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  • Hard To Reincarnate Into World Of Naruto As Iwa Shinobi

  • Genres : System -  War -  anime -  naruto -  comic
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    Hard To Reincarnate Into World Of Naruto As Iwa Shinobi1 votes : 5 / 5

Hard To Reincarnate Into World Of Naruto As Iwa Shinobi summary:

This is a wish-fulfillment story about mc being reincarnated to Iwa and how he survives the all great ninja wars except the first one.Mc WILL stick with Iwa until the end. There would be no betraying his own village or creating a new village like that.For my personal thinking, why bother creating a new village when you can just become Kage of your own village?Author's note:This is my first fan-fiction novel, was very bored. English is not my first language. So correct me if the grammar is wrong, I will try to fix them.

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Hard To Reincarnate Into World Of Naruto As Iwa Shinobi Chapters

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