Ghost Emperor Wild Wife Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1911

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“Mother, I’ve been living my entire life for you! You said that a woman must listen to a man’s words so I’ve been acting in accordance to Father’s commands. I’ve also done what you wanted by being an obedient daughter. Even if Father tasked me to seduce Qi Su, I’ve done so. The reason was that if I didn’t marry Qi Su, he would come for your life! For you, I wagered having my reputation swept away and falling out with Qi Su because of such an act! However, at the end when Father wants to gift me to a subordinate, you’re still asking for me to be obedient?”

Jian An felt bitter and hateful. Her entire life was a tragedy.

“An’er…” Her mother’s voice paused and a trace of remorse flashed through her eyes but disappeared in an instant. “Listen to your father. He won’t harm you.”

Jian An laughed grimly. She lightly shut her eyes and only looked over at Qi Su after a long time. “Alright, Qi Su. I’ll leave with you!”

“Miss Yun,” Qi Su smiled as his gaze swept towards Yun Luofeng. “It seems like we haven’t come to the Tianqi Kingdom in vain. At the very least, I’ve found a wife for the Qi Family’s cleaner. In the future, he will be more attentive in sweeping for our Qi Family.”

Jian An who was in complete despair immediately widened her eyes after hearing his words, and she even trembled.

Qi Su intended to gift me to a cleaner?

“Jian An has some strength.” Yun Luofeng stroked her chin. “Therefore, you should cripple her, lest she bullies the old man.”

“You’re right. The cleaner uncle is nearly in his hundreds and how could he withstand Jian An’s torment? As such, we should cripple her strength.” Qi Su nodded in agreement.

Jian An’s expression was deathly while. Similar to thunder exploding in her mind, it became blank in an instant.

“Qi Su, aren’t you being too much?” Jian Bowen’s expression was ashen as veins bulged on his forehead. He tightly clenched his fist and suppressed his internal fury. In the face of Jian Bowen’s fury, Qi Su kept a straight face, seemingly not noticing in the slightest.

Yun Luofeng lazily stretched. “Qi Su, I’m tired.”

“Then let’s leave right now,” Qi Su’s respectful voice sounded. After that, he grabbed Jian An’s lapels and dragged her like a broom towards the gates.

“Hold it!” Just as Jian Bowen wanted to release his fury, he saw the white-robed lady slowly stopping under the moonlight.

Her back was to everyone and her domineering voice gradually sounded in this quiet night scene.

“Whoever dares to take a step forward, I’ll break their legs!” This sentence caused Jian Bowen’s foot to subconsciously pause. He then looked on helplessly at Yun Luofeng’s departure. However, he was feeling deep regret in his heart. This time, he had lost a daughter and got nothing in return!

If he hadn’t forced Jian An to marry Qi Su, perhaps… even if he randomly found someone, he could have exchanged this daughter of his for a sum of money!

“Family head, are you alright?” Jian An’s mother weakly stood to one side. She wasn’t too upset about her daughter’s departure. In her heart, her man was the most important and as long as Jian Bowen was safe and sound, she would be satisfied.

“Take a look at what kind of daughter you’ve educated!” Jian Bowen slapped her and flung his sleeves before leaving. She stood behind his back while her eyes were filled with guilt. It was all her fault that she hadn’t taught her daughter well, thus resulting in the family head to be so furious.

Second prince’s estate.

A young lady with a pale complexion was nestled against the soft couch. She had an expression of painful suffering as her eyes squeezed shut.

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