Hessian Does A Thing Book 1 Chapter 74

Volume 1 Chapter 74 Not A Just Hiatus And Author's Thoughts

Well with lockdown being lifted, it's time for me to go be a responsible member of society again and get a job. It was fun writing this during quarantine, and thanks for everyone who followed along the story. Now for my thoughts of what was going through my mind as I wrote this fanfic.

I have completely failed at what I wanted to do when I started writing this story. It was originally supposed to be serious and cool. But I failed on the first chapter the second Hessian did a T-Pose.

Ereshkigal was never supposed to be the love interest, it just somehow happened that way without me knowing how. No matter how I kept trying to steer the story, I couldn't stop myself from throwing random funny shit in. It was as if I could no longer control Hessian.

So I decided to just try and kill Hessian and start a new story like I did my other stories. Around chapter 15, it turned into Hessian vs the author. I killed Shiro in Hard to kill with Oppai light because I just didn't feel invested in that story anymore. Then I killed the other Shiro early in Rhis because I just didn't like using the same name twice.

Hessian just wouldn't die. He was originally supposed to just keep using the Moonlight Greatsword with the frost warframe and get killed by some anti-magic crap but then he got a zanpakuto. I then tried to kill him off again in Babylonia using Eresh and Tiamat, but then he somehow survived with bullshit. After that I finally just gave up and just let the story keep progressing naturally until I tried to kill him a final time against Yamamoto.

Honestly I'm surprised I lasted this long considering I don't have enough anime knowledge to do a proper multiverse story. I might actually pick up this story again in the future if I have the time. Anyway stay safe out there people! And lastly thank you for reading my weird story.


"The hell do you mean you're going on hiatus!?" Hessian exclaimed as he held the author up by the collar.

"I have shit to do man! I need money and a job! It's not like I have magic that lets me make my own money to pay bills!" The author cried out indignantly

"Then what am I supposed to do then huh!? Who will read my journey to insanity!? What about the future!?" The protagonist questioned

"I dunno, maybe I'll come back to pick up the story again. For now I must kill you like all my other characters!" The author raised his fingers and prepared to kill Hessian through Bullshit plot device.

"You can't kill me! You've failed to do it since chapter 8!" Hessian laughed maniacally as his body began to fade away from the author's grand powers.

"Wait, what are you doing!?" The author asked incredulously when Hessian began to lift his two arms in sync.

"MY FINAL RESORT! MY ULTIMATE TECHNIQUE!" His arms came up perfectly and the universe was affected by it's perfection. The sea-level rose, earthquakes shattered the land and the people of the multiverse quaked in fear.

Hessian had killed himself and the author with his perfect T-Pose.

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