Hidden Marriage 99 Days: Please Restrain Yourself Chapter 387

Chapter 387 Standing In Front Of Him Like A Queen But Appearing Especially Desolate From Behind

Li Beinian couldnt help but feel sorry for Li Meng.

Lin Kerou was truly someone who would do something like that.

She was incredibly cold-blooded and selfish.

Although she didnt know why such an incident occurred in this life, Li Meng was steadfast and stood by Lin Kerous side the entire time in her past life.

It could be said that Li Meng contributed greatly to the reason why Lin Kerou was able to have such a smooth-sailing relationship with Mu Donglin.

She had always been dedicated and loyal to Lin Kerou.

Unfortunately, she ended up like this in this life.

Li Beinian looked at Lin Kerou and Li Meng slumped on the ground and couldnt tell what they were feeling.

After such a huge commotion happened, more people gathered outside.

Without exception, everyone was waiting to see them make a fool of themselves.

"What happened?"

"Breaking news! Young Master Mu cheated!"

"Having an affair during his engagement ceremony? Is Young Master Mu crazy?"

"Who knows! However, Li Beinian is really pitiful."

"Thats it." Li Beinian was silent for a long time before finally speaking up. "Lets end it, Mu Donglin."

Her voice was so dull that it made people sympathize with her.

Looking at Mu Donglin, Li Beinians eyes were already ready. She seemed to want to laugh, but her tears had already fallen first.

She took off her engagement ring and threw it away lightly.

It fell on a small pool of water stains on the snow-white bed.

Everyone turned to look, and for a moment, an unspeakable stench seemed to form in the air.

Staring at the traces, Li Beinian said, "From today onwards, we will go our separate ways." Her voice was forceful. "In the future, there will be nothing between us."

After that, Li Beinian turned around, straightened her back, and walked away without turning back.

Her back-view was straight and resolute. She was dressed in a gorgeous flaming red dress and the crown on the top of her head was particularly eye-catching.

Just like a queen, she walked forward in large strides.

However, her skinny frame looked extremely desolate.

As soon as she turned around, the man behind her bellowed. "Stop right there!"

He was furious and was clearly about to explode.

Li Beinians heart seemed to be seized by a large hand. Her whole body tensed and tears fell down her cheeks.

Hearing Mu Donglins voice, she stood upright and hastened her footsteps.

Two lifetimes.

She was entangled with him for two lifetimes.

In her past life, she loved him immensely and was willing to sacrifice herself for him.

However, she was played by him and Lin Kerou like an idiot. In the end, she suffered a miserable fate.

In this lifetime, she decided to strike first and let them get a taste of their own medicine.

She drugged him and wanted to ruin his reputation.

She did it. She succeeded.

However, even though she felt relieved, when she saw Mu Donglins bloodshot eyes, her heart tensed up again.

It was over.

It was finally over.

In this life, he was unable to harm her anymore.

She was finally free

She walked out without looking back, ignoring the shouts and commotion.

However, she didnt know why, but she was unable to contain her tears.

Just as she walked into a quiet corner of the Mu Family Mansion, she ran into a tall figure.

Li Beinian looked up and her eyes met a pair of deep and dark eyes.

At this moment, Li Beinian crashed into his arms and started sobbing.

She was both happy and sad at the same time.

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