Handsome Ceo's Bewitching Wife Book 4 Chapter 234

Volume 4: Her Love Confession Chapter 234 Are You Here To Seduce Me??

The next day, Elder Su went to meet elder Jiang. Address to him was given by Hung Chu.

"Finally, you have come Elder Su. I was eagerly waiting for your arrival. I hope you liked my small gift. Thou it didn't go well like the way I had imagined."

Elder Jiang chuckled when he saw Elder Su. Su Lingtian glared and marched towards elder Jiang.

"Elder Jiang, why are you doing all this? I thought everything was over after our deal from the last time." Elder Su gritted his teeth. His whole demeanour had turned cold. If possible, he would kill the man standing opposite to him.

"Our deal…?" elder Jiang chuckled. "You are the only saint left who stands on his deals and promises, not me and about the reason," elder Jiang lazily leaned against his table. There was a lopsided smirk on his face. "I was bored. So, I thought why not play with Su Yuchen."

Elder Su tried to make elder Jiang understood that what he was doing was not right but elder Jiang was not in his right mind.

"Don't force Su Yuchen, elder Jiang. He will not think twice before finishing you and your entire Jiang family from the face of this earth. Only my promise and a little guilt in his heart and that is what stopping him."

"And that is why I am so free." Elder Jiang grinned. "I know he will never break your promise to me. Oh, now I am feeling so happy after so long."

Elder Jiang chuckled loudly.

"Elder Jiang leave Su Yuchen. Do not forget it was you who started all this. You are the first party to destroy the life of that poor boy."

"And you don't forget you also have your hand in it." Elder Jiang chuckled.

"Elder Jiang, as an old friend, I will advice you to not push the buttons of Su Yuchen. You know very well about what he can do with you and your family. You are having fun for now at his expense but don't forget about the consequences." Elder Su warned.

"I am sure he will do no such thing. After all, he has your blood in his veins. He will not be cruel to me, and thanks to your promise."

Elder Su sighed and shook his head. It was like he was talking to a wooden head of block. He was about to leave the Jiang residence when elder Jiang spoke.

"I will leave Su Yuchen and his life forever but I have one condition."



Su Yuchen was waiting for Su Lingtian when he arrived home. He wanted to know what his grandpa had talked with elder Jiang. Were they again out of his life like before?

Su Lingtian signalled to Su Yuchen and both walked towards the study of Su Lingtian, away from the ears of Bai Yue.


Su Lingtian sighed and told Su Yuchen about his conversation with elder Jiang. He also told Su Yuchen about the condition of elder Jiang.

"No…. I will not accept his condition." Su Yuchen angrily yelled and threw a vase on the floor. His eyes had turned red and he was breathing hard.

"Nor, I will." Su Lingtian agreed to him. "Chen, you are tied up because I have promised to elder Jiang that you will never touch them but now I free you from that promise. Do whatever you want to do with their family. They have dared to challenge our Su family. They should now know the result. You don't need to feel guilty of your past actions. Give them a fitting reply."

"Sure grandpa."

Ruthlessness flashed in the eyes of both Su Lingtian and Su Yuchen. Now they would show what will happen to a person when they teased a sleeping lion.


Su Yuchen left the Su residence and made his way towards his office. He gave strict orders to Huang Chu to find every dark secret of the Jiang family. 

"Huang Chu, this task is going to be very tough for you. Jiang family has done many dark crimes but they have also ensured to keep their names clear and clean."

"Don't worry boss. I will divert my whole attention in finding out about them."

"Jiang family, now I am free from your chain. Now I will not leave you." Su Yuchen smiled ruthlessly and looked out from his window.


Search about the crimes of each member of the Jiang family was very hard. They had kept all their records clean. It was no easy for Huang Chu to find any dirty deeds done by them.

With each passing day, Su Yuchen had started to become restless. He eagerly wanted to find incidences against the Jiang family using which he could have his revenge. He was also afraid of the step which Jiang family could take.

He was also angry because of the condition which Jiang family had put forth in front of Su Lingtian.

His restlessness was not hidden from Xin Mei. She could see this change in him. She had noticed that he smiled but his smile was not real.

"Yuchen, are you alright?" she asked him with concern.

"En, I am alright." Su Yuchen forced a smile on his lips. "It's only a tension regarding business, nothing more."

Xin Mei sighed in relief and nodded her head. "You sure it's nothing about Jiang family."

"It's nothing about them. Didn't I tell you that grandpa will deal with them? I cannot do anything  to them because of grandpa's promise but I am sure grandpa will do something."

Xin Mei nodded her head and wrapped her arms around his waist. She placed her head on his shoulder and took deep breathes.


On some random day, Gu Nan called and invited Xin Mei to act in the play for a school activity. The school was ran by the family of Gu Nan.

"MeiMei, can you please help me? Our main actress had run away and we need her replacement. Only one day is left for the play. I do not know what to do. Now only you can help me."

"Don't worry NanNan. Send me the script. I will participate in the play. I have already done this for you before, haven't I?"

Family of Gu Nan had a private school, where they organized theatre, every year, for students to enjoy. Xin Mei had taken part in the theatre many a times, during school and university days.

Gu Nan squealed when she heard a yes of Xin Mei. She gave all the important details to Xin Mei before ending the call. She also sent her the script for the play.

When Xin Mei had told Su Yuchen that she was participating in a play for the school, she had expected a happy reply from Su Yuchen. But Su Yuchen was lost in one thing or another thing, he completely ignored her.

Next day, when she returned home after participating in the act, she again expected one or two words from Su Yuchen about the play like,

"How was the play?"

"Did someone recognize that you are the upcoming superstar?"

But he said nothing, it was like he had forgotten that she had participated in a play that day.

Moreover, she had noticed he was distancing himself from her. He left early in the morning and arrived late at night. He also did not make love with her! Like seriously!


One night, again, Xin Mei was sleeping with coldness around her. Su Yuchen was not cuddling her, forget cuddling, he was not even touching her.

Xin Mei groaned with irritation and stood up from the bed. She made her way towards the room of Su Zixin and knocked hard on his door.

"What are you doing here?" Su Zixin groaned and opened the door for her. An irritation filled smile was there on his lips. "Don't tell me you are here to seduce me at this hour of the night."

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