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God Is A Game Designer summary:

Nathan Blackrose finds himself just on the verge of enacting his revenge. After years of devotion and suffering to build his company from the ground up, he was betrayed by his “friends“ and co-founders. They were going to launch the product of his genius, the world“s first VRMMORPG, as their own. Several years and countless hours have passed since his exile. His entire exist...

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God Is A Game Designer Chapters

Time uploaded
145 C143 Rebirth6 months ago
135 C134 starlife6 months ago
81 C80 Full Bloom6 months ago
70 C70 Dark Skies6 months ago
69 C69 Old Wounds6 months ago
68 C68 The Future6 months ago
62 C62 Emptiness6 months ago
51 C51 Dark Offer6 months ago
32 C32 Setting Ou6 months ago
14 C14 The Valley6 months ago
5 C5 Lost Hope6 months ago
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