Handsome Ceo's Bewitching Wife Book 4 Chapter 235

Volume 4: Her Love Confession Chapter 235 She Is Lying

The next day when Su Yuchen arrived at the dining table, he frowned upon seeing Su Zixin and Xin Mei. Both were secretly whispering to one another.

"What are you both talking about?" Su Yuchen asked with curiosity. He took his seat beside Xin Mei and lazily threw his arm behind her back. "Morning."

He again forced a smile on his lips which Xin Mei knew was not real.

"So, what secret both of you were sharing?"

Xin Mei froze when she heard him. How did he get to know they were sharing a secret?

"Brother, I was reminding her about our meeting with Song Zhang and TingTing. Again, they have called us both in the office of TingTing." Su Zixin smoothly lied.

Su Yuchen nodded his head, not quite trusting on the words of Su Zixin. He also found the way they were whispering to one another quite odd. Their nature towards one another was also quite unnatural.

Xin Mei sighed when she saw Su Yuchen nodding his head. She nodded her head in gratitude to Su Zixin but this action of hers was not hidden from Su Yuchen.


"Thank god, Su Yuchen believed your words." Xin Mei sighed and looked at Su Zixin. "For once, I thought we are exposed."

"You worry so much." Su Zixin chuckled. "I promise, no one will know about our secret plan. So chill. Now come, we should leave for the office. TingTing and Song Zhang must be waiting for us."

Both made their way towards Heritage where TingTing and Song Zhang were waiting for them in the office of TingTing.

"TingTing, you have again called me in your office. I think I should leave my manager and become your artist." Su Zixin mocked and rolled his eyes before taking his seat opposite to the desk of TingTing.

"Don't ever think about that." TingTing rolled her eyes. "It's only senior Zhang who can handle you. I am not unaware of all the headaches which you have given to him."

TingTing was complaining about him but Su Zixin was smiling like a fool. Xin Mei rolled her eyes when she saw that smile on his lips. He was a shameless hunk.

"TingTing, why have you called us together?"

"Again, I have received many advertisement and film proposals for both of you."

TingTing passed a huge file to Xin Mei which had many advertisements and film proposals for both.

"So many proposals?" Eyes of Xin Mei widened when she saw nearly fifteen or more proposals.

"Yup and the twist here is that, this time, in all the proposals, you will need to act like brother and sister."

With that, TingTing informed them that, more than their chocolate advertisement or live stream, their off-screen photos were liked. Off-screen videos were shared among fans like crazy. During live streams, the part where both were bickering had gone viral instead of the part where they were praising the game zone.

During chocolate advertisement also, the off-screen video where Su Zixin was teasing Xin Mei for her attire or where Xin Mei and Su Zixin were playing with chalk and other things went more viral than the chocolate advertisement.

The result was that, now Xin Mei and Su Zixin were shipped as the best sibling couple in the film industry and many companies and directors wanted to use their publicity as siblings, in their movie or commercials.

Xin Mei frowned when she heard TingTing. She also massaged her head. She could not believe that fans would change their colour like chameleon, first, they were shipping them as love-birds and now as sibling couple!


For the next few days, Su Yuchen noticed that Xin Mei and Su Zixin were being very secretive with one another and this was not liked by Su Yuchen. He had unconsciously started to doubt their relationship even if he did not want to.

He could feel they were getting very close to one another. Xin Mei shared many things with Su Zixin instead of him. 

Su Yuchen had also noticed that Xin Mei and Su Zixin were going on small trips daily. They were free and they were utilizing their time by going around in the neighbouring cities, all alone which was not liked much by him.

His already gloomy mood had turned gloomier due to sudden change in his wife. There was already the condition of Jiang family which was bugging him and now this.

"Mei, are you going somewhere?" one day Su Yuchen asked to Xin Mei.

"Yes, didn't I inform you, today I have an important advertisement shoot with Chen Bai?"

Su Yuchen nodded his head negatively. It was not the first time where Xin Mei forgot to tell him something. This was happening from the last few days. She was ignoring him most of the time which was not liked by Su Yuchen.

Not only ignoring him, but she was also lying to him!

He also noticed the way Xin Mei and Su Zixin were exchanging eye contact with one another. He silently dipped his head while observing both.

After bidding adieu to Xin Mei, when he came out from the mansion, he took long deep breaths to calm his fast-beating heart which was feeling fear.

"All is well, all is well," he patted over his chest. "Maybe Xin Mei and Su Zixin are planning something. They will tell me everything when they are ready."

He sighed and called Wang Wei. "Wang Wei, today I need each detail about the day of Xin Mei and Su Zixin. I also need their photos from time to time." 

"Ok boss."


When Su Yuchen was in the office, he received a report from Wang Wei that Su Zixin and Xin Mei had together left the mansion in the same car. 

"Keep following them." Su Yuchen ordered.

His mood was gloomy and sad which was not hidden by anyone in the office. Everyone knew something was again off with their office.

Huang Chu was reporting to Su Yuchen about his findings of the Jiang family when Su Yuchen received a message on his mobile.

His expression turned dark and gloomy when he saw a photo of Xin Mei and Su Zixin on a roller coaster.

'She again lied to me. She is again enjoying with Su Zixin and lied to me about the advertisement. Was there any need to lie to me? Is she hiding something from me?'

Eyes of Su Yuchen turned dark and he squeezed his mobile phone in his hand.

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