Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 428

The whole day was tiring. Mu Lan fell asleep the moment she laid on the soft bed.

In her dream, she met Mu Liang. Mu Liang was walking away. Mu Lan tried calling him but there was no use. She tried to move her hands, but she was tied down with chains. She once again opened her mouth to scream his name, however, her voice didn't come out.

She felt hopeless as she saw him going away further from her.

Mu Lan felt a sudden urge to chase him. She broke the chains somehow and chased after him.

When she got close to him, she grabbed his right arm and turned him forcefully to her.

To her surprise, it wasn't Mu Liang anymore. It was the guy who she collided to in Florence city.

He coldly looked at her, making her scared. She let go of that man's hand and was about to apologize.

But, she wasn't given the chance.

The man pursed his thin lips and grabbed her delicate neck. He cruelly created pressure in his fingers.

Mu Lan's breath hitched. She struggled, but failed to take his hand off of her. Her conscience was drifting away gradually.

Right then, she heard him say, "Wh***! You want my property? Never in your dream. I will make sure that you suffer in the deepest part of the hell."

In horror, she saw that the man's eyes were filled with madness and hatred. There was a slight pain but she wasn't sure if she saw it correctly, because tears formed in her eyes.

He used so much pressure that in the end, Mu Lan couldn't take it anymore and became unconscious.

Mu Lan hurriedly woke up and sat on the bed. She was panting. Her mouth was dry. She was sweating all over.

"Lan, what happened? Bad dream?" Mu Liang woke up after he felt that the woman in his arms was gone. Seeing her sitting on the bed, he turned on the bedside lamp.

Mu Lan wasn't talking. She was shivering. A droplet of tear rolled down from her left cheek.

Mu Liang became worried. He pulled her close and hugged her.

"Lan, it's just a nightmare. I'm here. Nothing will harm you. I'm here." He softly said and stroked her head and back.

His voice was soothing but his expression said otherwise. He frowned while thinking, 'She is recently having nightmares a lot. Are they just dream or past memories?'

He wanted to ask her but he would wait till she calmed down.

Mu Lan didn't hear what Mu Liang spoke. Her mind went to her dreamland where the man said those vicious words to her.

'Wh***! Property? What's going on?' She kept thinking about it and sudden headache caused her flinch.

She grabbed her head and cowered herself.

Mu Liang was anxious. He never thought that his plan would make her suffer this way.

His volume rose as he spoke, "Lan, are you in pain? Do you want to go to the hospital?" He began to panic.

Mu Lan could hardly hear what he was saying. Her headache was increasing.

"Let me help you." Mu Liang began massaging her temples and forehead like a pro. While doing it he said, "Breathe. Slowly."

He saw Mu Lan breathing slowly and he said, "That's good girl. Now keep breathing."

Mu Lan felt better as he kept massaging her head. She heard him instructing her to breathe. She kept taking deep, slow breaths until her head became clear.

"Water. I want water." Hearing her speaking, he stopped massaging and handed her a glass of water. "Drink slowly."

Mu Lan drank the whole glass of water and shoved the empty glass in his hand.

"Are you alright now?" He asked carefully.

Mu Lan nodded. She wiped her sweat with the opposite side of her right hand and said, "That was a terrible nightmare."

"Nightmare is supposed to be terrifying, or it wouldn't be a nightmare." Mu Liang tried to make her at ease and it worked.

Mu Lan lightly hit him before telling him the who dream.

Mu Liang frowned while listening.

'Why would she want someone else's property? Is there some kind of misunderstanding? Maybe that's why he treated her that way.' He went into deep thought.

"Hey, what are you thinking?" Mu Lan asked.

"Thinking why he acted that way." He replied.

Mu Lan said, "There is nothing to think about. It's just a nightmare."

"I hope so. Do you want to sleep now? You are exhausted, aren't you? You have lots of work tomorrow. Aren't you going to coax your mother-in-law?" He smiled mischievously.

"Yeah, yeah, I remember. I'm going to sleep. Tomorrow is a war." Mu Lan said seriously.

It made Mu Liang laugh. "Yes, war it seems. Now sleep."

Cuddling to him, she closed her eyes with determination.

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