Heretic In The Heavens Chapter 32

Chapter 32: Kewang Yun The Complete Asura Codex

Kewang Yun sat in a dark chamber, with a sword strapped to his back, comprehending the words in a book.

The book was of course [The Asura's Way]. This though was the complete version of the book, it wasn't just a few pages, it was in ninety pages long.

The moment that old lady had given him this book it had resonated with his martial spirit.

He had an in-depth chat, with a strange man through a crystal. The man told him about his martial spirit, and that in the future he would look forward to seeing him in the divine realm!

This man just called himself the 'demon's voice'. Kewang Yun had guessed that this man must be extremely powerful, as even the old lady was incredibly respectful towards him.

He further theorised that he was part of a council that ruled the Heavenly Demon Tribe, guessing that there would be others called demon's fist, or demon's will. It seemed only logical.

The old man had told him that the book he had received was only available to the upper echelons of the Heavenly Demon Tribe, and that he was extremely lucky to get it. He had also told him that he should read the book, and comprehend it fully, even if he were to die of old age before he fully did so.

This was because, the secrets contained in this book would guide him step-by-step through his cultivation journey, to the point of instead of it being an arduous mountain you must climb, it became a slide, that you could just fall to a higher cultivation.

Although Kewang Yun was originally puzzled by this analysis, he didn't take it to heart, and he was determined to master the book as quick as possible and he did.

The moment he opened the Codex, the reaction from his Martial Spirit was one that was without comparison, before when had first opened the shorter version of [The Asura's Way] his Martial Spirit had raged and tried to unleash its full potential, yet it could not.

Something was missing!

Now though, it was different.

The Spirit Roared, seemingly possessing his body.

The Asura Codex flashed in recognition.

Suddenly two drops of blood hovered out of the book, shooting between Kewang Yun's eyebrows.

Then a strand of what seemed to be horrifying like Qi emerged from the book. It shot towards his Martial Spirit, which snatched at the chance to get it.

The Spirit consumed it readily. The feeling this gave Kewang Yun was exhilarating, seeming like he was sapping energy from a star!

Then a voice emerged from the book.

"Young One, inheritor."

Kewang Yun snapped out of his daze, looking towards the book astonished.

"Yes. You have many questions, but my time is limited. I go by many names. Destroyer of Systems, Slayer of Immortals, the Devourer of Heavens. Devil, Asura finally the Heavenly Demon."

"You're the Hea-"

"Yes, little one. I am the founder of the Heavenly Demon Tribe, the last of my Kin. Or at least the remnant will left behind."

"Though today we shall not preside over that. The reason I have appeared before you is to advise you. At the moment you have awakened the Heavenly Demon Spirit, but there is still much to come."

"In the Asura's Codex, it will instruct you how to merge with your Martial Spirit and be reborn anew. The first Heavenly Demon in many generations." The remnant will said with an uncontested pride!

"Your might shall shake the heavens, although do not shake them too much, otherwise you may awaken Chen Hu. That is how I fell" A great sorrow emerged from the voice.

"Chen Hu, who's-"

"Silence." The voice commanded.

"I haven't got long. Hold your questions for another day. You must cultivate the Asura Codex to the 6th major realm Heaven Realm. This would usually be impossible, as it would kill the practitioner. But I have given you two drops of my Heavenly Demon Blood. This will allow you to cultivate it. Then when you are at the peak of Heaven Realm a change will occur, when this happens you must merge with your Martial Spirit!"

"In doing so, a new golden age will be born for my Heavenly Demon Tribe, and a new dark age shall descend upon the three realms." The voice continued, whilst chuckling connivingly.

"Finally, when you've merged with your Martial Spirit and become a member of the Heavenly Demon Tribe, remember to sow your oats. That way even if you die, there will at least be a chance my Tribe will continue until the next Heretical Lord rises and either cleanses the Universe or at until Chen Hu awakens. Good luck child." The voice which seemed eternally powerful faded into nothing.

Although the Kewang Yun did not trust the being, he did know it wouldn't risk the bloodline of its tribe, so, therefore, decided to follow its advice. Someday he would merge and become a Heavenly Demon.

Kewang Yun continued reading, taking in every meticulous detail. The sun in the sky seemed to fade into moonlight, then sun again. The cycle repeating an untold amount of time.

Slowly dust started to gather upon Kewang Yun's skin, and this skin was not young like his previous self. It was old, wrinkled, decaying.

All the while his eyes slowly traced the words in the book. Him discovering new profundities ever line he went over. Progress was at a snail's pace though. It once took him a whole day to profound a single word in this book, yet none the less he continued.

Finally, he took a deep breath. And slammed the book shut. Looking up his bloodshot eyes resembled a demon, thirsty for cultivation.

Kewang Yun looked down at his skin, he shook his head in disappointment. "The amount of time its taken me to completely read this is truly abysmal. I'm afraid it's been several decades." His voice which was once youthful had now become old and raspy.

Looking at himself he coughed a few times. "How sad. It appears that my life force is waning. I'd estimate I have a year to live at the most. This shouldn't be a problem though. All I need to do is break into the Qi Sea Realm, and I should be able to have a few hundred more years of life force."

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