Handsome Ceo's Bewitching Wife Book 4 Chapter 237

Volume 4: Her Love Confession Chapter 237 Surprise

Eyes of Su Yuchen became dark because of the intensity of the anger which he was feeling at that very moment. He was feeling outraged and the feeling of getting betrayed was sinking deep in his heart.

From the past few days, he was feeling fear in his heart that Xin Mei was cheating him. There was a pain whenever he thought about Xin Mei and Su Zixin. He was doubting their relation but he had always kept his doubts in the back of his mind but today....

In the morning, when he spent his time with Xin Mei, he thought everything was all right in between them, he was feeling insecure about the relation between Su Zixin and Xin Mei without any use. 

But when Xin Mei received a call from Su Zixin and on above that, when she lied to him, Su Yuchen felt as if something was broken in his chest. He was feeling pain and loneliness around himself.

"How many lies will you say to me, Mei? How many lies?" he murmured under his breath and looked at the silent living room from where Xin Mei had left to meet Su Zixin. "Is this the affection which I have seen in your eyes, a lie?"

He looked down and cough formed in his throat. Tears formed in the brim of his eyes. His heart turned heavy at the thought, Xin Mei was betraying him.

"Were the news that you and Zixin are a couple, true? Was I a fool to blindly believe you? Where are you, Xin Mei? Where are you? Are you spending some cosy time with my brother?"

Mocking laughter left from his mouth. He tried to console himself that Xin Mei could never cheat him but her behaviour…. her lies were saying some other story.

That night, Su Yuchen kept waiting for Xin Mei. He wanted to get the answers to his questions about what was wrong with her. He waited and waited for her but nor she, nor Su Zixin returned for the whole night.

He only received a text message from Xin Mei that she was spending her night at the place of Gu Nan.


The next day, when Su Yuchen returned from his office, he found Xin Mei and Su Zixin enjoying in the kitchen. He ignored them and made his way towards his study.

During dinner, when he came out from his study, again he found Xin Mei and Su Zixin whispering something to one another. He felt a sinking feeling in his heart.

He wanted to confront both at that very moment. He wanted to know what was going on in between them but he did not find the courage in himself.

After having dinner, he closed himself in his study. He walked towards the balcony and looked out at the dark sky.

Was his life also going to be dark like the dark sky?


"Ready?" Xin Mei looked at Su Zixin and he gave a thumbs up to her.

Xin Mei took a deep breath and turned the nob of the study room of Su Yuchen, only to find it locked.

"Why has he locked his study?" Xin Mei frowned and again tried to twist the nob but the door was really locked.

"Su Yuchen, open the door please." Xin Mei gently knocked on his door.

"Brother, open the door. We have something important to talk with you."

Heart of Su Yuchen sunk down in his stomach when he heard the voices of Xin Mei and Su Zixin coming from the other side of the door. What were they doing here? Were they here to confess that they were in love?

Was his heart going to get a big blow tonight?

"Open the door…Hubby...Su Yuchen…Yuchen… I know you are inside. I know you can hear me. So, open the door." Xin Mei yelled and roughly knocked on the door.

"I am busy. I can't open the door right now." Su Yuchen replied. 'I am not ready to hear you confession that you are cheating on me Xin Mei.' Su Yuchen thought.

"What does this mean, Yuchen?" Xin Mei groaned. "Leave your work and open the door right now. Otherwise, I will climb the wall and I will enter your room via the window."

"Brother, open the door. Do not challenge her. Who knows if she climbs the wall to enter in."

Su Yuchen hardened his heart and made his way towards the door. He took a deep breath and opened the door. When he opened the door, his face was all pale and it looked as if he would puke out any second.

But the moment eyes of Su Yuchen fell upon Xin Mei, Su Zixin and a cake in her hand, his whole persona changed. He looked at them with wide eyes.

"Surprise...." Xin Mei squealed and pushed the cake in front of him. "Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday to you...."

Xin Mei started to sing the song in her usual high-pitched voice. Su Zixin was also singing the song and was blowing whistles in between.

Su Yuchen looked at them with wide eyes. He rubbed his eyes to check what he was seeing was true, not his imagination. He scratched his head. He pulled out his mobile and checked that it was midnight and the date was his birth date.

"Happy birthday Yuchen. Now remove this scowl from your face for at least today. You don't look good with it." Xin Mei again signalled to Su Zixin with her eyes.

He blinked to her and made Su Yuchen wore a birthday hat. 

Slowly, a smile started to appear on the lip's of Su Yuchen. It was like his heart started to bloom with flowers. Shine also returned in his eyes and he became light hearted. A heavy burden was lifted off his shoulder.

Finally, the realization fell upon him about what his wife and brother were planning from so long. Why they were being so secretive?

They were planning his birthday! They were planning to give him a surprise!

"Yuchen, now quickly cut the cake. We should sleep early tonight. I have many plans planned for tomorrow." Xin Mei pulled on the arm of Su Yuchen who came out from his thoughts.

He smiled brightly and followed Xin Mei to his office where he cut the cake which was specially baked for him by Xin Mei with the help of Su Zixin.

"Were you both planning my birthday surprise from last one week?" he asked them with curiosity filled voice.

"Yes, I hope you will like it. Xin Mei had worked very hard for it." Su Zixin replied and looked at Xin Mei. "I hope you didn't doubt on both of us because we were both being secretive."

"How can I doubt on both of you?" Su Yuchen lied smoothly and looked at Xin Mei with love filled eyes. He cursed himself for even doubting at her for even a single moment.

How could he doubt on his wife?

'I promise to myself, from this very moment, I will never doubt on my Mei.'

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