Hail The King Chapter 1115

Chapter 1115.1 Reward Part One

Chapter 1115: Reward (Part One)

The streets in the main city zone were quite prosperous.

The Zenitian refugees who were rushed into Chambord City were all teleported to this place via super-long-distance teleportation arrays and settled down here.

When these people first appeared here, they were terrified by the packed zombies and mutated demon beasts outside the city.

However, these people soon realized that the entire city was protected by powerful bright magic arrays, and even the emperor-level zombies couldnt breakthrough. From that moment on, their hearts finally dropped back into their chests.

There were many usable residential buildings in the city and clean water sources. In fact, there were even valuables left behind by the Anjians.

With the food supply that was delivered from Chambord, close to ten million refugees started to live in this city comfortably.

When Fei unleashed his power to purify the undead energy and zombies, all the people living in this city sensed the unimaginable miracle, and they kneeled and started to pray.

When Fei slowly descended from the sky, everyone in the city fell into a fanatic state and cheered.

The news about Chambords grand victory and Zenits redemption were already passed back to this place.

After experiencing the tragedy of war, these refugees already saw Fei as the savior of Zenit and worshipped him as a god.

Therefore, when Fei appeared here, cheers and chants erupted in the city like a pent-up volcano, and they were thunderous and resonated in the sky.

After comforting the excited refugees, Fei went to the Royal Palace in the center of the city.

This was the secondary arsenal of Chambord and the headquarters of a few secret organizations.

After about half a year of development, everything was quite built up and organized.

Different from the outside zone, this place was tightly guarded. There was a watchtower every five meters and a checkpoint every ten meters. On every street inside the Royal Palace, elite Chambordian soldiers were walking around and patrolling, and all kinds of magic traps, illusion arrays, and killing mechanisms were set up. Even a fly couldnt venture deep into the Royal Palace alive.

Both Akara and Cain were responsible for the work that was happening here.

However, most of the time, these two elder-level mad scientists who earned countless merits busied themselves with magic experiments and magic item developments which seemed boring to others.

Therefore, these two mad scientists disciples and Gold Saint Dessler of Aries took care of the management and protection of this place.

Just now, [Little Mad Scientist] Oscar and Dessler came out to welcome Fei.

After quickly inspecting the buildings on the ground and the secret factories that were modified from the secret treasure storage rooms of the Anji Empire, Fei quickly went to the sealed space underground.

This place was still mysterious and vast.

The giant sealed eggs were still locked by godly blood chains and floated in the void.

About half a year had passed, and it seemed like nothing had changed.

However, since Fei was now a god, he could better detect the evil presences that were surging inside these stone eggs that werent broken yet. The evil presences were so powerful that it was suffocating.

The evil energy intertwined and fought with the godly blood chains around the surface of these stone eggs.

Only gods could sense the crazy battles between these two polar-opposite forces.

Especially the giant stone egg that was half bright and hard dark in the center of this space. The presence of that egg was so vast that it was unimaginable. Even with Feis current strength, he was still shocked and a little terrified.

After staring at these giant sealed eggs for a while, Fei made a decision and disappeared from where he was standing.

In the next moment, the king appeared inside the giant stone egg that was modified by Chambord. This was an independent space and the new facility of the Mad Scientists Laboratory. The rest of the 4,000 mystical gold war puppets were being modified here, and this project was approaching completion.

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