Heart Protection Chapter 11

Heart Protection Chapter 11

The two parties sat. The scene was calm for a few moments.

Yan Hui opened her mouth: "Let's slowly go over the situation concerning ZhenrenQi Yun."

The snake demon coldly snorted: "What's there to go over?" His words still pointed at Ling Xiao as the culprit.

Yan Hui took a deep breath to control her temper and said: "I don't care what you think. In any case, I want to figure out all the ins and outs of this matter. First, tell me how you met ZhenrenQi Yun and how you kidnapped her to this village."

"How could I kidnap her?!" The snake demon was so mad his words tumbled together. He glowered at Yan Hui. However, seeing ZhenrenQi Yun was still in Yan Hui's hands, he restrained himself and said: "I met her at the edge of the demon territory."

When these words came out, Yan Hui stared blankly: "The boundary of the demon territory? The border of Qing Qiu?" [1]


50 years ago, there was a continuous war between cultivators and demons. It was ZhenrenQing Guang leading the xianin a stand against the demon race. They forced the demons into the remote southwest region, erected a heavenly sword at the border of Qing Qiu, and suppressed the demons. Since then, the demon race and cultivators have been separated on the two sides.

After the war, the number of demons and spirits in Central Plains were greatly lessened. However, because the spirituality in Central Plains was much more than abundant in the remote southwest, daring demons still braved the dangers and crossed over the border into Central Plains.


Over the course of the years, most of the demons Yan Hui encountered were these types.

Usually, Yan Hui would hear of another demon running into cultivator territory. But now she was suddenly hearing of a cultivator running into demon territory, and it was ZhenrenQi Yun. Yan Hui couldn't help feeling amazed: "Why was ZhenrenQi Yun found there? What state was she in?"

"What state?" The snake demon stared at Yan Hui and coldly snorted. "Even worse than now." He tenderly looked at Qi Yun. "She was ice-cold and deathly pale. Even her eyelashes were covered in frost. With one glance, you knew it was the Hoarfrost Technique. Her inner breath was a complete mess."

Yan Hui silently listened.

"When I met her, I didn't dare bring her into Qing Qiu. If another demon discovered her, the only outcome would be death. Seeing her like this, I knew a cultivator did it, so I didn't dare bring her back to a sect. I was scared she would be hurt again. In the end, I chose Tong Luo Mountain because of its barren spirituality. No demons would come here. Cultivators can't find this desolate place. It's the best place to go into hiding."

"The chill in her body was getting worse. I heard there was an influential family with a hidden heirloom treasure. It could take away the chill, so I took it." The snake demon coldly looked down at Yan Hui: "If I knew it would attract you, who brings bad luck......"

Yan Hui dug out some mud by the footpath and threw it with a "splat" on the snake demon's head. "Speak properly."

The snake demon wiped his face and clenched his teeth: "With the help of the hidden treasure, Qi Yun woke up shortly afterwards. But I never thought that after she woke up she wouldn't remember anything and be like a child. From the start I watched over her, looking for a way to break the spell. " The snake demon said: "That is all I know."

Yan Hui asked: "What you said just now was the truth? Not even the slightest bit a lie?"

"The situation is already like this. What's the point of deceiving or concealing things from you!" The snake demon looked at the contemplative Yan Hui and added: "Don't even think about taking away Qi Yun. I won't let you haughty cultivators hurt even a hair!"

Yan Hui was jarred out of her thoughts by the snake demon's words. She raised a brow and looked at him: "Ohhh, from what you said, you feel much more for ZhenrenQi Yun than us haughty cultivators?" Yan Hui clasped her hands. "You're a demon. Why are you so kind toward ZhenrenQi Yun? Could it be......" Yan Hui narrowed her eyes. "You're taking advantage of her since Zhenrendoesn't know the matters of the world......hm?"

Hearing her words, the snake demon's face suddenly flushed: "Filth! Absolute filth! Complete rubbish! Simply! Simply......"

"Heh, wow, you really are a pure demon." Yan Hui's tone wasn't serious at all. "You like ZhenrenQi Yun so much. You helped her so much. You aren't scared that when the demon race finds out, they'll kick you out?"

The snake demon was silent then hung his head: "If I don't help her, then should I just watch her die? I did it automatically without thinking about it."

Yan Hui had originally jokingly asked that question, but she didn't expect to receive such a serious, earnest, and loving response. She rubbed her nose and somewhat sympathetically said: "Right now the situation is very complex. Love between xiansand demons easily end in tragedy."

"There's no time to think that much," the snake demon said. "I only want to save her. That's all."

Yan Hui nodded her head. She couldn't help praise him: "You're actually not one of the usual infatuated demons. I hope it will be well between you two after this."

The snake demon blinked. He gave a look at Yan Hui: "You even want to wish me well......You're also not one of the usual cultivators."

"For feelings, as long as both parties are willing, then it's fine. Who cares if it'sxianor demon. As a bystander, who am I to say who should like whom?"

The two hadn't finished talking when the person off to the side, who had been quiet the entire time, suddenly opened his mouth: "It won't end well."

Those words made the hard-earned harmonious atmosphere between Yan Hui and the snake demon quiet down. The two simultaneously turned their heads to look at Tian Yao. Tian Yao only stared at the snake demon: "She is a cultivator, master of a sect. She bears heavy responsibilities. Killing demons is her instinct. Now that she's forgotten her memory and identity, you can peacefully watch over her. But if one day you find a way to bring back her memories, she will regain her duties. The first order of business will be to kill you."

Those remarks made the situation cool for a long time.

After a while, the snake demon helplessly gave a bitter laugh: "Then if she wants to kill me......I have no choice. I can't win against her."

The corner of Tian Yao's mouth slightly tightened. Before he could open his mouth again, he heard Yan Hui ask: "Your words were so indignant. Did you experience this before?" Tian Yao fell silent. He turned to look at Yan Hui and saw her bright eyes fixedly staring at him. "I understand. Your expression shows your words are like an arrow piercing my heart."

Tian Yao: "......"

Tian Yao's expression cooled and stared at Yan Hui. She really didn't care and opened her mouth to speak agian when Tian Yao coldly rebuked: "Be quiet." He wore an unexpectedly furious look.

But seeing Tian Yao like this, Yan Hui laughed happily: "I discovered that when I irritate you enough to make you angry, I feel quite successful!"

Tian Yao's jaw tightened. Before he flared up, Yan Hui turned her gaze onto the snake demon and asked: "What about now? Can you find a way to help ZhenrenQi Yun get better?"

She no longer messed with the previous topic. If Tian Yao brought it up, it would make him seem like a fussy good-for-nothing. Thus the anger was stuck in Tian Yao's stomach. It couldn't come out, yet it also couldn't go away.

Tian Yao felt like Yan Hui was just like a child, freely jumping up and down on his sore spot, then proudly walking off. She gave no time for him to prepare a comeback.......

It really put one in a bad mood......

Yan Hui's words also drew back the snake demon's attention. His expression was solemn. He shook his head: "Hoarfrost Technique is extremely strong. Even with the hidden treasure, it can't remove the technique. I want to find the hottest thing in the world, but only a xianobject can suppress the Hoarfrost Technique. If that object isn't guarded by xian, then it's hidden away in a secret place. Without a plan to find it, one day after another passed......" The snake demon looked at Qi Yun. His face was full of guilt. "This made her body slowly regress back to her terrible state."

Yan Hui rubbed her chin while in thought.

Everything in the world originally had a counterpart to be balanced, so everything that exists in the world would also maintain that balance. Aren't the most cold and the most hot considered the extreme states? Something that exists in these extreme states must be rare.

And people who practiced magic up to those boundaries were very rare.

From ZhenrenQi Yun's appearance, an ordinarly person would conclude it was unmistakenly Ling Xiao's doing. But coming from ten years as a disciple under Ling Xiao, Yan Hui was unwilling to believe he did something like this.

Up till now, ZhenrenQi Yun still hadn't been discovered in this poor and secluded place. If one day, she was discovered by Qi Yun Mountain's people, then the entire cultivation world would be thrown into an upheaval. To wash away "injustice" toward Ling Xiao, perhaps the only way was to restoreZhenrenQi Yun. Thenshe could clarify things herself.

So Yan Hui had to help the snake demon. Those 88 taels of gold to hire Fatty Zhang.......would have to come from another task.

But now the most basic question was------

"The most hottest thing......." Yan Hui muttered. "That thing is indeed hard to find. The only thing I know is the volcano range between Qing Qiu and Central Plains. But in the volcano is the heavenly sword that cowed the demon race. The disciples of a large sect keep a strict guard over it. You might get hacked to death before you can get close to the volcano, and I might get hacked to death if I get close to the volcano. Going there isn't reasonable......"

A human and a demon sat on the ground, sinking into silence.

"I can cure her."

A voice came from the side.

Yan Hui turned her head. Tian Yao shot her a glance. His gaze fell on the snake demon: "But you two have to help me first."

Yan Hui knew that this dragon demon's expression always seemed like it was sealed shut, but behind it, he was scheming something. She had suffered a setback before, so she pondered awhile before saying: "First, say what kind of help you need."

"The cave in the cliff behind the village. In it, is the most hottest thing you desire. It can definitely suppress the Hoarfrost Technique."

The snake demon's eyes lit up.

Yan Hui continued to stare at Tian Yao with narrowed eyes: "Oh, it's the cave you brought me to last time, isn't it? Didn't you say something of yours was in there? Could it be that you're taking advantage of us to get your possession and help you regain your powers?"

Tian Yao coldly laughed: "If my magic was that easily regained, I wouldn't be here." He no longer looked at Yan Hui, only at the snake demon. "It's true that the object hidden in the cave is mine. However, it's also true that it can save the person you want to save. Think about it."

Yan Hui internally rolled her eyes. Every time this dragon demon said to think about it, if his words weren't a fatal threat, then they were a fatal temptation.......

Fuck telling people to think it over.

Dealing with conniving people was really annoying!


As expected, the snake demon firmly nodded his head: "I'll come with you to get it."

Yan Hui sighed: "Alright, alright, I'll go too." She shot a glance at the dragon demon. In her mind she thought, even though this dragon demon seemed extremely frail, she couldn't guarantee that he didn't have another scheme. If, in the cave, she sees signs that something isn't right with the dragon demon, even if she had to sacrifice her life, she wouldn't allow the dragon demon to leave and wreak disaster on the world.

Hearing her words, Tian Yao looked down. In a voice too quiet for others to hear, he murmured: "You coming is, of course, the best."


[1] The border of Qing Qiu
As far as I know, Qing Qiu is the area/country where fox demons live. In this novel, Qing Qiu is just the name of the demon country in this novel. Other demons live there too.

Hmmm, seems like relationships between demons and xians are a touchy spot for Tian Yao. I bet 88 taels of gold he loved a xianwho tried to kill him in the end. Poor Tian Yao.......

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