Hellbound With You Chapter 504

502 Unrecognizable

After what seemed to be a very long time, Alicia finally opened her eyes. All sorts of emotions filled her eyes as if she just woke up from an unbelievably horrific nightmare.

"Alicia, are you okay?" Abi said as she approached her. Worry etched on her face as she gently squeezed Alicia's hand. "What did you see in Zeres' memories?"

"Abigail." Alicia took a deep breath as if to calm herself. However, before she could say a word, Zeres moved. The curse was already lifted, shocking Alicia. He's supposed to stay immobile for a day!

Disbelief could only color Alicia's face. It seemed spells and curses only work on Zeres for a very short time. Or was he able to break such a powerful spell so quickly on his own will?

As if someone had pressed the play button, Zeres continued groaning. The blackened portion of his fingers that halted when the spell activated continued, spreading fast from his hands up to his forearms.

"Zeres!" Both Abi and Alicia called his name. But the man didn't react.

Alex, who was silently watching a few steps away from them, emitted a dangerous and suffocating aura - the exact same aura currently oozing out from Zeres. Alex's red eyes that were peering through the strands of his jet black hair like a pair of blood moons slowly turned gold again. He looked like he was at the edge as his gaze was 100% focused on Zeres, as if Alex knew full well what was happening to Zeres.

An agonizing scream broke the deep silence in the forest. And at that same moment, Alexander had already taken Abi and Alicia, and he landed along with them few meters away from Zeres. Alexander was too fast that Abi and Alicia felt like a lightning had blown them away.

When they looked at Zeres again, Abi and Alicia's lips could only part in shocked surprise. Zeres had stopped groaning in pain. He was standing there and didn't seem in pain anymore. But his appearance was almost unrecognizable. His skin had turned black, and they could see scales on his shoulders. The only thing that remained the same was his silver-white hair and his golden eyes. What was going on? Why did he look like he had turned into a black dragon in a man's form?

Slowly, his gaze fell on them. His eyes had turned so vividly golden, like suns burning intensely in the dark. The sight of him had made Abi and Alicia immobile. Alicia was utterly shocked, but Zeres' appearance at that moment had reminded Abi of Lexus, and her eyes welled. She suddenly missed that majestic dragon that had been her past self's only company for years.

Abi had the urge to hug him, so she took a step forward. However, Alex blocked her way, and Alicia grabbed her hand, both stopping her.

"Don't Abigail," Alicia said as she shook her head.

"But Alicia, we can't just leave him like that. I need to do something."

"It's too late, Abigail." Alex piped in, not looking back at her. His gaze remained glued on Zeres, more than prepared to fight.

"He's right, Abigail. I don't think you can do anything to "

Before Alicia could even complete her sentence, creatures in a black cloak materialized across them. They stood a few meters behind Zeres. And they're presence immediately disrupted the extreme danger Zeres' was emitting. It almost as if they just put on an invisible collar on Zeres, preventing him from attacking.

Alicia narrowed her eyes. She could tell who these creatures were. They were the witches who came with Dinah to Zeres' castle. If Zeres weren't in this state right now, Alicia wouldn't even hesitate to attack those witches and bring them to their knees.

"They're Dinah's minion. They're here to take Zeres." Said Alicia between her gritted teeth. "Zeres is under Dinah's manipulation."

Hearing Dinah's name, a glint of anger appeared in Abi's eyes. She couldn't believe that Zeres was being manipulated again. She would never forget how Zeres' very own mother manipulated him in the past, and now, it was happening again.

Her heart broke for him, and she couldn't bear just watching this happen to him again.

"Dinah's calling him now through the witches," Alicia continued, and as Alicia spoke, Zeres' finally moved. He tore his menacing gaze at Alexander and turned his back from them.

"He's listening to her?" Abi looked at Alicia with a shocked and alarmed face. Why was he listening to Dinah even when he's in this state? She remembered how Alex behaved when he had gone through something like this. Even though Alex's body didn't transform entirely, Abi remembered how he didn't even listen to her and just went on a rampage and simply protected her like a mad beast. So why? Why was he listening to that woman?

Before she knew it, Abigail brushed past Alex and called out. "Zeres!!" she yelled, and the man halted.

"It's me. Abigail. Don't go to them, please." She added, pleading. She can't just watch anymore. This time, she would do anything she could to at least prevent the same thing happen to Zeres again.

When Zeres looked over his shoulder, hope bloomed in Abi's heart. She stretched out her hand carefully. "Come, Zeres. Don't go. Stay with us. It's okay. We're not your enemy," she told him. Her voice so gentle and her eyes glimmering with so much care and worry for him.

But again, as if someone forcefully pulled his attention away from her, Zeres returned his gaze to the creatures in the black cloak.

"Zeres. Stop! Please. Don't go. You can't go to them. They will hurt you!" Abi was desperate. How could she bear it if Zeres would end up going through the same thing again? Abi was certain that Alex thought the same thing too. Even though he was cautious against him, Abigail just knew that Alex cared about Zeres more than what he himself thought.

After taking a few steps closer to the creatures in the black cloak, Zeres halted again.

"Come over here, Zeres. Don't worry. Everything will be fine. I promise." Abi also took another step closer, still reaching out her hand when the menacing voice supposedly only the witches could hear echoed in Abigail's head.

She could hear Dinah's voice.


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