cao Yueqins malice-filled voice spoke up.

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