His Breathtaking And Shimmering Light Chapter 1184

Chapter 1184 Uncontrollably Thinking About Mo Feifei 24

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Mo Feifei raised her head and looked at Chang Xiaoyang. "What are you trying to do?"

That cold tone and sharp gaze made Chang Xiaoyang loosen his grip. "I have no intention of doing anything. I just wanted to tell you when you were asleep for seven years, you were injected with some medicines. It supposedly would make you lose all your memories and hurt your body too. I do not know what impact it had on your body, so if you have the time, please visit the hospital to do a full body checkup."

Mo Feifeis expression slightly softened and her gaze slightly moved to the side. ""

"You must take proper care of yourself. Your body constitution is Yang deficient and thus, when it is winter, you must remember to keep yourself warm. Dont stand at your doorstep too long Dont rest only when you feel tired and dont eat only when you feel hungry. Most importantly, dont wear more clothes. Only do so when you feel cold. Dont tire yourself out and take good care of your body, that is more important above everything else. Think more about happy events" As he said all of those, Chang Xiaoyang took two steps back.

After they had a certain distance between them, he had a fixed gaze on Mo Feifei.

As Mo Feifei locked eyes with him again, he pulled a gentle smile and no longer stayed behind. Under Mo Feifeis gaze, he turned around and slowly left.

Mo Feifeis hands which were placed on her sides slowly clenched into a fist.

Suddenly, she bellowed out, "Chang Xiaoyang!"

Chang Xiaoyang who was at the front immediately stopped his footsteps. Then, he turned his head and flashed her a gentle smile.

Mo Feifei stayed silent before saying, "Dont ever"Dont ever be in cahoots with Su Ya.

She did not finish her words but Chang Xiaoyang knew what she wanted to say. He continued to smile at her but there was helplessness in between.

"Let me tell you a story. Thirty years ago, a nurse fell in love with her Mr. Perfect. The nurse thought that she had found her true love as such a love story like Cinderellas. However, one day, the man told her that he had mistaken her. The woman he loved was not the nurse but her best friend."

After saying so, he laughed in mockery.

"In the end, the man apologized and gave her ten thousand dollars to end their relationship. Then, he got together with the nurses best friend. Not long after they had broken up, the nurse realized that she was pregnant. She wanted to tell this news to the man. But when she was about to, she soon learned that it was the man and her best friends wedding day. She said that she would never forget the day she saw the man, whom she loved so much, and her best friend exchanging rings with each other. They even had a blissful hug afterward. She wanted to abort the child but could not bear to do so in the end. After giving birth to the child, she never thought that shed come across the man and her friend; and on one unfortunate day, they eventually did so. The nurses child was a boy, and he looked quite similar to the man."

Mo Feifei silently listened. ""

She knew that the nurses child was Chang Xiaoyang.

"Her friend took one look at the boy and knew it was the mans child. She was very angry and probably questioned her husband. At that moment, the nurse realized that her friend never knew that the man was once together with her. Her friend was angry too and wanted to file a divorce against the man. But the man, on the other hand, thought that it was the nurse who had played tricks and purposely gave birth to the child in the hopes of wrecking his family. The man was furious"

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