Hellbound With You Chapter 376

375 Just For Now

Abi pulled away and stared into his face while Alex lifted his hand to wipe her tears away. His brows pulled together because seeing her cry was unbearable for him.

"Shh don't cry" he uttered. His fingers continued caressing her face gently but her tears continued flowing as she stared at him.

"Such a crybaby" he continued and he pulled her face towards him. His lips replaced his fingers and he kissed her tears away, trying his very best to calm her down, to make her feel better, and to make her stop crying.

His lips trailed down until their lips met but after a second or two, he halted. He didn't dare devour her lips even if he badly wanted to kiss her because his mind flashed back to that moment again when he had grabbed her neck. That scene was still too vivid in his mind and he couldn't help but curse himself.

He pulled away, bumping his forehead on hers.

"I'm sorry" he began. "Forgive me, Abigail."

His voice was weak and a little choked. He sounded incredibly remorseful. This was the first time she ever heard him speak like this, as if he loathed himself to his core.

This made Abi feel nervous. She remembered that moment she saw in her dreams when Alex was saying goodbye to her at the hospital, asking her to forgive him.

With a panicked expression, Abi's grip on him suddenly tightened. "No Please don't ever leave me again, Alex," she begged, tearing up again.

Alex was surprised and confused. "Abigail, I'm not leaving, okay?" he told her, a little worried because this little lamb of his seemed to be acting out of character. And what did she mean by 'again'? He never left her. She was the one who left him! Was she talking about the first night they met, after the party?

"R-really? Then why are you saying sorry?" she asked, looking relieved. She had thought that she was saying sorry because he was leaving her again.

Alex's eyes fell on the awful marks on her neck and his eyes sunk with regret. He looked away, guilt flooding in his eyes. "I'm saying sorry because I hurt you. And I nearly killed you" he uttered as he looked down at his hands. "With these hands."

Abi finally realized what this was all about. She held his face and made him look at her.

"Alex I'm fine. I'm here. Even in that state, you didn't hurt me. This is nothing. They're just bruises. They will fade away in time," she frantically said, trying to make him understand that she wasn't hurt. That she was okay.

But Alex didn't look convinced.

"If if that witch didn't save you from my attack, you would be" he gritted his teeth. He only just realized that he would have killed Abigail if that witch wasn't there. That log he threw at her would have been enough to kill her"I am really a monster... Even after saying that you are the person I love even after saying that you're everything to me I still didn't recognize you and even almost killed you." He smiled bitterly and he subconsciously bit his lips so hard that it started to bleed.

"Alex!" Abigail yelled at him, jolting him. Her eyes were filled with worry as she looked at his bleeding lips. But thankfully, she saw that they healed quite fast.

Abi looked at him, feeling a little angry.

"Please stop doing that!!!" she begged. "Stop hurting yourself because of me!!! Didn't you hear what I just said? I said I was fine! I am here, alive and kicking, Alex! This isn't your fault. This is all my fault for coming here because I got jealous and angry! Had I not come here, you wouldn't have gone berserk!"

Alex stared at her, wide-eyed. He was really hopeless. He couldn't believe that from all the words she said and despite her shouting at him angrily, the only words that registered in his brain was 'I'm jealous'.

"J-jealous? You were jealous?" he asked, even stammering and gaping at her, as if he just heard something unbelievable.

His reaction made the raging little tigress fall speechless.

The next moment, Abi pinned him down on the bed and straddled him.

There were so many things that happened yesterday. Too many that she almost thought she couldn't handle it. And she knew that from today onwards, trouble would just keep on coming and it wouldn't stop until Alex's memories returned.

Even now, she knew that she couldn't waste any more time. However, finally being together with him again made Abi want to spend this moment with him peacefully. She just wanted a little peace even if it was just for a couple of hours. She wanted to just hold him and be with him until daylight came, because she knew that the rising sun would bring chaos along with it. Because she knew this battle was nowhere near over.

"Alex" she called out. Her eyes that were filled with worry a while ago now glimmered with longing and gentleness as she looked down at him.

Alex was about to speak but she put her finger on his lips, stopping him from talking. She just realized he remembered everything that he did and heard when he was in that state, so she anticipated that he would ask her why she said those words.

Because Abi believed that witches here weren't a threat to Alex, she realized there was no more reason for her to hide it anymore. Even though she knew it would only confuse him, maybe it would at least trigger something.

But, she decided not to tell him right then because she didn't know how he would react. She decided that she would tell him tomorrow instead. Moreover, she didn't know what might happen next. What would be waiting for them tomorrow? That was always uncertain so she wanted to seize every moment and spend it with him and give him all the love she could give him while she still could. So for now, she wanted him to think of nothing except her. Except for them. Just for now. Just for a little while. Just while there was still a little peaceful time they had to themselves.

"Alex" she called his name again. Her voice sounded damn sexy and hypnotic. "Let's make love." She added and Alex's already wide eyes, became even wider.


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