Hail The King Chapter 1148

Chapter 1148.1 The Unity Call At Bali Island Part One

Chapter 1148: The Unity Call at Bali Island (Part One)

The letter of assistance wasnt just sent to the Northern Region Empire. The same letter was sent to the other forces such as the Holy Church in the Central Region, the Barcelona Empire, the Madrid Empire, and the Elf Empire in the Western Region, the Liverpool Empire, the Manchester United Empire, the Arsenal Empire, the Dwarf Empire, and the Gnome Empire in the Western Region.

The humans situation in the Southern Region reached an extreme degree of danger.

The aggressive attacks and the exponential expansion of the goblins meant that the last two giant cities in the Southern Region, Allianz and Iduna, were about to fall. The Munich Empire and the Ormond Empires connection was cut in half by the goblins in midway, and these two cities couldnt even communicate with each other.

In just a year, more than 90 percent of the territory in the Southern Region fell into the hands of the Goblin Empire.

According to the information in the letter, if this situation were to continue, the entire Southern Region was in danger of falling into the hands of the goblins.

Once this greedy, violent, and aggressive race gained control of the territory of the Southern Region, it was hard to say how much more growth this race was going to experience. One thing was for sure. If they got their hands on the entire Southern Region, they wouldnt be satisfied.

In the future, the Eastern Region, Western Region, Northern Region, and Central Region would become the targets of the goblins as well.

Therefore, the letter of assistance attracted the attention of every force on the Azeroth Continent.

In less than two years, the Goblin Empire almost completely took over the Southern Region, making many powerful forces including the Holy Church concerned. The only way to deal with a greedy race that couldnt be negotiated with was to unite all other forces on the continent and wipe it out.

The Holy Church issued a request to all forces on the continent as the self-proclaimed No.1 Force, asking them to temporarily ditch all grudges and form an alliance army before assisting the humans in the Southern Region and completely obliterating the goblin race that was evil and cruel.

This request was supported by many superpowers.

Even the dwarfs and gnomes who didnt like wars said that they would be willing to send out expedition troops to battle in the Southern Region.

As the human force that was growing the fastest, how was the Northern Region Empire going to react to this unprecedented human alliance? What attitude was it going to have? Everyone on the continent wanted to know.

Since the Holy Church issued the request, many people guessed that the Northern Region Empire that was hostile toward the Holy Church wouldnt join this alliance.

However, many people still hoped that one of the biggest human forces would help the human race.

While the Northern Region Empire was silent, some superpowers already couldnt wait and started to toss accusations at the Northern Region Empire, throwing dirt on Fei.

Wanting the Northern Region Empire to send troops? Are you dreaming?

Humph! I think that Human Emperor of the North is an ambitious schemer! He doesnt care about the lives of humans in the Southern Region! In his mind, uniting the continent using violence and murder is the ultimate goal! He wants to be known as the most infamous ruler!

The hope of the human race lies within the Holy Church! It represents the gods!

The great mission of rescuing our peers in the Southern Region doesnt need an evil force like the Northern Region Empire to join in

The forces that were making the most noises were the empires that were loyal to the Holy Church. For example, there were Juventus and Barcelona. They continued to create rumors, trying to make the Northern Region Empire into an outcast.

Soon, the Holy Church issued more orders.

In 15 days, the alliance force was going to have the alliance ceremony at Bali Island, the place where all five regions merged. All the forces that were willing to help their peers in the Southern Region should select their elite troops, and these troops would meet up and have the meeting on this sea island before officially marching toward the Southern Region.

For a moment, all kinds of undercurrents were appearing, and all the forces started to move.

[TL Note: I would assume that the Central Region is not in the direct center of the continent for Bali Island to be the actual center.]

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