Hello Mr. Major General Chapter 164

Chapter 164 Only Wake Early For Benefits

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Pinching her nose as she walked around the pile of pizza boxes, Gu Nianzhi went up to Zhao Liangze’s computer and bent over to get a closer look at the screen. “What kind of data is this?”

“Ocean current and magnetic field data from the Gulf of Aden in the past month.” Zhao Liangze pointed to a map of the ocean satellite on the other display. “Look, that’s the primary photo.”

Gu Nianzhi frowned. “This is physics. It’s too difficult for me to understand.”

“Hmm? It’s rare for you to admit that you don’t understand something!” Zhao Liangze guffawed and his mood suddenly brightened. “This set of data shows that there have been more than 60 earthquakes in the Gulf of Aden’s seabed in the past ten days. The magnetic field has been altered greatly.” Zhao Liangze’s swiftly glanced over Gu Nianzhi’s face as he casually said, “I saw the news. Two months ago, the United States government deployed a large number of warships to the Gulf of Aden to eliminate the Somali pirates in the nearby area. They just returned ten or so days ago.”

“Really?” Gu Nianzhi sensed what he was implying. “You mean, the ocean’s magnetic field changed as soon as the American warships were withdrawn?”

“Not necessarily. The withdrawal took a long period of time, so it’s hard to say whether or not the magnetic field changed as soon as the warships withdrew.” Zhao Liangze continued to explain, “See these fluctuations? The changes could have occurred before the warships left. The earthquakes are the aftermath.”

Gu Nianzhi pored over the data on the monitor and compared it to the map from the ocean satellite. She slowly began to see the connection and asked Zhao Liangze, “How can I help?”

Zhao Liangze couldn’t help but smile and patted her head. “It’s always easier to deal with a smart person.” He decided to give her a task. “Can you try to see if you can get some information through the US Congress?Such as, why the United States suddenly sent a large number of warships to the Gulf of Aden to destroy the Somali pirates two months ago?”

Gu Nianzhi raised her brows. She stood up and crossed her arms as she looked up at Zhao Liangze. “Brother Ze, have you gone crazy from staying up for so long? Didn’t you just say that the United States sent the warships to destroy the Somali pirates? Why would we need to find out the reason?”

“You really think that the United States sent the warships off to the Gulf of Aden to get rid of a band of Somali pirates?” The corners of Zhao Liangze’s mouth twitched with a sly smile. “Nianzhi, I’ll tell you a secret. Everything the United States does is for its own national interests, and absolutely not for the benefit of any other countries.”

Gu Nianzhi laughed. “You call that a secret? That’s something the entire world already knows! You really think the United States is Lei Feng1 looking out for the good of all society? Anyone who believes that is either stupid or lying to themselves.”

Zhao Liangze chuckled. “You’ve really grown up with us. It’s good that you realize it.” Zhao Liangze smiled and reached his hand out to ruffle her head again .

Gu Nianzhu quickly moved away and sighed. “I’m almost 18! Don’t touch treat me like a child and touch my head so patronizingly.”

“Fine, fine. I won’t treat you like a child anymore, since you’re almost an adult.” Zhao Liangze paused, thinking about how it would be her 18th birthday in one month. He wasn’t sure how to feel; he quickly brushed it aside and continued. “Since you know that the Americans only make haste whenthere are benefits to be gained on their part, and that the Somali pirates have been rampant the last few years, then the question is why the United States suddenly eliminated felt the need to eliminate the pirates from the Gulf of Aden?”

“I understand.” Gu Nianzhi nodded. “But, first things first, my department is the most useless one in all of the US Congress, so it probably won’t be much help. But, Brother Huang’s department will probably be connected to this incident.”

“What department is he in?”

“The Commission For Unrestricted Ocean Travel.” Gu Nianzhi leaned over to open the US Congress homepage. “See, this is it. It’s closely related to the US Navy.”

“Then go ahead and see what you can find out.” Zhao Liangze went to on warn her, “Don’t be too obvious; just pretend to be gossiping. It’s ok if he doesn’t know, we’ve already sent a research vessel over to the Gulf of Aden anyway.”

They continued to plan for acquiring the information about the US warships.By the time they finished speaking, it was already late into the night. Gu Nianzhi lazily stretched. “I still have to wake up early tomorrow, so I’ll head to bed first.”

“Go on.” Zhao Liangze walked her back to her room and used the probe to check every corner of her room before letting her get in bed. He tucked her in and raised the heat on the thermostat.

The next day, Gu Nianzhi arrived at the Capitol Hill Building. The first thing she did was buy a hearty English breakfast complete with scones, bacon, fried egg, clotted cream, peanut and avocado salad, and a hot cup of Lipton black tea. She took it to Brother Huang.She knocked at the door and said, “Brother Huang, look at what I’ve brought for you! It’s so early, so you must not have eaten yet I assume?” She heard a sound from inside and took that as a sign to enter. Gu Nianzhi carried the breakfast box and beamed as she opened the door to Brother Huang’s small office. “Surprise!” However, when the door opened, Gu Nianzhi was the one left standing in surprise.

Three people stood in the office: Brother Huang, He Zhichu and Wen Shouyi. Brother Huang was ecstatic when he saw Gu Nianzhi bring him breakfast and quickly walked over to take it from her. “You’re so sweet, Nianzhi. I really didn’t have breakfast yet;how did you know?”

Initially, Gu Nianzhi had wanted to butter Brother Huang up, but He Zhichu’s look was so icy that she was taken aback. She couldn’t utter a single word of flattery; instead she gave a light laugh and acknowledged the other two.

“Oh? Professor He and Teaching Assistant Wen are here to? Do you have business with Brother Huang? Did I intrude?”

Wen Shouyi was in a strangely good mood and spoke nicely to Gu Nianzhi. “Classmate Huang wrote an excellent report, so Professor He came over to discuss with it with him and to also take him to listen to a debate at the Congress. Do you want to come too, if you’ve nothing else to do?”

Gu Nianzhi’s eyes sparkled, “What kind of debate? Is it interesting?”

“It’s a debate about withdrawing from the International Oceans Convention. Do you want to come?” Brother Huang eagerly invited Gu Nianzhi. “It’s very interesting.”

Though Gu Nianzhi very much wanted to go, He Zhichu’s expression was turning more and more unpleasant. His gaze was cold and it was apparent that he didn’t want her to go. Gu Nianzhi didn’t want to make Brother Huang uncomfortable by going against He Zhichu’s wishes. She understood the order of priority. “Oh, actually, I’ll have to pass. Today the funding committee has a lot going on, so I have to attend the meeting.” Gu Nianzhi made a quick and bowed as she turned to leave.

Brother Huang hastily opened the door, “Let me walk you out. You were so busy and still took the time to bring me breakfast, I feel so bad. How about I treat you to lunch?”

“Sounds good, I’ll wait for you then.” Gu Nianzhi’s eagerly took the opportunity. She would wait and try to get something from him at lunch.

“Teaching Assistant Wen, take Little Huang over to the debate conference room later, I have to discuss something with the speaker.” He Zhichu finally broke his silence. He passed by Gu Nianzhi and completely ignored her.

Gu Nianzhi shrugged and said to Brother Huang and Wen Shouyi, “I have to go too. Brother Huang, remember to eat, otherwise you’ll get stomach cramps.” She nodded to Wen Shouyi and left the office. As soon as she walked out and turned a corner to head down another hallway, she noticed He Zhichu walking at an even pace in front of her. She frowned, remembering that the speaker’s office was in the other direction. Isn’t Professor He going the wrong way? Gu Nianzhi thought worriedly. She caught up to him and gently pulled at his sleeve, pointing in the other direction.

“Professor He, the speaker’s office is that way. Aren’t you going the wrong way?”

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