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  • Global Movie Emperor

  • Genres : Game Elements -  Comedic Undertone -  Urban Life
  • Status : Ongoing
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Global Movie Emperor summary:

“He is the tough guy in Boxing King.”“Also the lonely old man in A Hundred Years of Love.”“It’s the financial giant in Stock Market Tycoon.”“Also the crazy and cruel cold-blooded killer in Atonement.”“It is a grassroots and an internationally recognized master of modern experiential performance.”“But out of the scene, he is just an ordinary man who likes to drink small wine.”“Grassroots can also go to the giant screen. This is a story about struggle.”- Description from MTL

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Global Movie Emperor Chapters

Time uploaded
:a month ago
: Episode 208a month ago
Chapter 150:a month ago
Chapter 79: Enda month ago
:a month ago
Chapter 10: Enda month ago
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