Half-elves Fall In Love Chapter 3

Half-elves Fall In Love Chapter 3

Chapter 3: 10-man captain AnzerosSelenium

The crossbow squad is located along the mountain near the border with the Trot kingdom. The greenery is abundant, but there are no monsters (even if they appear, they are made into needle mounts by all troops) and there are few fields. Primly in the center of the region where no one enters. The cause of it is the long range of our crossbows. It does not become a story if they dont take a wide practice area because they always shoot from range as much as possible. So when sniping a thief who had invaded once, the thiefs foot was shot from far away and the irresponsible rumor The range of the new weapon is 30 kilometers, a hundred moments away from an invisible distance" spread and the residents living in the near didnt come close to the base. In fact, they cant shot an arrow that far. Of course.

Anyway, it takes nearly an hour to go for a drink because its far from the village. The reason is that those who are weak to liquor arent carried by their companions, but thrown away in the bar. Like me. Originally a soldier will go to an inn that should be a nice place because it is a convenience store with a good selection, but it is something that we can rarely go without using a horse. Nature and purchase become a representative system and it becomes regular.

"If you dont do this work well you will be an a.s.sociate soldier
"Do not use your rank as a s.h.i.+eld because it is not directly related to military service
"Butits a special holiday. Ill do more this time"
Concerning youwould you like to spend a shameful afternoon with such a female slave!

When I put my chest up, I was stared at with a despising glance from the coachman seat.

I am sorry, I am sorry that I am too honest
You have not reflected at all while kneeling on the ground!

Anzeros is tremendously angry.

Regardless of the mood of Anzeros, the sky is fine weather. The horse-drawn carriage is also good. I could see a flying dragon for the first time in a while. I hope there will be nice things today.

Regional city Ba.s.son. It is the closest town to our position. It is in along the route to Trot and it has developed rapidly recently as a trading base. It seems that trade was almost broken down for a while so it seemed like a cold village, but Celesta was forcibly wrenched open, so it was visible and spread widely. In the opposite direction to the position. By all means, my position is like a fearful spot. Well, the crossbow is a new weapon and Im not sure if Im scared of a stray arrow.

What is the order?

Anzeros tries to take out the parchment from his bosom, but with his hand pulled into the black armor, he looks like a turtle.

"Take off"
!! Wh, What are you saying so suddenly!!

Anzeros turns red. Taking so long for the search or is it important to wear this armor?

In, in the presence of such a public
No one will be delighted with you undressing, so go take it off in the carriage if it is a hindrance
"Naau, uumu"

Anzeros makes different faces. Anger, dumbfounded, puzzled. After all the confusion, I breathe out quickly and calm down, I look up and oppose it.

"It has nothing to do with you. This armor is my convenience
"Yes, it is"

But have you noticed? Its funny how a little soldier in black armor can rosary the body when he is stirring both arms in his chest armor.


Supon, both hands are put out. Its a gag after all.

First of all, there are five boxes of skull marks. Three boxes of cat ears marks. Six bottles of cheap ink. Eight ceramic cups. Thenwh, what is this?
"Which one"

Anzeros takes out a parchment from behind. Anzeros is perplexed so I extend my hand as a reflex and grasp the parchment and read it aloud.

The latest edition of a s.e.xy ogre and sweet elf?
"WaaaaWaaaa!! Baka! Shameless Smithson to read it aloud in the middle of the day!!

Both of them are famous erotic picture scrolls. In Trot, there was no such thing as an erotic picture in terms of the amount of paper production and printing technology, but the good point is that such a culture is advancing early in Celesta. But dont ask anyone like this.

"I wonder if they sell it. I think that it has been a year since I got the previous volume of sweet elf
"I wont let you buy it in any case
What, do not you feel sorry for the soldiers who are looking forward to this? Thats why they think about 100-man commander when they are in the bathroom
Oh, okaywhat are you saying, you idiot!!

I always think this guy is too nave. Is he really an adult?

A late lunch after finis.h.i.+ng shopping in the streets. Anzeros-san seems to have a lot of complaints about me and the preaching began while waiting for the cooking. And, it continues while eating.

Roughly, dont you think its the worst thing for a man to insult a woman with a human life as a s.h.i.+eld?
Its not like insulting, at most s.e.xual hara.s.sment
"It is insulting. It is insulting. You dont have enough recognition"
"But we have an agreement
Half-elves are easy to shed! Especially unmarried half-elves are so easily swept away by heteros.e.xual love! It doesnt change that you did a cowardly thing just by having s.e.x and becoming a master as result!
Meddling with other peoples matter, you are also a half-elf
Have you ever been shed?

Even if she says such a thing with self-confidence.

I thought it was also an adoring experience for a kind married woman in the capital in order to emphasize that much
Why, are you a married woman?

Haa, Anzeros breathes out and wipes her mouth with a napkin. Did she notice that even if she scolds me I wont reflect on it?

If you keep silent, you look as if you are mistaken for a pretty girl and one or two people will be caught by being attracted to your beautiful look only
Pr, Pretty girl

Anzeros stops for a moment and blushes and the speed of wiping his mouth is raised.

What are you saying? I am a man.
I know, but I think occasionally the blood of an elf is unfair because it is impossible for a man to be born with such a beauty
Beautiful person

Although Im telling him with jealousy Im in trouble when he looks happy. As usual, Anzeros withdraw his mouth and hide his expression under his chin guard plate, but his face seems to be happyI want to doubt that he is actually a h.o.m.os.e.xual man. I pull the chair and opened a distance a bit. His physique is small, but this guy is really strong. I might be attacked, but Im prepared for it.

Le, lets go home

Anzeros had a strange look, but I do not have to understand it. Please dont misunderstand. Lets keep distance for a while so that the beast in Anzeros does not wake up.

When returning to the corp, a flying dragon was located in the training ground.


I get frightened. Somehow Anzeros protects me by moving before me. He is very reliable.

Ah, Ah, dont be afraid dont be afraid. Flying dragon service

100-man commander Dianne came out from the building with a tired face. Flying dragon service. Protective personnels escort, haste message, special soldiers used for special reconnaissance. I never thought that one would come to our place. While relaxing vigilance, when seeking an explanation by eye from 100-man commander Dianne, she opens her mouth while scratching her head.

"Emergency directive from the staff headquarters of the Northern Corps. We need to clean up the mad wolves on the Viol pa.s.s

The messenger who appeared from the back of 100-man commander Dianne nodded. Although the explanation was rough, it isnt possible to ignore the eyes of the messenger and Anzeros and I take a saluting pose by putting our right fist in front of our left chests.

The number of mad wolves
It seems to be at least a hundred. The border guard infantry was surprised and it was said to be a big defeat

Mad Wolf. It is one of the typical demons in this region and its an ordinary wolf that mutated by an evil influence. It becomes huge like a horse in spite of being a wolf and the surrounding flora and fauna begins to be eaten without indiscriminately. Because it starts cannibalism without permission when there is no food in sight it will starve as soon as it will be the last one while leaving a destruction behind normally. Since the Viol pa.s.s is a key point for traffic, it cant wait. Therefore our crossbow team is on its way.

Prepare for sorting! Well have to settle by tomorrow morning!

Anzeros and I jumped into the corps building by competing against each other.

Midnight. A beautiful moon floats in the sky and succeeds in the fine weather of the daytime. In front of the cutting of the Viol pa.s.s, about 1km less. The crossbow corps started its tactical development there though it was too far to see the point usually.

Everyones position. Final confirmation
Isaacs platoon is here
Williamss platoon is here

Reports continue to overlap without hesitation. It is not done loudly. Each 10-man captain response to the 100-man commander Dianne by merely whispering. It was a kind of magic mark which was processed to be easy to resonate with a hundred people and this was a secret of the strength of Clestats crossbow corps.

Smithsons platoon is here
Anzeross platoon is ready
Good. Thenstart the situation

After hearing all the reports, Dianne who stand in the lead set out to shove her five fingers and casting spells with a low whisper. A band of the light which flowed like a thread from her fingertips intersects beautifully like a cloth in the air.

Magic. It is a miracle technique that some races such as Elves are good at. However, on the other hand, there are very few examples of use in the war. 100-man commander expresses it as Challenging a sword with a flint or s...o...b..ll. It is true that paranormal work can be made, but it is not realistic at all from the scale and speed of the phenomenon that is created to produce and fight fire and ice. Even the race called masterful magicians says that at best it shows about an illusion and makes a gap. It is a work that is too unreliable to rely on. However, the crossbow team was able to increase its dramatic strength by using magic together.

Prepare to shoot!!

For example, Vision improvement. You can visually recognize a target that is 1 km ahead.

There is no one who cannot see the Target!?

And Target designation. With the application of illusion, the next target to be shot is pointed so as not to interfere with the view, overlapping the field of view. An ogre comes up and sets up one crossbow in each of its hands. Dwarves use the crossbow like a gunshot tailored for rocks and firmly aim.



Steel arrows cut through the night sky. The arrows which flew from the distance so as not to be able to feel even bloodl.u.s.t is efficiently violent and mad demons are killed in a moment. The hit rate of a crossbow doesnt compare with a bow and arrow. On top of that, we have a vision comparable to the precious goggles of the Dwarves, a certain target designation and control shooting based on attack instructions. The start was slow and the effect was Magic which was low, but it could be a terrible effect as an aid of shooting. I understand why the elves in the North Forest were so strong. With such a guide, a human heart is bigger than a horse. But the formidable one is the ability of 100-man commander Dianne to realize the power in a 100-man corps, the power of imagination and the crossbows that achieves this. .h.i.t rate. I was really glad that I wasnt fighting directly and I am thankful for slaughtering the mad wolves one by one.

"100-man commander?"

At the end of the slaughter, Dianne clicks her tongue. Putting out an order with a hand signal to Anzeros that was behind her. This can be transmitted more quickly and reliably than words. It was a situation that it was urgent. When I stealthily look at the signal with a sideways glance, the contents are like this. Shot out, something comes from the left bush!


In a hurry, I stopped winding the strings and tumbling toward the center of the squad. The leftmost wing was me. Immediately after, the eyes of a mad wolf which burns from the bush are seen and its fangs pop out. Casually Anzeros was intercepting.


One hit to the mouth of that mad wolf and its fangs were knocked out. The sword he uses is a short sword that is overwhelmingly small and affordable compared to his large black armor. Still, as long as it is a sword, Anzeros our Ace Knight is considered to have the power to rival five full-armed ogres if there is only one sword.

"Take this!!"

Zang!! The returning sword cuts the neck of the mad wolf who is shocked about having its fangs knocked off. For a moment, a dwarf and a wolf without a head fell on the ground. Anzeros shakes his sword to remove the blood and slowly raise it to pray small. Its our Ace Knights single combat victory ritual.

The battle ended in only seven minutes.


No one was hurt and the battle ended safely. Overwhelming victory. Now, my companions are going to clean up the dead mad wolves. And as for methe last guys blood was stained on me and with the permission of 100-man commander I came to a nearby pond to wash it away.

"Ehehe. Yes, please undress for me"

Selenium also appeared at the same time. It seems to have attached to the wagon on foot though it was said, Because it is a military affair, you should not follow absolutely before sorting. She said that she was trying to jump out with a momentary crisis in battle. I think that I should endure well when I think of what to say to Anzeros when I do such a thing.

"Here. It was great"

I think that it is not a thing to praise separately, but I praise her once and stroke her head. Selenium implausible smiled like a cat. I think she is a cheap child.

"Well, its attached with blood!
Th, that?

And maybe its natural.

We decided to wash Seleniums clothes together and we are naked in the pond. The moonlight s.h.i.+nes brightly and reflects on the water surface. The whole nakedness of Selenium seen in the clear atmosphere of the mountain is bashfully mysterious and artistic, yet it certainly felt a dynamic life force. In the wilderness, Selenium and I are naked which is out of place. While watching the innocent smile of Selenium, my lower body was starting to rise.

Do you want to have s.e.x?
Is it okay?
Its okay. You can do anything you want with me anytime, anywhere. Cause Im a female slave

She does everything I want to do. I try to dedicate more than I want. Its weird and scary at times. Its an excuse to say that she loves me, so much that I think she is just thrown away because you hate everything for some reason. Whether somehow felt such a question, Selenium laughs with a complicated face.

Andy-san. Ima half-elf. I dont have anything. No matter where you are, I cant have anything. I cant walk alone if you dont want to bring me with you

On top of that, Im a human imitation, an elf fake, a national fake, a monster fake. Sofor example, if you find something true, you and I are full of fakes..no worries after Im thrown away, I dont need anything, so I want the real thing?
"No, It is a feeling that I like you. Maybe its a real, genuine pa.s.sion. My first encounter with you was strange, oh my G.o.d, I know. But at first or end, it doesnt matter what I like"

While guiding my hand to her chest, as usual, it forcibly fit in my arms and sinking in the water, Selenium continues to whisper.

A half-elf friend of mine said, lets be a female slave
Wh, what?
Even if you are taken by someone you do not know, even if you lose everything, I will be by your side I will be yours until you die

One beat.

You bought me with love, like buying a slave with money. As slaves work to be free, I love you for being bound. Thats what we say about a female slave. Its a very happy life
I dont know
You dont have to know. Thats what other peoples happiness is

There is no mockery or disappointment for her who smiled with couscous. She is just happy that it feels pleasant. She may be crazy and morbid when seen by others, but its normal for me. There is no shortage of happiness. Selenium had no other choice but to convince me now.

Can I put it in?
Yes. Andy-sanI love you

Rising from the water, I bring my hips closer to her b.u.t.t. Her body was so beautiful that it was illuminated by the fantastic moonlight and was covered by a thin pale light. I was unusually excited by the fact that such a beautiful girl was looking forward to being messed up by me.

"Huaa, aaahiaa!!"

I go in and out of Seleniums hot v.a.g.i.n.a. Both her skin and v.a.g.i.n.a get hot as it burns soon and is cold the moment it is touched. I felt like her. As if she was held embarra.s.sed on that snowy day, she was driven by the pa.s.sion to give her a life without doing anything. I move my hips. Pashan, Pashan, and the water above the knees make a sound according to the movement of my waist.

"N, Huh, h, aaa, aaa, iiiiii!!"
Good? Do you feel good?
YesYes, I feel goodI have been waiting for this I thought that I will be f.u.c.ked by Andy-san again all day!!
You are a perverted female slave!!
Yes!! Im a pervert!!! Its okay to be a pervert!! Its okay to be disdained by everything except for Andy-san, Im a crazy female slave obsessed with Andy-san!
Ah, thats finethats fine!!!

I shake my hips. We have s.e.x so that I seize Seleniums arms like depriving a horse of its freedom by pulling the reins. Even Selenium was willing to put out her tongue. She was begging for a kiss with me and tightens her p.u.s.s.y while pus.h.i.+ng her hips down. That brisk movement is way too good, I still can not bear it because I am too inexperienced.

"Uku, come outit comes out"
Yessplease put it out! You can release it inside, my womb is just for giving birth to a babyso please pour it in steadily, anytime, anywhere!! I waited for this!!!

After all a bit crazy and a bit too heavy love. But for me who did not know how to be loved by girls, even such a loving love is happy. Dokun, Dokun, Dokunand also today I severely e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.ed.

"Hua, aaaaIm happy, you

Selenium muttered and collapsed. I hold her from behind, still being connected, I lay down and float on the water together while looking up at the moon.


After a while, I heard footsteps.


I control Selenium that seems to be rising and let her drift as it is. If you were looking for someone who came to find it, the result will be the same even if you go back to the sh.o.r.e in a panic. It was a calculation to bet on the possibility of overwhelming even a little.


It seems like a long time running on the sh.o.r.e. And, as I decided to do so, I hear a clattering sound. And rustling of clothes and a little sigh.


It is certain that it is not a companion who came to find me. I wonder who it is and when my head is raised, I made a sound and the other party turned around.


Very long hair and a delicate body. A modest chest and long ears.

"Sm, Smithson!?"

And that elf-like girl calls my name, though I dont know her.

A b.l.o.o.d.y black armor and a short sword are seen from the edge of my sight, but the girl in front of me was too little and doesnt look like the person I have in mind.

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