Good Morning Mister Dragon Book 2 Chapter 199

Good Morning Mister Dragon Volume 2 Chapter 199 Theres Another Way

Su Qianxun noticed that Su Jiye's face was a little dirty. She put down the glass and stood up as she wanted to go to the bathroom to take a towel to wipe his face. The moment she stood up, Su Jiye suddenly hugged her in agitation, as if he was afraid that she would leave.

Su Qianxun froze for a moment. Su Jiye's strength was immense. He was hugging her tightly, and she felt tears drip down her collar.

Her younger brother was crying again. Su Qianxun felt a sharp pain in her heart. It was as if her heart was being cut open with a knife. She hugged him back and comforted him with a soft voice, "Silly, I'm not going to leave. I was just about to take a towel to wipe your face."

Even after she explained, Su Jiye was still unwilling to let her go. Su Qianxun felt extremely bad, and she no longer wanted to go and get a towel. She just hugged him in silence and ruffled his soft, short hair non-stop with her small hand.

Su Qianxun stayed with Su Jiye until he fell asleep before she left. Regardless of how reluctant she was to leave him, she had no choice but to return to Jin Garden.

When he heard the sound of the door closing, the young man who looked like he was asleep opened his eyes. His eyes were brimming with tears.


When her younger brother hugged her just now, Su Qianxun made the decision to take him back home.

Even though she was unable to take care of her younger brother for the time being, she could hire someone to take care of him. The servants who took care of both of them back then had already returned to their hometowns. She figured that one of them would be willing to come and take care of her younger brother if she offered to pay.

Hence, her top priority right now was to earn money!

When Su Qianxun walked out of the hospital, she saw that Long Sijue's car was parked there. Her heart skipped a beat. He was back!

Ye Gu had already opened the car door for her. Su Qianxun walked towards them and got into the car.

Long Sijue was sitting on the seat with his eyes closed. The young woman found a couch that was neither too close nor too far away from him and sat down. She secretly peeked at him and realized that he seemed to be having a headache again.

The car left the hospital. Su Qianxun hesitated for a moment, but still took the initiative to sit beside him and said, "Young master, let me give you a massage."

Long Sijue slowly opened his eyes when he heard her voice. At this moment, his gaze was not as sharp and threatening as usual. Instead, his eyes were so misty that they appeared almost dreamy. This made the young woman's heart skip a beat. This man was devilishly handsome.

Long Sijue suddenly pulled her into his embrace, lowered his head and kissed her small mouth.

Su Qianxun immediately widened her eyes and was about to push him away. But the moment her hands touched his chest, her strength waned. She tried her best to dodge his kiss. "Young master, aren't you having a headache?"

"Massage isn't the only method to treat headaches. There's another way!" Long Sijue stroked her small, smooth waist gently with his large hand. He kissed her lips once again.

The drive from the hospital to Jin Garden was only long enough for Long Sijue to f*ck Su Qianxun once, and that was far from enough for him.

Su Qianxun only remembered when she was being carried by Long Sijue to the bedroom that it was the fifteenth day of the month. So, he had to be with her tonight.

The following day, Su Qianxun woke up in Long Sijue's embrace. She blinked and was about to pull away.

"Don't move or you'll have to suffer the consequences!" Long Sijue warned her without even opening his eyes.

Su Qianxun was at a loss of words.

Long Sijue's cell phone started ringing. He reached out and answered the call as he continued hugging the young woman's warm body. "Hello!"

"Young master, something has happened to the old master and he's in the hospital now. Please come over as soon as possible!"

"All right, I will go over immediately," Long Sijue said and hung up the phone.

Su Qianxun blinked and looked at him. 'The "old master" mentioned by the person on the phone call just now was Long Sijue's father, Long Aotian, wasn't it?'

Even though Long Sijue said that he would go over immediately, he did not seem like he had any intention of leaving.

"Young master, do you want to get up now?" Su Qianxun had no choice but to take the initiative and ask.

The moment she finished speaking, Long Sijue suddenly pulled her up and made her sit on his body!

The young woman was shocked. She blinked nervously and stared at him as she stammered, "You aren't you going to the hospital?"

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