His Breathtaking And Shimmering Light Chapter 198

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The expression on Yang Sitong’s face was totally cold as she gripped her fists tightly. Earlier on, she had truly wanted to give Shi Guang a tight slap on the face.

Su Ya sat down opposite her. “Back when you came back, I had you go check out her relationship with Lu Yanchen. Didn’t you say that there was nothing going on between them? Since that’s the case, why are you going against her for no reason?”

“It’s because I saw how liked she was by the Lu Family that I thought of” As Yang Sitong said that, she caught sight of Mrs. Yang from a distance. “Hais, forget it! Let’s not talk about her anymore!”

“Isn’t she just an unimportant person? Do you have to do it personally?” Su Ya’s lips curled up slightly.

“I know that too. The main reason is that I’m feeling a little frustrated these days over being ignored by Lu Yanchen. At times, I’m finding it hard to contain my temper,” Yang Sitong was trying to get herself to calm down in her heart.

Su Ya merely smiled out calmly. “Now, the people who can get into this party today are those really famous and rich socialites. I suppose that that Miss Shi from earlier on must naturally come from an extraordinary background, right? Any single decorative item in this manor is worth at least 1-200,000 yuan. I suppose that should mean nothing to her”

There was a hidden meaning in her words. It was only after she thought for a moment that Yang Sitong understood what Su Ya meant.

She then smiled out widely, “Yaya, why didn’t you come earlier? If you were by my side, I wouldn’t have had such a hard time earlier on!”

“Alright, you just wait and enjoy the show now.”

Yang Sitong smiled and waited patiently for the show to unfold later on.

There were three halls in the manor restaurant. For the guests to socialize, there were two halls. The dinner party was to be held in the main hall in the middle where it could accommodate a huge banquet of up to 100 tables.

Today’s occasion was a small one for the Lu Family, and hence, they had only booked twenty tables.

As the dinner was about to begin, everyone began scurrying into the main hall.

Shi Guang had initially wanted to enter together with Wang Caichun, but surprisingly, she caught sight of Huo Zhan. Thoroughly taken aback, she had Wang Caichun enter first.

Before leaving, Wang Caichun said that she would reserve a seat for Shi Guang first, and asked the latter to look for her later on.

Catching sight of Shi Guang, Huo Zhan was stunned for a moment as well. “What are you doing here?”

Shi Guang’s smile was gentle as she raised her brow. “Should I be asking you what are YOU doing here?”

“I’m representing my mumshe can’t make it because of an academic symposium,” Huo Zhan explained before asking again, “Didn’t you say that you were attending the birthday dinner party of a small kid? This is clearly an adult’s birthday dinner!”

“The kid is sharing the birthday with his grandma.”

“So, that’s the case! Had I known that it’s the same one, I would have gotten you to come together,” Huo Zhan burst out laughing. “Shall we leave together after eating later on?”

Shi Guang nodded her head all smiles right away. “Sure, no problem! I can save on a ride home as well! Let’s go, I’ll introduce you to a friend I just got to know. She’s really nice.”

“Is she pretty? Are her b*obs huge? Are her legs long?”

Shi Guang’s face darkened right away. “Huo Zhan! You!”

“Fine, fine, fine Got it! I won’t try anything funny. Furthermore, I’ve got a high tasteI wouldn’t take a liking to any normal women.”

“Forget it, you had better stay away from my friend.”

The two of them bantered on as they headed for the main hall.

On the passage by the side was a couple that was talking. Shi Guang and Huo Zhan had to pass by them no matter what. However, they could not make out what the couple was talking aboutthey merely seemed as though they were about to quarrel, leaving a small space for Shi Guang and Huo Zhan to walk by.

The two of them exchanged glances, intending to walk through horizontally.

When it was Shi Guang’s turn to pass, the woman suddenly took a step back and banged into her. Shi Guang, who was already not used to wearing heels to begin with, lost her balance and knocked into the blue and white porcelain beside her.


With that, the vase smashed onto the ground

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