Hero Extraction System Chapter 55

Chapter 55: Come Back To School

On the following day, the news about the death of Luo Yongtiang by heart attack was announced to the public. No one felt pity for him, someone even ridiculed him that he was dead too easy. Only then that the anger in the heart of the citizens had finally dissipated.

What was the most surprising news after that was before the announcement of Luo Yongtiang's death, Secretary Wang, his right-hand man, had stolen a large amount of money from the company and run away.

Now, the situation of Luo Family Group was only defined as finishing. All the shareholders of the company were dismissed and they declared that all of those illegal actions were the decision of Luo Yongtiang himself. They pushed all the blame to him, no one wanted to relate with this unfortunate incident.

The Luo Family Group was announced bankrupt on the next day. All the debt had fallen on Luo Wenhao. Shortly, another news had published informing that Luo Wenhao had turned crazy overnight, he was confirmed to have a psychological issue, he was taken away to the hospital and threw him to sleep in jail.


Chen Feng was oblivious about this whole event. Every day besides making the Pissing Beef Balls for his family's business, he always went to Lu Rui's mansion to make the food for his son. The little boy had three meals a day, every day. Lu Ran's condition was getting better and better, his body changed was visible to the naked eyes.

During his stay, the two had become a best friends. Chen Feng always told him the story about the outside world. Sometimes, he even tutored him of the subject in the middle school and high school. Unexpectedly, Lu Ran caught up quickly. That boy was actually a genius. Chen Feng believed that it was because he inherited from his dad's smart gene.

Lu Rui also came to visit them from time to time. His mood became better and friendly. Even his subordinate and everyone around him also noticed his changes. The sad atmosphere in the mansion in the past had entirely changed since the arrival of Chen Feng.

Today, Doctor Zhang decided to do experiment with Lu Ran. He wanted him to try eating other food besides the Pissing A5 Beef Balls. The result made everyone stunning. Lu Ran could eat other food without a problem.

So in the end, Doctor Zhang concluded the result that the Pissing Beef Balls didn't have a medical substance inside but it could slowly stimulate the sense of hunger of the anorexia patients. It helped them to regain their appetizers back to normal. Doctor Zhang felt excited, he wanted to test his hypothesis with other patients and published the result as soon as possible. But Jennie stopped him.

She allowed him to test his idea but he could announce the result only when the Pissing Beef Balls Factory was successfully established. Right now, it was in the final stage. She just needed Chen Feng's help to adjust the mixing method and the amount of the ingredient in the machine before it could operate according to his receipt.

..... for visiting.

In the morning, Chen Feng wore the uniform and prepared to go to school. Today was the day of the mid-term result was announced. Chen Feng felt excited inside his heart.

How many Achievement Points could he get? Chen Feng assessed in his mind that, at least, he could get enough AP to extract the Orginal Super Soldier Serum this time.

When he arrived at school, he stared at the crowd of students in a complicated look. He missed this feeling very much. In the past, he only came to school for his parents. He was the worst student and was despised everywhere. But in these few months, everything had changed.

"Kyaa...So handsome."

"Who is he? Look at his muscle. So manly!"

"Transfer student? Can I have his number?"




The female students looked at Chen Feng in a dumbfounded expression. Their minds were fallen in the dream fantasy. They visualized him as their hero on the white horse. Actually, it couldn't blame them, Chen Feng in this present was so hot, he wasn't like himself in the past. His body was tall, covered by strong muscle and with his charming face, who could resist his charm?

Also, because Chen Feng rarely came to school, with his sudden changes, in the school maybe only a few people and his classmates that could recognize him right now.

Chen Feng didn't hesitate any more and he quickly went inside his classroom. Just as his figure entered, Chen Feng suddenly felt a deja-vu.

"Chen Feng?"

"Our hero, give me an autograph please!"

"You are the pride of our class."




One by one, they came to congrats him. They were his fan when he was in the Basketball Competition. They even came and cheered for him on the final day personally. Chen Feng hopelessly shook his head and he chatted with them for a while, then, the bell rang out.

All students went to the school ground to prepare for the flag-raising ceremony and waited for the announcement of the Principal.

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