His Breathtaking And Shimmering Light Chapter 200

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Shi Guang stayed in that same neighborhood and the same building as Lu Yanchen! Therefore, Yang Sitong did not see any woman leaving despite being downstairs the entire time, neither could she find the other in Lu Yanchen’s place!

To think that she was played in the palms of their hands like a fool!

The more Yang Sitong thought about it, the angrier she got, feeling as though she was played for by Shi Guang. She was so enraged that she swept all the glasses and wine on the table before her, causing them to crash onto the ground. Gripping her fist tightly, her face contorted out madly.


Huo Zhan looked at Yang Sitong from the sidesthis woman was truly frightening!

Her eyes seemed as though they were laced with poison. “Sl*t! How dare you plot against me from the back! To think that you would dare to covet and snatch my fiance! I’ll have you die a terrible death!!”


‘That man from earlier onthe 4th Young Master of the Lu Familyhad a fiance?’

‘Shi Guang must be crazy, right?’

‘Of all people, why would she go looking for a boyfriend with a man who has a fiance? She couldn’t have been deceived, could she?’

‘That might be the case as well. After all, she had never been in love before.’

‘Silly girl! If she really wanted to be in a relationship, she could always look for him! He would definitely introduce to her good men who were both gentle and outstanding!’

Huo Zhan was feeling rather terrible right now and strangely, a little dejected. It was as though he had just lost something really important to him!

Shi Guang’s mind was ringing the entire time as her body did not obey her own wishes. It was only till she was about to be dragged into the main hall by Lu Yanchen that she snapped out of those waves of shock she was in.

“L-Let go of me first!” Shi Guang turned around, wanting to leave from Lu Yanchen’s embrace. However, he refused to let go. “Don’t move!”

Shi Guang raised her head and her eyes met with his deep, mystifying gaze. It was like the darkness of the night skies that had her lost inside unconsciously.

Just for that single moment, her heart felt really flustered as though something had just rammed into it.

She stammered, “Y-You must be c-crazy! There’re people watching!”

Even though they were some distance away from them, everyone was just glaring at them as though they were watching a masquerade.

“Earlier on when I had dragged you away, why didn’t you complain that there were many people watching then?” Lu Yanchen’s tone sank a little with a slight hint of grudge.

Shi Guang’s petite face blushed as she explained herself hurriedly, “It was an emergency just now.”

“Then, do you know why no one is chasing you for payment for the vase any longer?”


Lu Yanchen slowed down in his steps and licked his lips unconsciously before speaking up calmly, “That’s because they have already determined that you are my girlfriend.”

Shi Guang froze where she was as she looked at Lu Yanchen with her eyes and mouth agape. Silent and stiff, there was no sound nor movement that came from her, just like a robot that had been unplugged from its source.

Suddenly, power connected in the next moment as she pushed Lu Yanchen away with haste.

“I’ll go explain things,” With that said, she turned around wanting to leave.

Lu Yanchen’s reaction was at lightspeed as he grabbed onto Shi Guang’s hand immediately. “I’ve just gotten you out of your predicament and you’re going to go slap my face now?”

Shi Guang shook her head. “No.”

Lu Yanchen advanced towards her, leaning in slightly and staring at her with his black eyes. “Then, follow me obediently.”

Shi Guang shook her head once more. “But, you already have a fiance. And now, a girlfriend? What are you even showing by that?”

Lu Yanchen bit down on his teeth. Looking up on the ceiling, he could not help but gave off a bitter laugh in exasperation.

The next moment, he lowered his head with a dark expression and told her solemnly, “I’m only going to say this once and you had better remember it well. Back in the third year of high school when I accepted your courtship, I was already out of the marriage.”

Shi Guang froze for a moment, and right after that, she did not know what she should react at all. Her face was flushed so red that it could drip blood.

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