Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 595

596 It Wonapost Be Ruined

The capillaries around the Achilles tendon were like a spider web under the microscope. It was just like the rice fields in the south of the Yangtze River.

But the speed of the blood flow was faster than that of a rice field. If anyone looked at it from under a microscope, these capillaries which were far away from the blood pump (heart) continued to restlessly perform their tasks.

Ling Ran used the Zhu-Ling Achilles Repair Technique and separated Li Tianhong's Achilles tendon from the blood vessels around the area with such force that it could be said that he was nearly forceful with it. This was a job that a competent doctor would not be willing to do and that an incompetent doctor would be unable to do.

It took a few hours. Ling Ran carefully avoided the blood vessels. For those that he could not avoid or those that were accidentally cut, he would repair them repeatedly. For those that could not be repaired... well, they were lost causes.

Ling Ran had Perfect Level Achilles Tendon Repair Technique, but if he wanted to perform each cut and stitch perfectly over a few hours, that would depend on what his definition of perfect was.

According to the traditional Achilles Tendon Repair Technique, as long as the large blood vessels were not cut, that was perfect, and everything would be all good.

However, under the requirements of the Zhu-Ling Achilles Repair Technique, the loss of the capillaries was already a sign of whether the operation was a success or failure.

If a mediocre doctor was assigned to this, he might have no problem in avoiding the capillaries for ten seconds. He might be able to suture a capillary if he were to operate for another five minutes, but that will be the longest he could last. Asking a doctor to operate on a patient for two to three hours where he had to cut and suture tens and even up to hundreds of capillaries was something that would cause an ordinary doctor to fall into despair just by thinking of it.

Some people may ask, would the difference between ten seconds and three hours be large?

Then, discard the aforementioned surgery and repeat the question: was the difference between ten seconds and three hours large?

Even idiots will have something to say about this: Duh!

Li Tianhong was conscious even under anesthesia, and he, too, had something to say, "I want to play a full game, at least half of the game, at the very least fifteen minutes, don't make me paralyzed"

Su Jiafu looked at Li Tianhong's slanted face and suddenly had a little impulse to say, "I should have asked him just now if we could take a picture together."

"Isn't taking a photo after he wakes up the same?" Lu Wenbin was busy with the operation, but he still found the time to go along with the flow and answer Su Jiafu.

Compared to the past, Lu Wenbin had taken on much heavier responsibilities. This was also Ling Ran's operating style at the operating table. The more work the assistant could undertake, the more work he would delegate. After all, even if the assistant would just be dumbly operating the retractor, Ling Ran would still be able to complete the surgery on his own.

Doctors who were familiar with Ling Ran's surgical procedures would not try to comment and dictate him on how he should perform his surgeries because of this as well.

Normally, a doctor's process of performing a certain surgery would be fixed. Being able to assign the tasks taken by a chief surgeon and assistants in stages would mean that the surgeon was very experienced with the surgery. Being able to smooth delegate tasks would be impossible for most doctors.

Lu Wenbin and the others had improved very fast because of this.

If they were under other doctors, they would not be able to have such a good thing such as immediately having the opportunity to practice as their level increased happen to them.

It was common for some young doctors to face a wall as they worked as doctors.

Even Su Jiafu felt that his skills were growing fast while he performed surgeries with Ling Ran.

He looked at Li Tianhong's slanted face and said with regrets, "It's rare to meet a big shot. I should have taken a photo of him after his anesthesia, if not, how can I prove that I was the one who issued him anesthesia?"

As Su Jiafu spoke, he supported Li Tianhong's face with his hand and said,"Won't you look at this tongue? The way it's sticking out is quite peculiar."

"According to what you've said, then I should take a photo with his Achilles tendon." Lu Wenbin sounded smug as he teased Su Jiafu. To a young doctor, being able to encounter an Achilles tendon of famous athletes would be something worthy to share in their circle of friends.

Ma Yanlin said with a sullen voice, "The Achilles tendon is mine."

"It's usually yours, but this time, it's mine." Lu Wenbin led the thread through the pinhole for Ling Ran while he swore his sovereignty over Ma Yanlin.

Ma Yanlin was the second assistant. As he held the retractor in his hand, he found that he was not angry at all.



"Cushion it with gauze."

Ling Ran's commands came one after another. The doctors who had done a lot of Achilles tendon repairs immediately became alert. It was time to suture the Achilles tendon.

Compared with operating on the blood vessels, the part of suturing the Achilles tendon was the most important step. Ma Yanlin and Lu Wenbin could not help but become serious.

In truth, other doctors who performed Achilles tendon repairs would only pay attention to the Achilles tendon. They would pay attention to questions such as how to expose the Achilles tendon, how to reveal the Achilles tendon, and how to suture the Achilles tendon... After performing these steps well, an Achilles tendon could be considered to be stitched, and a person's basic athletic performance would definitely be saved. The rest would depend on the patient's own recovery.

Basic systems such as capillaries will grow on their own to ensure blood supply when the patient healed. In this regard, the human body can be said to be very intelligent. The current WIT120 would not be able to reach such a level [1].

However, the number, strength, and other aspects of the newly grown capillaries were definitely incomparable with the previous ones. Even the blood supply capacity would be subpar. This was not a problem for ordinary people. The human body had always had a compensatory mechanism. However, for football players, especially football players who relied on strength, it was impossible to rely on just the compensatory mechanism.

Li Tianhong had sought out Ling Ran to perform his surgery partly because of Liu Weichen's recommendation and also partly because of Academician Zhu's recommendation. The rest was because of the Zhu-Ling Achilles Repair Technique Ling Ran mastered. It was publicly acknowledged as the Achilles Tendon Repair Technique which could produce a powerful prognosis.

The Zhu-Ling Achilles Repair Technique's prognosis was better than the prognosis of a minimally invasive Achilles tendon repair with arthroscopy.

It was just more troublesome.

Ma Yanlin, who was actively studying about Achilles tendon repairs, had some grudges toward this. The other doctors' Achilles tendon repairs could be easily completed, but Ling Ran's Achilles tendon repair was not something that Ma Yanlin could finish within two or three hours if he were to take Ling Ran's place.

The most important thing was that if he imitated Ling Ran's move in making an incision of around 5.5 inches long and his result was not as good as minimally invasive surgery, it would be embarrassing.

"It has been one hour." Su Jiafu reported the time.

His anesthetics had to be administered in advance, and he had to work in conjunction with Ling Ran's operating time as well.

"Okay," Ling Ran replied and said, "Give me another a quarter of an hour."

In regards to the difficulty of the surgery, Ling Ran's speed was already very fast. Of course, it was slower than his previous surgery, but that was also because Li Tianhong's condition was more complicated.

When a strength-based athlete's Achilles tendon ruptured, the Achilles tendon will also be ruptured in a spectacular fashion.


The airtight access door was stepped open. for visiting.

"How is the situation?" Huo Congjun put his hands behind him, and he walked in like a next-door neighbor.

The young doctors and nurses in the operating room trembled together. They greeted him softly like his grandchildren, "Department Director Huo..."

"It's almost finished, I'm suturing a few more blood vessels with the time left." Ling Ran's hands moved quickly.

Huo Congjun chuckled as he watched and asked, "Is the operation going smoothly?"

"It's quite smooth."

"It's fine as long as it's going smoothly." Huo Congjun's face became a little more relaxed, and it was very clear that it did.

Su Jiafu silently stepped on a stool and asked, "Department Director Huo, you're still worried about Doctor Ling's operations? No matter how difficult Ling Ran's surgery is, it will still go smoothly."

"It's not that I'm worried, it's the patient's mother who is crying non-stop outside." Huo Congjun looked frustrated. "There is no other patient in the VIP patient building, and even the doctors and nurses can't comfort her..."

"Wow, I couldn't tell." The young nurse was practically sparkling with the spirit of gossip.

"He's an only child, and he played football since elementary school. He never studied, and his family has no background. The previous contract did not allow him to make much money. He's bought a small house but still has to pay a loan. If he cannot play football anymore, his life would be ruined." Huo Congjun repeated the information he had heard before.

Ling Ran raised his head and said, "It won't be ruined."
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