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High Class Mob summary:

As Leo opened his eyes, he found himself in the body that is not his. \n\nColt Edgeworth is a man with little to no information in the story Sword of Heaven. \n\nThe character Colt Edgeworth died in the hands of his fianc after experiencing some stabby-stabby action. And that is who Leo had become. \n\nI am in a world that has magic, different technology, customs, races, and Gods actually do sh...

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High Class Mob Chapters

Time uploaded
79 79. Smilea month ago
75 75. Return2 months ago
74 74. Let It Go2 months ago
72 72. Change2 months ago
69 69. The Girls2 months ago
68 68. Drugs2 months ago
64 64. Anger2 months ago
58 58. Generals2 months ago
56 56. Invitation2 months ago
54 54. Who?2 months ago
53 53 One Answer2 months ago
51 51. Meeting2 months ago
49 49. Value2 months ago
45 45. Tired2 months ago
44 44. Alley2 months ago
43 43. Rats2 months ago
37 37. Name2 months ago
35 35. Juked2 months ago
34 34. Bitdar2 months ago
33 33. Duel2 months ago
32 32. Move Bitch2 months ago
27 27. Nyaaaa2 months ago
26 26. What?2 months ago
25 25. Not For Me2 months ago
24 24. No Secrets2 months ago
18 18. One Meter2 months ago
7 7. Pedophile2 months ago
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