His Breathtaking And Shimmering Light Chapter 1337

Chapter 1337 What A Close Relationship Love Sleeping With Shi Guang 27

Su Qianxun knew that her lie was useless. Hence, she darted her sight upward to look at Su Wencheng, and with a serious tone of voice, she rasped, "Even if I knew before that were not related by blood, I have always considered you as an upright person. You shouldnt have used the video to threaten Mo Jin and used her to fire off some resentment between our families. Wencheng, let her off."

"As I thought," Su Wencheng mocked. "This whole thing was planned out, right? You knew I would pass by the area where your carsupposedlybroke down. But you couldnt have done it alone nor have such capability. It doesnt need two heads to know that Lu Yanchen is also behind all of this, right?"

If it was Lu Yanzhi, he definitely would not allow her to do it.

When he sat in the car that day, Lu Yanchen merely locked eyes with him and he was sure that Lu Yanchen figured out that he had feelings for her.

Karl Marx once said thatYou can never hide love and a cough.It seemed true. He thought that he had hidden his feelings very well yet everyone knew.

Then, she Did Xiao Xun know too?

Su Qianxun advised, "Wencheng, dont repeat your mistakes again. Why cant you just live a happy life? Why must you be against Shi Guang and the others? All these years, you had everything Shi Guang didnt have, isnt that enough?"

"Things have already come to this stage, do you think I can just renege my words? If I take back my words, will I be able to return to the Su Family? Will you treat me just like you did before? No! Everything shattered into pieces! No matter how I try to piece it back together, it will never return to its original state"

His thin lips opened and out came a deep voice who held so much helplessness.

"Xiao Xun, youve always said that Im heartless but what about you? Weve known each other for years, and yet you are not aware of how I truly feel for you, and do you even realize that I have done nothing to hurt you? Even after everything, you still chose to love Lu Yanzhi, a man who hurt you! If I knew all these were to happen, I would have prevented Lu Yanzhi from existing when I was still in the Su household. I would never let people continue to hurt you!"

Su Qianxun took a guess. "So, you were the one who disfigured Li Mengyaos face?!"

"Yes, I did it. Nobody in this world can hurt you." Su Wenchengs eyes looked cruel and cold. "Anyone who hurts you shall have their retribution!"

"Is that so?" Su Qianxun chuckled bitterly. "Did you really think I wasnt aware of the reason why I received so much criticism in the entertainment industry? All these years, youre the one who has been hurting me."

She was an outstanding actress and her acting skills had been acknowledged. She had a good character and spoke in a befitting manner, too. Moreover, her visuals were beautiful.

But she was always criticized by others.

At that time, she thought she had lost Xiao Bai and dreadfully continued living her life. She was fine with anything and never understood why she was continuously criticized by others until she finally accepted it and even mocked herself. But that did not mean that she was dumb and did not know anything.

She came to a realization that someone was purposely doing this to her, hence she hired someone to check it out. In the end, she found out that it was Su Wencheng all along.

Initially, she wanted to confront Su Wencheng but then she realized that even if he found people to criticize him on purpose, he was also the one who did not allow anyone to bully her!

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