God Emperor Chapter 608

After returning to the courtyard at his home, Zhang Ruochen took out his jade messaging amulet, recorded some words on it, and then infused it with some Genuine Qi.


He activated the Inscription of Light Series in the Jade Amulet.

A white shadow circle lit up the Jade Amuletandslowly flew up.


Zhang Ruochen waved his sleeves, and the Signal Flare flew away immediately. It flew towards the outer sky and the Eastern Holy Land.

He was going to contact the commander of the Silver Sky Mercenary Group, named “Silvermoon.” She was once the Emissary of the Black Market Excellence Hall, but she became an enemy of the Black Market after she betrayed them and left.

According to Di Yi’s actions in Silver Sky Mercenary Group that day, Silvermoon probably wanted to kill Di Yi even more than Zhang Ruochen did.

She would be of great assistance if she came to Cyan Cloud County.

“The enemy of my enemy is my friend. I have no idea if my friend Silvermoon will come to the Cyan Cloud County.”

Without thinking more, he shook his head gently. It might be easier for him to kill Di Yi if Silvermoon was here to help him. However, Zhang Ruochen would still sentence Di Yi to death, even if she did not come.

Zhang Ruochen took the Yin Yang Wooden Graph out, unfolded it slowly, and hung it on the wall.

“Guoguo, I’m going enter closed-door training. No one is allowed to break into this room for two weeks,” Zhang Ruochen said seriously, with a glance at the greedy rabbit on the table.

Originally, Zhang Ruochen had planned to practice outside the Red Willow Heights to avoid accidents.

But now, he had legitimate reasons to seclude himself for training. Thus, it was unnecessary for him to practice outside.

Greedy Rabbit asked, “Master Chen, what if someone wants to break in who I can’t defeat?”

“If so, you should swallow the Yin Yang Wooden Graph and get away from Red Willow Heights. In a word, you should never expose the Yin Yang Wooden Graph to others. Do you understand?” Zhang Ruochen said.

“Yes, I do,” Greedy Rabbit answered.

Greedy Rabbit had reached the Fifth Change in the Fish-Dragon Realm after he ate Di Yi’s Demon Heart, practicedSky Swallowing Knack, and swallowed lots of flood dragon blood.

He could fight with a superior of the Eighth Change in the Fish-Dragon Realm, because his strength was comparable to a human’s Saintly Being. Moreover, as long as he had precious and natural food to eat, his cultivation would grow rapidly, far beyond the rate of human monks’ cultivation.

“I’m going to give you the Black Skeleton Flood Dragon King’s dead body after things come to an end,” Zhang Ruochen said.

Greedy Rabbit’s eyes immediately flashed with excitement, and he nodded his head vigorously like a pump.

The flood dragon’s corpse was in the Scroll World. Greedy Rabbit had coveted it for a long time. If he could consume it, he would break through to the Ninth Change in the Fish-Dragon Realm.

Without a doubt, Half-Saint Class flood dragon meat was not easy to digest. It certainly needed a lot of time for refinement and absorption.

Right now, he had to help Zhang Ruochen watch the Yin Yang Wooden Graph, so he had no time to eat the corpse.


When he took a step forward, a space portal appeared on the surface of the Yin Yang Wooden Graph and pulled his body into it.

Upon entering the Scroll World, Zhang Ruochen got out a drop of Xuanwu Sacred Blood and swallowed it. Then, he began to operate theScripture of Emperor Ming’s Empyreanand refine the Xuanwu Sacred Blood.

In any case, he had to reach the Peak of the Third Change in the Fish-Dragon Realm this time.

The Eastern Evil Land was located in the north of the Eastern Region, and most of the land was frozen. It became colder as one went farther north.

The Northernmost Land in the legend was fully covered with thick ice. It was an inhospitable land, uninhabitable for humanbeings.

The Lishui River started from Falling God Ridge, flowed northward, and traversed the vast Northernmost Land, leading to the Northern Ghost Sea.

Lishui River was the river of life in the Eastern Evil Land. Only its waters allowed the barren Eastern Evil Land to give birth to human civilization. evil cultivators built lots of cities, and they turned the land into an evil paradise to realize their dreams.


At this moment, on the 2-mile wide Lishui River, a dragon bone warship about one thousand feet long sailed upstream towards the distant Fallen God Mansion in Qingyun County.

Sitting in a warm antique cabin, Di Yi, with a book woven from golden silk in his hand, could faintly see two ancient Chinese characters, “Sword One.”

Di Yi seemed to enter a trance while readingSword One.

His spell was broken when a nine-meter tall yeti warrior walked over to the outside of the warm cabin, kneeled down, and said, “Young master, I just received a Signal Flare from Zhangsun Lan of the Master of Hundred Battles School. Would you like to read it yourself?”

“No, you should just give it to Purple Wind Emissary, and he will handle it.”

Di Yi stared atSword Onewithout blinking.

The yeti stood up and left silently with the Signal Flare.

After about a quarter of an hour, Purple Wind Emissary and the Cyan Robed Emissary came to the warm cabin together.

“Young master, the information from Zhangsun Lan was extremely important. I thought you should read it personally,” Purple Wind Emissary said.

Di Yi’s brow furrowed. Then, he closedSword One, placed it gently on the table, and said, “Come in!”

Purple Wind Emissary and the Cyan-Robed Emissary opened the door and came into the cabin.

“You don’t have to salute. Sit down first,” Di Yi said.

Purple Wind Emissary presented the Signal Flare on the table in front of Di Yi, and then went back to his own seat on the left, opposite the Cyan-Robed Emissary’s seat on the right.

After reading the contents on the jade messaging amulet, Di Yi suddenly smiled and said,”The Red Wish Emissary is still good, not as weak as I thought.”

Purple Wind Emissary said, “The Red Wish Emissary is very tricky. God only knows how many masters she has subdued. Young master, you should be careful when fighting with her.”

Di Yi nodded and said, “Since the Red Wish Emissary wants to battle with me in the Cyan Cloud County, I’ll help her fulfill her wishes.”

Purple Wind Emissary said scornfully, “She must be overconfident. As for all her strength, our young master can destroy it effortlessly, even with a push by only one finger.”

Di Yi’s eyes glanced at the Signal Flare again, and his eyes narrowed, and he said, “However, the Signal Flare mentioned that theRed Wish Emissary has attracted a mysterious Great Guardian, who was a 44th level Master of Spiritual Power, specializing in Thunderbolt. This person is not a simple character, and he should be her most powerful trump card.”

“I can assassinate him,” the Cyan-Robed Emissary said flatly.

Purple Wind Emissary said, “It’s better if I do it.”

Di Yi smiled and said, “You don’t have to quarrel. It’s just a 44th level master. To deal with him, I have a better choice. Hunter and Ice Demon, you two come in.”

“Your wish is our command, young lord.”

A few minutes later, two people came in and bowed to Di Yi.

The man on the left, called “Hunter,” was the best killer of the Blood Cloud Sect. He had a translucent body. He looked like a mass of human-shaped water, and he could not be seen without careful observation.

The man on the right, called “Ice Demon,” was the lord of the Solitary Shadow Peak.He was wrapped in a black robe, and even his head was covered with a hood. He floated 1 meter off the ground, with a cloud of white mist under his feet.

At the sight of Hunter and Ice Demon, Purple Wind Emissary relaxed. These two people were both in the Peak of the Ninth Change in the Fish-Dragon Realm. Besides, each of them had his own special ability which could powerfully restrain a thunderbolt.

With the two of them in action, the outcome would be certain.

Di Yi told them about the specifics, and he told them repeatedly,”You two must be careful during this action.”

“Take it easy, young master. I’m also a Master of Spiritual Power at the 44th level. And I know a lot about the weaknesses of spiritual power masters. In fact, either Hunter or I can kill him,” Ice Demon said in a hoarse voice.

“I send you one step ahead of us to the Cyan Cloud County, not only to kill the so-called Great Guardian of the Red Wish Emissary. I also need you to help me to do another thing.”

Di Yi looked at the Cyan-Robed Emissary and said, “Cyan-robed Emissary, you go with them. You’ll take full responsibility for this mission.”

The Cyan-Robed Emissary asked,”What’s the other thing you want us to do?”

“It is said that the Demon Sorceress is in Cyan Cloud County right now. Since there is such an affinity, how can we not visit her? You must assess the situation clearly, and wait until the situation is suitable before you act. If the she is a smart character, then you should not act rashly, so as not to disturb her,” Di Yi said.

“Yes, young master! I will successfully fulfill this mission.”

The Cyan-Robed Emissary stood up and led Ice Demon and Hunter out of the cabin.

Later, they turned into three illusory images and flew off of the dragon bone warship. Their feet hovered over the surface of the water. They went towards the river bank and disappeared between the mountains.

Di Yi’s fingers gently rubbed and said, “The Red Wish Emissary, Great Guardian, and the Demon Sorceress are big shots. I hope they won’t disappoint me too much.”

At this moment, music came from outside the cabin.

The music was very faint but particularly pleasing. It was just like the most natural and beautiful voice above the Nine Heavens transmitted to the mortal world. It lingered on the water for a long time.

Musical sound waves formed a strong wind, and it forced the dragon bone warship to stop.

In the cabin, Di Yi and Purple Wind Emissary took a look at each other.

They were both geniuses, and they could certainly feel the comprehensive state of the music. Although they only heard the sound, a grand world emerged in their minds.

Just for one second, Di Yi and Purple Wind Emissary felt as if their hearts were constantly expanding to embrace everything in the world.

Sweat beads appeared on Purple Wind Emissary’s hands, and she was shocked. She said, “How great the Spiritual Power is! Where is it from?”

“It must be the esteemed presence of a Psychic Sage. Let’s go out to welcome them.”

Di Yi looked quite calm. He stood up and walked outward.

evil cultivators on the dragon bone warship had already been alerted. They gathered around the edge of the deck and looked at the blue boat in the distance.

They could only see a woman in white sitting on the bow of a small boat in the distance.

Her long black hair and white dress flowed down into the water. She had a slim body and a pair of snow-white hands touching the piano, which formed a beautiful picture with the rhythm of Holy Road. She was just like a fairy or goddess from heaven.

When Di Yi and Purple Wind Emissary got out of the cabin, the woman in white withdrew her hands, raised her head, and then stared at the dragon bone warship in the distance. Her eyes were extremely clear and light, like two shining stars.

Although she had stopped playing the piano, the music still reverberated on the surface of the water.

The woman in white was like a magnificent goddess in a painting, more fresh and refined than anything in the real world.

She was looming in the mist of water mysteriously, and she said softly, “I heard that there was a terrific genius in the Eastern Region who had reached the Ultimate Realm of the Heaven Realm, and that he was as great as the Evil Emperor in the past. Today, I intend to visit him and ask him a question.”

Di Yi knew that the woman was coming for him, so he stood up and asked,”How can I help you, my goddess?”

“If you were the owner of the Black Market, how would you govern it?” The woman in white asked.

After hearing the question, Di Yi narrowed his eyes. He realized who the woman was.

He condensed his Genuine Qi and fixed his eyes to wield Devil Eyes, intending to discern her true figure. However, he could still only see a vague and beautiful silhouette.

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