Handsome Ceo's Bewitching Wife Book 4 Chapter 236

Volume 4: Her Love Confession Chapter 236 Again A Lie

Huang Chu gulped in fear when he saw the dark expression on the face of Su Yuchen. He had accidentally glanced at the mobile screen of Su Yuchen. He knew the reason for a change in the temper of his boss.

"Boss, I think it's a misunderstanding. Maybe, the studio where the advertisement is to be shoot is near some amusement park. You know missus loves amusement parks. She must have taken the second master with herself." Huang Chu tried to explain for Xin Mei.

"Huang Chu, they did not have any advertisement scheduled from the last few days. In the morning, Xin Mei was lying to me." Su Yuchen spoke with coldness and Huang Chu gulped.

Huang Chu tried to come up with another explanation to explain the action of his missus but he did not find one. 

Once Huang Chu had left his office, Su Yuchen leaned against his office chair, he thought about the last few days. How he was first troubled because of the Jiang family, how he had nearly ignored Xin Mei due to his workload and now how she was ignoring him and lying to him.

"It's my mistake. I am the one who had ignored her in the first place. I have pushed her away from myself. Now I am the only one who can again bring her close to myself."

Su Yuchen spoke out aloud. He nodded his head in satisfaction and quickly planned a small vacation with Xin Mei. He also remembered he had promised Xin Mei a date after returning from country S but he had completely forgotten about it.


"Mei, I am home." Su Yuchen spoke excitedly. His eyes also shone with the same excitement with which they used to shine before the incident of the Jiang family.

"Why are you home so early today?" eyes of Xin Mei became wide when she saw him.

"Why? Aren't you happy that I am home early today?" Su Yuchen frowned and walked towards her. Smile disappeared from his face. 

"No, it's nothing like that. Usually, you were coming late, so I was a little surprised." 

"The deal for which I was working from last week got finalized. So, I decided to come home early today."

Su Yuchen smiled when he saw the real smile on the lips of Xin Mei. This smile was enough to calm down the turmoil in his heart.

Xin Mei was very happy to see him smile like that. It had been so long that he was smiling without forcing it on his lips.

"Oh ok," Xin Mei helped him remove his coat. "Now go and get changed. I will serve a hot dinner for you. It has been so long that we had dinner together."

She lovingly pecked on his cheeks and pushed him towards the staircase. She sighed and looked at his back before quickly calling to Su Zixin.


After a long time, both Su Yuchen and Xin Mei had their dinner together at the dining table. They both were feeling happy and relaxed.

"Where is Su Zixin?"

"I don't know." Xin Mei shrugged. Su Yuchen looked at her face with attention. He took a deep breath when he caught symbols of lying on her face.

Later that night, Su Yuchen put forward his plan for a small trip. From the whole day, he was planning for this trip. He planned to visit county H for three days. There they would enjoy the beautiful beaches.

"We both are free so why don't we spend some quality time at country H?" Su Yuchen proposed in front of her.

"Who said I am free? I am not free, Yuchen." She groaned and faked a sad expression on her face. "I am sorry but I can't go on a trip right now."

She leaned towards Su Yuchen and wrapped her arms around his neck. 

"Please don't be sad. I promise, we will go on a trip once I am done with the filming of Revenge."

Su Yuchen stiffly nodded his head but he did not say anything to Xin Mei. A heavy feeling formed in his heart and he started to think of all the reasons why Xin Mei was rejecting to go on a trip.

Later that night, Xin Mei had denied him from making love to her at the excuse that she was tired. Su Yuchen again caught the lie in her words but did not say anything to her. Later, he caught her sneaking out of his room to the room of Su Zixin.


"Don't forget, it's very important for us to visit their, tomorrow."

The next day, when Su Yuchen returned from his office, he heard Su Zixin and Xin Mei discussing something in between one another. They were planning to visit somewhere tomorrow and their visit was very important for them.

So, the next day, Su Yuchen decided to stay at home. He wanted to know what new lie Xin Mei would say to him to visit the important place!

"Aren't you going to the office?" Xin Mei asked him in surprise.

"Nopes, I decided to spend some time with you, my dear wife." He placed a smile on his lips and pulled Xin Mei close to himself.

"But, I have something important planned for the day. I can't stay at home." Xin Mei looked at him with a conflicted expression on her face.

"But can you not postpone your schedule for one day? It has been so long that we have spent some quality time together." Su Yuchen looked up at her with sadness filled eyes.

Xin Mei sighed when she looked at his expression and agreed to stay at home that day. She messaged to Su Zixin regarding the same. 

Xin Mei and Su Yuchen spent their day by doing swimming, cooking lunch together by singing at the top of their lungs, reading a novel in the library and then they finally decided to play chess.

Both were feeling light and happy after spending a day together.

"I again won the round of chess. Where is your concentration, Mei?" Su Yuchen teased to Xin Mei who was continuously losing all the rounds of chess.

"You are lucky today, that's why you are winning. But I promise I will win the next round." Xin Mei challenged to him and they started to play another round of chess.

They were in between the game when Xin Mei received a call. She hidden the ID from Su Yuchen and rushed out of the room, to attend the call.

"Who was it?" Su Yuchen asked once she was back after hanging up the call.

"Gu Nan, she is not feeling well and asked me if I can visit her. No one is at her home and she wanted me to be there because she is sick. So, can I go?"

"You can go but after this round." Su Yuchen forced a smile on his lips. Again, he had heard a lie from her mouth.

They were playing the round when Su Yuchen started to cough uncontrollably. Xin Mei rubbed his back before running towards the kitchen to fetch a glass of water for him.

In the meantime, Su Yuchen opened the call history in the mobile of Xin Mei and a feeling of betrayal filled in his heart when he saw it was the number of 'Su Zixin.'

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