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  • His Beautiful Mother In Law

  • Genres : arranged marriage -  handsomemalelead -  immoral relationship -  plus -  warm relationship -  beautifulfemalelead
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His Beautiful Mother In Law summary:

Long Jinnian has been living with his fiancee Feng Xiulan for over three months.But as a healthy man in his prime, even though he deeply in love with his fiancee, couldn't help but secretly developing ambiguous and forbidden feelings for his soon to be mother in law during his stay in his fiancee's house. His control over his l.u.s.t for her weakening as the days continues.Qin Feixue, his mother in law was an achingly pretty and devastatingly beautiful mature woman with elegant figure. Her pair dark-blue eyes as deep as ocean and her white skin glistening like a l.u.s.ter of beautiful jade. Her long dark hair cascade over her waist. Even though she was already thirty six years old, she still has a good figure, elegant long legs, ample and round butt, a mature fragrance, full and towering b.r.e.a.s.ts, and fine silky skin. She looks like a mature woman in late twentieth. A truly breathtaking and bewitching beautiful mature woman.. . . . . . . . ."Aaahh". Long Jinnian suddenly embrace her from behind."Uhmm.... Jinnian, you, let me go!"Qin Feixue was panicked. She was really lonely and feeling empty, she was very eager to have relationship with Long Jinnian, but because the latter's status as her daughter's fiance, she never had the courage to take the last step.Long Jinnian couldn't control his l.u.s.t over his mother in law any longer. He wants to press her hard under him passionately. He turned her over directly, and hugged Qin Feixue's waist, then pressed her under him."Auntie, I want you" His voice was little hoarse.Qin Feixue was lying on the bed under him, her waist was swaying. She struggled hard, but the more she struggled, the more she feels weak, and even her skirt slowly torn apart, revealing the plump buttock of hers, and her sensitive part already so wet."Your down there already so wet, let me fill your emptiness"Long Jinnian slid his pant down, and then he positioned his hardness on her wet entrance."Ah, don't!""Why auntie?, we l.u.s.t to each other, why should you hold it?, let me satisfy you""Dont, I'm Lanlan's mother!"Long Jinnian grinned, "Since you know that, then why you seduce me?

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