Ghost Emperor Wild Wife Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1989

Translator: Zen_  Editor: Rock

Rustle rustle!

Rustling came from the side. When everyone turned to look, they discovered Qi Yu leading a few people out. Only a few soldiers remained from the troop he brought inside, as the rest had all died inside the Forest of Heaven’s Trial.

Qi Yu evidently did not expect to run into Qi Ling and the others. When he saw the ground full of corpses, he jumped in fright.

What… what in the world happened here?

However, Qi Yu quickly regained his wits and disdainfully looked at Qi Ling. “Second Imperial Brother, I am wagering you haven’t had much luck yet, right? Do you need me to lend you a hand? Haha, I obtained a jade seal not too long ago. I just need to obtain one more, and I will be in first place for certain this time.”

He had his chin raised high, and his tone arrogant. “As for you… If you weren’t together with the people from the Jinyang Kingdom, perhaps you would have already lost your life to these outsiders.”

Qi Yu did not recognize the experts from the Freedom Alliance and had never even met Wu Zun from the Jinyang Kingdom. Hence, he was confident that these people had accidentally stumbled into the Forest of Heaven’s Trial and had a confrontation with the four kingdoms. It was Cheng Li who led the people of the Jinyang Kingdom to kill this group of outsiders, and Qi Ling had merely hidden behind the Jinyang Kingdom…

Cheng Li looked at Qi Yu oddly, as though he was looking at an idiot.

Qi Yu did not notice his odd look at all, and there was a sneer on his face as he egotistically looked down on Qi Ling.

“You want to find another jade seal?” It was a long while before Qi Ling finally spoke. His voice was very indifferent, chilling to the bones.

Qi Yu snickered. “Second Imperial Brother, if you want to fight with me, you absolutely won’t win.”

In other words, the winner of the Four Kingdom Tournament this time would be no one but him.

“I’m sorry. What I wanted to tell you was, don’t bother looking for that jade seal. Because besides the jade seal in your hand, the other jade seals have all been obtained by Miss Yun already.”

Before Qi Yu stopped snickering, Qi Ling’s aloof voice traveled to his ears and exploded in his mind, his face obviously dumbfounded.

“Are you kidding me? I merely found one, yet you can obtain three?” Qi Yu clearly did not believe Qi Ling and thought he was deceiving him. He inwardly ascertained this and snorted. “I know, you want to lie to me so that I would think the jade seals are in your hands and give up on this competition. Qi Ling, oh, Qi Ling, do you think I’m a stupid swine? Why would I fall into your trap?”

After saying this, he purposefully looked at Yun Luofeng.

However, Yun Luofeng had her arms across her chest the whole time as she languidly leaned against Yun Xiao’s chest with amusement in her eyes. She did not have the slightest inclination to interfere in this matter.

When Qi Yu saw Yun Xiao, his pupils dilated. He remembered that this man called the Ghost Emperor had killed Princess Qiao Yefeng on the spot and stood his ground without a problem against the experts of the Jinyang Kingdom.

However, he was not a member of the four kingdoms, so why would he appear here?

What was laughable was that his gaze had been on the corpses from the start and did not notice Yun Xiao’s presence…

“He is speaking the truth.” The look in Cheng Li’s eyes was complicated. “They have already obtained the other three jade seals.”

If it was the people from the Liufeng Kingdom who said this, perhaps Qi Yu would not believe it.

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